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A step-by-step guide to subverting and stealing the USA.

One thing that is not mentioned by Dr. Duke, however, is that the great majority of persons mentioned in the video are likely non-Israelite (i.e., Khazar) Jews. That is to say, they are not "Biblical" Jews at all. Rather, they are descendants of Central Asian Khazars, who converted to Babylonian Talmudism (a mixture of biblical Torah and Babylonian principles). These are the great majority of self-described "Jews" from north and eastern Europe. (Notice in the literature below, that the Jewish-American mafia was not established until after these "Jews" had immigrated to the U.S..}

Some Khazar "Jews" misidentify themselves as Shephardic Jews. Most of these Khazars are ethnically Turkic-Canaanites, who assumed the mantle of being Jewish to escape persecution. Later, these became identified historically as the Phonecians; or in the Italian context, Venetians. These Venetian transnational seafaring traders, became extremely wealthy by transporting chests if Opium to China, under license by the British. This gave power to the "black nobility" of Europe, who to this day continually seek to accumulate transnational power by infiltrating sovereign nations financially.

Khazar "Jews", though they actually have very little or no connection to biblical Israelites, enjoy an extra measure of leniency on the part of many Christians, who mistakenly conclude that they are "God's chosen people." No doubt this confusion has gone a long way in furthering malignant spread of Khazar criminal activity worldwide.

It is of utmost importance not to mistakenly assume that today's descendants of biblical Israelites (few as they may be in number) have anything to do with Khazar "Jews" - criminal or otherwise. For that matter, the majority of Khazars are fine and righteous people as well, and are also frequently used as 'cover' by the criminals. The innocent must be protected as vigorously as the criminals must be unmasked and routed out.



The Hidden Tyranny - 'Our God is Lucifer'

"The Hidden Tyrrany" is the confession of an insider to the globalist - Zionist elite. This classic interview is one of the "must have" pieces for the library of the NWO investigator.

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