Guardians of the Looking Glass

Guardians of the Looking Glass Bitchute Channel:

This Bitchute Channel appeared on March 11, 2022 under the auspices of intervening in the merging of many timelines into two outcomes: [Pleasant] & [Not So Pleasant].

Project Looking Glass is a legitimate thing and rumors within rumors tie Trump, likely through his physicist uncle John Trump ( ye who was volunteered to sift through & analyze Tesla's estate upon his passing ), to this project & attempts to regain sovereignty of the planet and it inhabitants from [off world], [inter-dimensional], and human cabal groups that have ravaged Earth long before 'recorded history'.

Whether or not this bitchute channel & ensuing videos are part of an MKU PsyOP, a hoax, or firmly grounded in fact - I'll leave unto each individual to discern. After watching 3 of them make clear that dissemination of the content was crucial to finding ourselves in the [Pleasant] timeline, I reason that the benefit of participating far outweighed the loss of propagating bullshit.

Something that immediately occurred to me is that False Flag Events happen all the time and I wonder if 'White Hat' FFEs will be orchestrated in conjunction to WAKE PEOPLE UP and induce participation in CIVIL STEWARDSHIP of Communities & the Planet at-large.

GTW neither endorses nor condemns the content - merely making it available until shown to be another internet PsyOP by retards wishing to waste copious amounts of bandwidth and time.