Nukes Are a PsyOp ( in progress )

Several sources have mentioned this in the last 60 days. 

Derek Johnson: No such thing as a Nuclear Weapon

John Warner IV ( Senator Warner's Son )

  • JWIV asked 'biden' at his fathers funeral about the nuke situation & was told - in near scornful tone - large scale nukes will never happen.
  • 51:24: John Warner ( of the elite Mellon fam ) was on DarkJournalist this week and spoke with JoeBiden at his father's funeral last year: He asked about large nuclear exchange and Joe responded nearly sardonically that MADD by way of nuclear exchange will NEVER happen. 
  • Other 1/2 of this amazing interview


Mike McKibben recounts his Grandfather going into Hiroshima right after the 'nuclear blast'

  • McKibben recounts story here on Brighteon[at 1:04:28] where the Hiroshima + Nagasaki bombs were complete PsyOp [vidid = 2d305a22-bc72-4b02-9a52-de623bb87213]. McKibben grandfather went to Hiroshima right after they were dropped & sure seemed that they wouldn't just waltz into a radioactive fallout zone days after. Cities were firebombed/napalmed all to hell & napalm sticks to human skin and burns it - accounting for the mass dis-figuration of the people there. So in addition to psyop'ing the world into Nuclear Arms fears, there was now an easy go-to for soliciting absurd amounts of money for the "nuclear arms race". Lastly, this being an entirely UK driven op ( with U.S. a dominion therein ), sure seems that with the Crown owning the entire planet, NuclearArms are a sweet utility to pull out for theatrical opposition to keep the Earth Citizen in a constant state of fear and investment "for safety's sake". This sure seems to explain Biden's near-sarcastic response to John's question regarding the nuclear threat.