Flat Earth 1,2,3

  • Three observations that seem to negate Flat Earth physics
  • Imagine the wonder if Flat Earth Community could actually meet THEIR OWN STANDARD
  • I'm down.. but whoa.... Satan is the ultimate deceiver....
  • NASA is your excuse to misunderstand your universe
  • Prove Flat Earth isn't a PsyOp
  • The world is getting wise... Astrology is Key
  • The mages knew the appointed time - by watching the stars.
    • What did they know & who taught them
  • Jesus exhibited knowledge at age 12 that amazed the Jewish Rabbis
    • Who taught him?
  • Milchilzedek was teaching the breaking of the bread & drinking of the wine well before Judaism
    • Priest of what?
  • Why would God convolute our small space while showing consistency elsewhere?
    • Perhaps the key to being 'in the know' is understanding our solar system.
    • Perhaps the bible is ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY & OCCULT KNOWLEDGE & FE IS THE SATANIC AGENDA in its last death throws to delay the inevitable.
  • Perhaps Flat Earth is nothing but a false opposition that has successfully set back the movement 3 generations.


Crepuscular Rays From Behind Clouds to Shine Under Clouds






1. Foucault's Pendulum to Find Lattitude

  • College Experiment at Victoria, BC
  • Get angle of rotation for TIME=0.688hrs
    • 7.89deg in 0.688hrs
  • Period of Rotation:
    • T = 0.688h * (360deg/7.88deg) = 31.4h
  • Latitude = arcsin ( 24.0h / 31.4h ) = 49.8deg
    • Measured: 49.8deg
    • Actual: Victoria BC=48.4deg


  • Being a conservative, I loath Higher Education for its destruction of any type of Godly humanity, HOWEVER....
  • this is a good experiment that must be mathematically explained by FE community by their own mechanisms
    • earth rotation & centripetal force based on location on planet have been calculated and MATCH OBSERVATION
    • therefore, FE has EXACT same burden of proof to mathematically solve observation to the model
  • "I don't have the answer, but its not X" is wholly insufficient
    • you know or you don't
    • if you don't, don't fight experiential observation
    • you are worse a soul cry WRONG without having proof of your RIGHT
  • math, math, math.... something about math, because math
    • God gave you his language of math - yet the supposedly CHRISTIAN flat earth community too lazy to use it
    • Hate science? It re-discovered PHI & PI



2. Direct Light can enter 'over' a cloud and hit 'under' a cloud


  • Flat Earth theory posits sun is always 'above' all places on earth
    • The sun is never at a right angle to the plane of the earth
    • The sun is never at a right angle to clouds, always being above them
  • Therefore, direct light should not ever reach bottom of clouds
    • Even tougher riddle: light cannot shine on top of one visible cloud and shine underneath another visible cloud
    • Dusk/Dawn is a constantly moving boundary
    • With light traveling in a straight line, sun must both reside 'beneath' the clouds & above the clouds at all times
      • as the above phenomenon has occurred all over the planet


3. Perspective: Parallel Light & Crepuscular / AntiCrepuscular Rays


  • Both converge at horizon because rays are parallel
  • Because rays are parallel, perspective impacts them equally
  • Thus rays appear to spread out as they approach FROM the sun
  • then rays appear to rejoin as they approach the horizon opposite the sun


  • almost bit on this one...
  • problem is 'angle of perceived star movement' is inversely proportionate to distance of the light source..
  • star distance is effectively at infinity/1, so whatever trig is employed to measure the angle will be dealing with x at essentially 1/infinity or ~0
  • this can be tested by attaching string to the top of a stop sign, then on a door knob
    • and measuring string length at 1', 3' , 6' out from object
    • The door knob measurements will show more drastic changes in string length for each measurement
      • this length proportionately correlates to a change in angle
  • the big dipper would not be recognizable:
    • hang 4 ping pong balls at same height from the ceiling to form a square height & walk around the room...
    • the square will be distorted
    • in this case, perspective matters less than position
  • hang the same 4 ping pong balls on the moon
    • there will be no noticeable change as you walk around the state.







Flat Earth denies existence of Crepuscular Rays, yet used to prove FE

  • Mathematically impossible to have parallel light rays from close source
  • Crepuscular Rays describe an effect of perception on 'PARALLEL LIGHT'
  • Could be true, but must create new definition of new phenomenon




Centripetal Force