And what about Bill Barr: Why are we Placing Hopes on a Stereotypical Spook?

Increasing un-ease is all that can be said right now.

Bill's father, Donald Barr, appears to be an unabashed Marxist hailing from the OSS & Bill was inducted into the CIA right out of highschool in 1971.

Perhaps most worrying is the advocating for the pardon of Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger - of Kay Griggs' infamy - where he is placed at the center of global criminal networks & human trafficking.

Just seems like more of the same & 90 days will seal our fates as either ignorant sheep being eagerly led to slaughter or faithful patriots trusting "The Plan". With hardly a high-level arrest to be encouraged by and a planetary shutdown over the most ridiculous of hoaxes suffering from horrible execution being allowed to persist for nearly half a year, I'm still waiting for tangible evidence of 7D chess our President is supposedly playing.

If this is winning, hard to imagine what losing is like.