Kabbalah: Tree of Life | Tree of Death


Here is the world, empty and round,
it goes up and down, glitters and bounces,
it dances around the sun,trembles and roars, gives and destroys;
now barren, now fertile,
this is the world.
On its huge old back there is a race
both profligate and mad, haughty, cowardly,subtle and wicked,
whose members devour one another ceaselessly
from the topmost peak to the bottom-most depths
of the wicked world.
An empty fable is Satan to them,
Hell is a matter for mockery and derision,
Paradise for derision and mockery.
Oh by God!
Let me have a good laugh now
thinking of what I'm hiding from them!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
There goes the world!

- Mefistofele from the opera Mefistofele based on Goethe's Faust.

The study of the Kabbalah is the study of the ubiquitous Tree of Life. Present in the mythologies and religious symbolism of many cultures, the Tree of Life is a map of the Consciousness. But this map also has a shadow.

The Tree of Life is symbolized by a structure of ten spheres. These spheres are called “sephiroth.” This is a Hebrew word whose singluar form, "sephirah," means “jewel.” Each sephirah on the Tree of Life is symbolized by a jewel because it relates to virtues, which are the precious stones of the soul.

Image The Ten Sephiroth are Ten Spheres related with the multidimensionality of the Universe. This is the Tree of Life with its divine attributes, which are explained methodically in Four Manifested Cosmic Systems of Worlds that are called in Kabbalah: Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah.

However, there exists according to Kabbalah the shadow of that Tree of Life which does not manifest any divine attribute, but instead is the opposite of all of the Four Manifested Cosmic Systems of Worlds. This is the world of Klipoth.

Klipoth are the fallen sephiroth: the Abyss.


These sephiroth are shells, empty vessels, because they do not contain any divine attributes.

All the forces are inverted: "The demon is God inverted."

The forces related to the Tree of Life invert when in the abyss.

Evil below, Good above, in relation to duality.

We have to use our imagination; imagine a landscape, a quiet lake, and a tree on the shore. The tree is reflected in the lake. Which is the tree and which is the reflection? They both look the same.

The Tree of Life in relation to the Heavens:

  • Malkuth = physical world.
  • 9 Spheres = 9 Heavens.
  • There are also 9 Infradimensions below the physical world.

Every cosmos is related to:


We find the opposites of these laws in the Klipoth.

When above, the Law of 3 creates; but in Klipoth it destroys.

The Holy Spirit, Binah, Siva, is the creator.

Through the Holy Spirit the Father and Son always create.

Image But in Klipoth the Ray of Creation starts disintegrating, acting negatively.

In the human being, the energy of the Ray of Creation is distorted by the "Three Filthy Spirits that have the form of a frog that come out of the mouth of the false prophet" (from the Book of Revelation).

The energy of the Ray of Creation works through the Law of Three. In the Microcosmos, the human being, the Ray of Creation is related to the Three Nervous Systems:

  • The Cerebrospinal Nervous System is related with the energy of the Father
  • The Grand Sympathetic Nervous System is related with the energy of the Son
  • The Parasympathetic Nervous System is related with the energy of the Holy Spirit

Unfortunately, we have our psyche trapped within the ego. The ego belongs to Klipoth; this is why the ego always distorts the three forces.

When the three primary forces become inverted by the ego, the latter then channels the forces of Klipoth, thus creating in our psychological nature the Three Traitors of the Cosmic Christ.




The Three demons/Traitors

In the Head we have the Demon of the Mind, distorting the Father's energy in order to satisfy the appetites we have in our ego. This demon is the opposite of the Father who is Truth.

The Christ is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The most beautiful atoms always manifest in the Son.

Christ said, "I am the Truth, the Light and the Way."

To incarnate the Truth we have to have a balanced mind, but when we want the Truth through the intellect, without experiencing the Light, we develop the Anti-Christ, the intellect under the service of the ego, materialism.

The Creative Ray of Light from above, in all the worlds, that shines in every Angel, every part of the universe, is the Truth, but we disconnect from the Truth, Light, and only see through our personal ego: Anti-Christ.

The "den" of the Anti-Christ is in the intellect.

Intelligence under the service of the Father is embodied in the Angel, the prophet, eg. Master Jesus, with an Illuminated intellect.

But when the intellect is not under the service of the Father, the intellect becomes the Anti-Christ.

There are many Anti-Christs: in the mind of every person.

We deny Divinity, mock Divinity.

There are many levels among intellectuals, but when a person develops psychic powers for the ego (pride, vanity, lust, fear, etc.), that person becomes a demon.

Now we will quickly summarize each of the inverted spheres.


Klipoth, demons, Vices:


Inverted Kether:

  • Demon: Javhe.
  • Vice: Despotism.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Javhe was a venerable Master from the White Brotherhood, a glorious Angel from previous Maha-Manvantaras. I knew him, I saw him when he was a Priest and a warrior among the people of Lemuria. Everybody loved, adored and venerated him. The Hierophants of the Purple Race granted to him the high honor of using armor, crest, helmet, shield and sword of pure gold. This warrior-Priest was shining as a flame of gold under the thick jungle of the sun. Upon his symbolic shield, Vulcan had engraved many prophesies and terrible warnings. Woe! Woe! Woe! This man committed the error of betraying the Mysteries of Vulcan.

"The Lucifers of that epoch who were floating in the atmosphere of the ancient continent "Mu" taught him Black Tantrism, the Maithuna with the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis. What is most grave in this matter is that this man who was so loved and venerated by the entire world allowed himself to be convinced and began to practice this type of pernicious Sexual Magic with certain women. Therefore, it is clear that the igneous serpent of our magical powers descended through his medullar canal and was projected from his coccyx downwards, thus, forming and developing in Javhe's Astral body the abominable Kundabuffer Organ. This is how this Angel fell and through all of the ages became converted into a terribly perverse demon.

"Many times we have found the Priestess-spouse of Javhe in the Superior Worlds; she is an ineffable Angel. Useless were the efforts of this man to convince his spouse because she never accepted the Black Tantrism of the tenebrous. Therefore, she preferred divorce rather than entering onto the black path.

"Javhe is that Demon who tempted Jesus the Christ, and when Jesus had fasted in the wilderness, this Demon tempted him and said: "If thou be the Son of God, command this stone that it be made bread."

"It is written, that Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God." answered Jesus.

"The sacred Scriptures say that Javhe then took Jesus the Great Kabir up into a high mountain and tempted him by saying: "ITABABO all these kingdoms of the world will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me."

"Then, the great Master Jesus answered: "Get thee hence Satan: for it is written, Thou shall worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve."

"Finally, it is written that Javhe brought Jesus to Jerusalem and set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said unto him: "If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence; for it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone."

"And Jesus answering said unto him, it is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God" and when Javhe had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season."

- Quoted from The Gnostic Magic of the Runes by Samael Aun Weor

Javhe is the opposite of Christ, and represents Despotism.

In the Infradimensions we find the negative doubles of the Divinities from the superior worlds. When we invoke Jesus Christ in the internal worlds, we can be deceived by Javhe, his opposite, who will disguise himself as Jesus.

In Klipoth we find the opposite of every Master. The Enemy of the Christ is Javhe who is the Chief of the Black Lodge, the Head. That is why we find the conjurations. We must conjure the invoked Master, eg. in the astral world.

These beings are related to certain Sephiroth and develop themselves in the actions or forces related to certain Sephiroth.

  • Jesus: Jupiter, Ray of Liberation
  • Javhe: opposite. Very sly intellect.

All his lectures start talking against the Christ. He will disguise himself and his evil intentions and try to lead the student from the path, talking of "Wisdom," "Love," etc.

In the astral world a Gnostic instructor invoked Samael. Samael is the Chief of Geburah. He appeared riding a majestic white horse, wearing a white robe with a white mantle from head to foot. But it was Moloch, disguised.

The instructor didn't conjure him, because he thought he was the Master of the White Lodge. Moloch asked: "Why have you invoked me?"

"Because I need this and that..

Moloch said: "But you have these things.."


The instructor started to doubt the Master, and so asked him about the Key of Sahaja Maithuna.

"Do you know the clue of the Great Arcanum? No Fornication."

Moloch laughed. "Are you awake?"

"Yes I am."

Moloch said, "But I am always awake here."

The instructor tried to conjure Moloch, and he just stood there and watched; the instructor didn't have enough energy. Moloch was being polite, just showing that it is possible to be awaken without walking on the Path of Chastity.

Later the instructor talked with the Master Samael in the physical world, and Master Samael said that Moloch was trying to mislead him, to take him from the Path, and to show that it is possible to awaken, but for evil.

Moloch is a head of a legion of demons. He acts under Javhe.

We have to conjure, to know the clues to see if the one who appears is reflection or not.Mediums say that they are channelers of such-and-such Master, but they channel forces from Klipoth.

The Double of any Master is in Klipoth.

If in the Astral World it is difficult to tell whether a being is a demon or an Angel, then in the case of the medium it is impossible. We need objective clairvoyance for that.


"In the name of Christ, by the power of Christ, for the majesty of Christ, is this the Truth you are telling me?"

Then, Bless in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Then say apologies. "I am doubting of myself, not you. The demons of Klipoth try to mislead me."

Most of the legions of demons are locked in the abyss, for our own sake. But there are still demons with physical bodies, and so they are in the Astral World misleading people.When we have nightmares we enter into Klipoth.

Javhe symbolizes our own Anti-Christ in the mind.


Inverted Chokmah

  • Demon: Belial.
  • Vice: Blind Faith and Fanaticism.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Belial from the Empyrean, indeed, there is not a Spirit who fell more impurely lewd, or more grossly inclined to love vice than this creature, who in ancient Lemurian times was certainly a Master or Angelic Guru of ineffable splendors...

"This Demon, a Deity in other times, had no temples standing, nor were any consecrations offered to him at any altar; nonetheless, no one is more often than he in temples and at altars.

"When the priests turn atheist, as did Ely's sons, who disgracefully filled with prostitution and violence the house of the Lord, they are then, as a fact, converted into slaves of Belial...

"Sublime Hierophant from archaic epochs of our world, delectable Angel, now an evil Luciferin-Demon, he also reigns in luxurious courts and palaces and in dissolute cities, where the noise of riot, lust and outrage ascends above their loftiest towers...

"Thus, when night darkens the streets, then wander forth the children of Belial, flown with insolence and wine.

"Witnesses of all these are the streets of Sodom and that horrible night in Gibeah, when its doors yielded a Matron to prevent a worse loathed rape."

- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled

God the Son, Christ, Chokmah is the root of Faith: Direct Experience, lived experiences in the internal worlds.

When we do not experience what we know we become children of Belial: fanatics.We have within the left ventricle of our Heart the Nous atom; this atom is related to superlative intuition.

When we develop superlative intuition we open the doors to the internal worlds.

But when we do not develop superlative intuition we develop the Interior Pharisee instead.

Pharisee comes from Parsi, Persian, related to the Zoroastrians, worshippers of the Fire, but the Pharisee worships God without any experience of God. The Pharisee believes in Angels, but has no experience with Angels.

We must work with the Three Factors (Birth, Death, Sacrifice).

Pharisees feel happy with themselves, but have lots of defects.

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Pharisees have this psychological attitude in the heart; "Thank God I am always good. Everyone else is a wolf, I am meek."

Being rich means to feel being "better," proud, vain. We have to be humble.

It is urgent that we understand religious pride.

When we do not experience, when we are not humble, we have only blind faith.

Belial is also related to those who awaken negatively through drugs/ alcohol.

The "DT's" (Delirium Tremens) are experiences in Hell.

Drugs awaken us in the abyss - these people believe they are on the right path.

When the Priest makes business with any sacraments, he is a child of Belial.


Inverted Binah

  • Demon: Lilith Ashtaroth.
  • Vice: Subtle Stupidity.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"With these terribly malignant Divinities who in the ancient continent Mu were indeed exemplar men, humanized Angels, came those who, from the bordering flood of old Euphrates to the brook that parts Egypt from Syrian ground, had the undesirable names of Baal and Ashtaroth..."

The Holy Spirit, Binah ( Hebrew ), means Understanding.

Its opposite is Subtle Stupidity; Lilith (also Nahemah, related to Fornication and Adultery).

Lilith is violence against nature:

  • Using the energy of the Holy Spirit through wrong channels, such as in homosexuality.
  • The abuse of sex through crimes like abortion.
  • The hatred of sex, as in so-called "celibacy."

When we transmute our sexual energy into Light, then we receive Understanding and Intelligence.

In Fornicators the energy is transformed into Subtle Stupidity.

Lilith is the opposite of Anael (the Angel of Love):

Lilith is hatred/violence in sexuality.

There are many souls identified with Lilith.

The Holy Spirit acts through sex, and so we must know how to respect sex.

We work against these elements related to the 3 brains.

We have many egos within related to these 3 demons.


ImageInverted Gedulah

Demon: Baal Pehor.

Vice: Obscure Love (to be complacent with crimes).

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Baal Pehor, the obscene dread of Moab's sons, who dwelled from Aroer to Nebo, and even far beyond the Southmost of the desert of Abarim... He dwelled also in Hesebon and Horonaim, in Zion's Realm, beyond the flowery dales of Sibma clad with Vines, and Eleale to the Asphaltick lake.

"Frightful, left-handed, tenebrous Baal Pehor, he enticed the Israelites in Sittim on their march from the Nile to perform for him wanton rites, which cost them woes...

"From there this Elohim, fallen amidst the luciferin reddish fires, his lascivious orgies he enlarged even to that hill of scandal, by the Grove of the homicidal Moloch...

"Thenceforth, it is obvious that their abominable debauchery was established hard by hate, till pious Josiah drove them thence to hell..."

- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled

Gedulah ( Hebrew ) means Love.

Its opposite is Obscure Love, the "love" of Baal Pehor.

We think we act in a positive way, but truly we act in a negative way.

Thinking we are acting positively, we can justify in many ways Prostitution or Adultery, but in fact we are acting negatively.

The ego works through the Sex, Heart, and Head.

Obscure Love is action through charity that ends in evil, e.g. giving money to a beggar, who then buys alcohol. "Love is the Law, but Conscious Love." Obscure Love is everywhere, a type of sentimentalism related to the heart.

Real love is from Gedulah, the Spirit, God.


Inverted Geburah

Demon: Moloch.

Vice: Tyranny.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Moloch, a luminous Angel of yore, a horrid King besmeared with the blood of human sacrifices, with the tears of parents and the desperation of mothers. Though for the loud noise of drums and timbales, unheard went the cries of their children, who passed through fire to be pitilessly immolated to this execrable monster, once a beautiful God from other times...

"The Ammonites worshipped him in Rabba and its watery Plain, in Argob and in Basan, to the stream of utmost Arnon...

"The legend of the centuries state that Solomon, son of David, King of Zion, built a temple to Moloch right on that opprobrious hill.

"The seven Lords of time state that subsequently, this wise old King dedicated a sacred grove in the pleasant Valley of Hinnom to such a fallen Angel...

"Such a fecund perfumed land, for such a fatal motive, then changed its name for Tophet and black Gehennan, a true type of hell..."

- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled

Geburah is Hebrew for Justice, Strength, Courage.

Its opposite is Inflexible Rigor, Tyranny.

We are in the realm of Moloch when we do not know how to use our own power.

Moloch is represented in the form of a brazen bull. People in ancient times sacrificed children to Moloch.

Tyranny in Kings/ Queens/ parents: parents who teach religion with the whip in hand;

Governors who use power to hurt people.

Power without freedom = tyranny.

Freedom without control = anarchy.


Inverted Tiphereth

Demon: Asmodeus.

Vice: Triumph of the Beast (Egocentrism: complete oblivion of the Spirit).

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Asmodeus, brother of Andrameleck, two resplendent Thrones from the starry heaven of Urania, also fallen into animal generation...

"Exemplar men, Gods with human bodies in the land of Mu, abjectly wallowing in the bed of Procusto...

"The Luciferin-Christic host who incarnated in the archaic Lemuria (induced by that nemesis or Superior Karma that controls the ineffable ones and that is known as the Law of Katancia) committed the mistake of falling into animal generation.

"Fatal for the human species was the sexual downfall of the divine Titans who did not know how to use the mighty boon of Prometheus, thus rolling into the abyss.

"Our Saviors, the Agnishvatta, the superior Titans of the luciferin fire, can never be cheated. They, the brilliant children of the dawn, know very well how to distinguish between a downfall and a descent.

"Some sincerely mistaken ones now compel themselves to justify the angelic downfall."

- Parsifal Unveiled

Tiphereth ( Hebrew ) means "Beauty" of the human soul.

When the soul triumphs we becomes Kings and Queens of Nature.

Its opposite is the Beast 666: Asmodeus (Ashmedai).

6 is a sacred number related to the Arcanum Six, the Lovers, or Indecision.

The number 6 represents the human soul who is caught between the virgin and the whore; between Chastity and lust. Our tendency is to look toward the whore, toward lust. The number 6 represents our need to define ourselves, and we normally define ourselves in accordance with the ego.

Number 6 is related to the soul; it appears three times because of the 3 brains. We have the ego in the 3 brains.

The Guardian of the Threshold enslaves everyone. The Guardian of the Threshold is the ego.

People feed their defects through the Head, Heart, and Sex.

The Soul is a slave of the Guardian of the Threshold.

Triumph of the Beast = our own soul becoming a child of Asmodeus. Asmodeus, a fallen Angel, represents those souls completely divorced from Divinity.

In Klipoth we find many schools that guide souls the wrong way.

They teach how to strengthen the ego in the Head, Heart, and Sex.

1. For example, through different types of "Mind Control" that teach methods in order to develop mental powers without creating the Solar Mind. These subjective methods are related to the ego.

2. Many groups work with the Heart; they state: "Release the emotions, your anger, don't repress your hatred, express it." These groups worship self-esteem, pride, anger. These people strengthen the ego through the emotional center. Actors utilize emotions; they can identify with lots of emotions. This takes/ wastes a lot of energy.

3. Through Sex; this is obvious! For example, the practice of "safe sex" to enjoy Fornication. The Government/ Media support it, saying this is the right way (to the Abyss).


Inverted Netzach

Demon: Mammon.

Vice: Foolish Pride.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Mammon, the least erected among the Men-Angels from ancient Arcadia, also fallen into bestial generation...

"He was the first one who taught the inhabitants of the earth to ransack the center of the world. Thus, they did it, rifling the bowels of their mother Earth for treasures better hid forever...

"The covetous band of Mammon soon opened into the mountain a spacious wound and extracted from its womb ribs of Gold."

- Parsifal Unveiled

Netzach ( Hebrew ) means "Victory."

Its opposite is Mammon = Foolish Pride.

Those who want to succeed in the physical world through money, wealth, intellect. Here there are no proofs for the theories. It is intellectualism without experience of the superior worlds.

The Gospels state: "You cannot worship God and Mammon."

Do not try to be famous; be humble.

Obviously, we have to take care of ourselves.

But if first we seek money then Self-realization, we will never succeed. We do not know how long we will live. We must know that God will always provide. We will always have shelter, food, job; always enough to survive. We may not be rich but we will be always aware we need money and have to get it. God provides through various means.


Inverted Hod

Demon: Mulciber.

Vice: Anarchy.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Mulciber, indeed, his name was not unheard, nor did he ever lack fanatical adorers in ancient Greece. This is known by the divine and human...

"The classical fable refers how Mulciber fell from Olympus, thrown by angry Jupiter over the crystalline, divine battlements. Nothing ought availed him then to have built in heaven high towers...

"A man with genius from the purple race in the continent Mu, fallen into the abysses of sexual passion..."

- Parsifal Unveiled

Hod ( Hebrew ) means "Glory."

Its opposite is Mulciber.

Hod is the emotional Astral body.

Here the Lord acts through the heart, to gather souls.

When anyone teaches this knowledge, this is using the heart.

This knowledge does not belong to anyone.

Christ is like a hen gathering its chicks.

Many say, "Worship me!"

Worship your own God, your Intimate, your Innermost.

There are many Gods and Masters that we respect, but we worship our own God.

If we become identified, we end up worshipping personalities.

The ego of people likes to be worshipped, saying, "I am the incarnation of this Master."

People follow because they believe they will be saved.

Follow That which is within, but respect the Gods/ Masters.

Otherwise we fall into anarchy.

Many demons pull souls down into the abyss.


Inverted Yesod

Demon: Chavajoth.

Vice: Lust.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"On one side of a road we met a Solemn, Olympic Sculpture. It seemed to have been carved by Praxiteles! Its face was similar to that of the Greek Apollo. The curvature of its feet, the profile of its hands..., the entire eurhythmy of that sculpture, could compete with the Venus of Milo! Nevertheless... there was something strange on that very beautiful sculpture! That precious human effigy was dressed in a bloody color robe which formed beautiful, exotic and fatal pleats that extended down to its feet! We comprehended that we were before Jehovah's opposite pole... we were before the frightening and terrible Chavajoth! Extending the right hand towards that malignant and seducing beauty, we conjured it with a loud voice saying:

"In the name of the TETRAGRAMMATON, I conjure thee Chavajoth!"

"Immediately after pronouncing these words, we saw with a great surprise that beautiful and malignant sculpture becoming angry against us. Then, while advancing towards us Chavajoth attacked us with his horrible hypnotic power. He insulted us tremendously. His words were really repugnant, suitable only to that great Harlot whose number is 666.

"The fight was terrible. We had to defend ourselves with all our spiritual forces in order to drive away that terrible demon of malignant beauty! We finally succeeded, thus, the frightening personage took the form of a Harlot and hid within a tavern where only glasses and bottles of liquor were seen on the counter.

"Lo and behold the Black Magic, Lo and behold the abyss!"

- Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy

Yesod, Chastity = Mysteries of sexuality, ruled by Jehovah.

Chavajoth is the opposite of Jehovah.

Chavajoth teaches impure sexuality.

Lots of people know about Tantrism but they are teaching black or gray Tantra.

Only White Tantra is according to the commandments of God.

Only White Tantra gets us to God.

There are lots of books on the chakras, the Kundalini.

To awaken is not enough; we must awaken for the good, not evil.



Inverted Malkuth

Demon: Andramelech.

Vice: "Proud World." (Covetousness of power, to feel self-security)

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"A personage dark as coal appeared in the middle of a cavern, this was Andrameleck, a gigantic, tenebrous and horrible personage. By extended our right hand towards that horrible monster we said:

"In the name of Jupiter, the father of all Gods I conjure Thee Andrameleck!... TE VIGOS COSLIM!..."

"The result was formidable. That demon, mortally wounded by the terrible ray of Divine Justice, remained under our dominion. It was then that Andrameleck spoke and said:

"I did not know that it was you (Samael Aun Weor) the one who called me! If I had known it, I would have come earlier!... What can I do for you?"

"The words of Andrameleck seemed to come from within the profound caverns of the entire earth. It seemed that this terrible and powerful voice came from the very core of the earth! We then courageously spoke to Andrameleck and said: "Give me your hand Andrameleck!"

The tenebrous personage approached us and gave us his hand. Then, Samael Aun Weor returned into his physical body. Then, that demon with bloody colored robe, passing over the roof of his room, exclaimed: "You were afraid of me!... You were afraid of me!..

Samael Aun Weor answered: "I am not afraid of you Andrameleck!...I just returned into my physical body, that is all."

- Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy

Andrameleck: Andra = below, Melech = King "King Below" (King of the Underworld).

Andrameleck is incarnated in China; he is a Hanassmuss (souls that have double polarity).

We want to go up, but are too attached to this proud world.

Religion comes from the word Religare, meaning "to relink our soul with God."

When we believe we are okay because we are full of knowledge but without practicing religion through Meditation, we are attached to this proud world.

We prefer the world of vanity, this materialistic world.



Every virtue is inverted in Klipoth.

Many schools in the internal worlds, in the infernos, teach esotericism.

White Lodge schools are based on the Three Factors, Meditation, creating the bodies, conscious love, charity. Otherwise the school is based in Klipoth.

To reject the forces of Klipoth we must know the Conjurations:

Before every ritual work, it is important to perform the Conjurations of 4, 7, and the Invocation of Solomon so we can be sure we will work with the positive forces.

We have 97% related to forces of Klipoth inside of ourselves.

We have 3 % related to forces of above inside of ourselves.

The Beast from the Abyss with 10 horns and 7 heads that the Book of Revelation refers to is in relation to the three brains and the 7 capital sins.

  • 10 inverted sephiroth.
  • 7 capital sins.

The Crowns upon the heads of the beast are the Inverted Negative Virtues. These are particles of pain from the Father Kether.

Anger is king in this world.

According to the Book of Revelation, no one without the mark of the beast can make business in this world. The mark is in the hands (actions) and in the head (the mind).

Everything related to anger, lust, pride.

We buy and sell related to the 7 sins everywhere; these are the only things that we make business with nowadays.

The Beast 666 plays baseball, football, is in the Olympics, big business, politics, every movie, every shopping precinct, because it is inside each one of us. So we have to kill it.

When we work with the positive forces we kill the beast.

We lost all our power, the Fire of the Holy Spirit, when we fell into animal generation.




ImageLimbo is the first sphere of Klipoth; it is related to that which we know as Hell, or the Infernos, or the Infra-dimensions of nature.

The whole of the cosmos is governed by many laws. Different parts of the cosmos from the Ain Soph to Klipoth are governed by differing amounts of laws.

The first sphere of Klipoth is Limbo which is governed by 96 laws, resulting in a very complicated mechanism.

The Ray of Creation descends into the different worlds, and finally we find that the Ray enters into Limbo, the first sphere of Klipoth, Hell.

The Ray of Creation

The first order of worlds is the Ain Soph Aur ( Hebrew for "limitless light") - Eternal Cosmic Common Father - is governed by 1 law, which is the Truth.

The second order of worlds is the Infinite, the Firmament, governed by 3 laws.

Image While the Ray of Creation is descending into the different dimensions then we find Galaxies, called the Macrocosmos, controlled by 6 laws.

When the Ray descends and reaches any particular Solar System, then we find that the laws are duplicated, and every solar system is controlled by 12 laws.

The Ray descends more into every Planet and we discover that every planet is controlled by 24 laws.

On every planet, including the earth, we always find different Human Beings, and there are 48 laws controlling the physical bodies of the human beings.

These 48 laws are directly related to the 48 chromosomes of the body - 46 physical chromosomes and 2 vital (etheric) chromosomes.

We are in the physical body in the physical world controlled by 48 laws, and above us we have other worlds which are controlled by fewer laws. If we want to be free, or to be saved, we have to liberate ourselves from the mechanical laws of nature and to exercise ourselves in order to reach the first law, which is the Father, the Truth, which is beyond physical existence, beyond the Galaxy, beyond the Firmament, right there in the Absolute which is the Unknowable Seity.

Below our physical world, which is related with our physical body, we find what we call the Infradimensions of Nature. These are nine Infradimensions; the first Infradimension is Limbo controlled by 96 laws. These 96 laws are not related with the physical plane, but with that plane that people call Orco or Limbo.


Limbo is immediately below this physical plane, down below this earth - it is related to all of the caves and caverns that are surrounding the whole planet. If we unite all of the caverns and caves of the planet then we find that region that is called Limbo.

Limbo is that Infradimension where we have the exact reflection of all the infra-activities that we perform on the surface of the planet Earth. In the same way, internally speaking, to find the reflection of the good actions, virtues, we have to go into the superior dimensions, the Heavens, above the physical plane. Evil activities are reflected in Klipoth, Hell, related with first layer of Hell or the Infernos that we call Limbo.

If we find reflections of buildings, cars, inventions in the physical plane, they are reflected, the astral part of them, in Limbo because everything has an astral double.

For instance, when we sleep and go out of the physical body to dream, we find the same houses, buildings, same people, same animals, same things. When we awake we know that we were sleeping, but before that we do not know because we see exactly the same things. That double is the astral, or molecular body.

In that astral world, the 5th dimension, we find the double of everything. We find the double of Nature, which is something mechanical, the double of nature related with the material that belongs to nature. But also we find the double that we have to create, which is not from nature but that has an eternal aspect.

While we have dreams we find the double of everything. We have to create the eternal doubles that do not belong to the mechanism of Nature. But all that belongs to the mechanism of nature is the double that has no divine eternal reality. As this physical plane that will eventually disappear.

In the astral plane the angels are eternal; the bodies that they have do not belong to the mechanisms of nature, their bodies' matter is immortal. But in Limbo the rest of humanity does not have those eternal internal bodies; humanity wanders about with protoplasmic internal bodies. All these protoplasmic bodies and things we find in Limbo are perishable, not eternal.

In Limbo we find the double aspect of everything in Nature, but which is a protoplasmic perishable matter.

So, in Limbo we find the Molecular bodies, the Protoplasmic bodies. These are that kind of nature, a kind of matter that is not physical. The mind with which we think is protoplasmic. It belongs to the 5th dimension, eternity, the astral plane. The body with which we feel emotions also belongs to the 5th dimension; it is a protoplasmic body. But chairs, tables, etc also have a protoplasmic double. Every single form of physical matter has its protoplasmic part. It is like that part that is erroneously called by many groups, schools, religions the astral part - but really the astral eternal part is something that we have to build.

That is why when we are out of the body, and we find for instance, a dog that is sleeping in the physical world, in the protoplasmic dimension, which is Limbo, its soul is wandering around in its protoplasmic body. It is the same with cats, etc. Houses in the astral plane are protoplasmic matter. Chairs, trees, everything. Protoplasmic matter is also related with Nature, it is matter which is not dense like physical matter, but it is subtle. It belongs to the 5th aspect of this planet.

Limbo is a world here and now; it is in the Eternity, the 5th dimension. Parallel dimensions, universes, penetrate and co-penetrate without confusion. The Astral world is here and now.

Right now we are thinking, so where are the thoughts? We can't see them; why not? Because they do not belong to the 3rd dimension; but they are here, we feel them, we know we are thinking. But if we penetrate into the 5th dimension then we can see the form of the thoughts because they are protoplasmic. In the physical plane we can only sense that we are thinking but we cannot see the thoughts.

The first Infradimension is commonly called Limbo, which is an inferior dimension in the 5th dimension. It is the Chamber between the other inferior dimensions and the physical plane.

Everything that goes into Limbo eventually returns into the physical plane. That everything is the psyche, the soul. The soul right now is expressing itself through the physical body; the soul is reading this statement through the physical body. But when the physical body, which is cellular, three-dimensional, is tired, we go to bed, sleep, and the soul abandons the physical body, that soul uses a protoplasmic body which does not belong to the third dimension but to the 5th, which is Eternity, the astral plane, and then in that dimension we travel and see things which are protoplasmic, which are exactly the double of all the things that exist in the world. Limbo is that dimension where we experience our dreams.

The same buildings, cars, people, plants that exist in this physical world exist also in Limbo but in a protoplasmic matter. That is why we dream that we drive cars, read books, etc. in that dimension because everything is a double. The difference is that we are controlled by 96 laws when out of this physical body.

Other things exist in Limbo, but we cannot investigate them because we have our Psyche asleep.

When we are asleep we do not realise that the matter is protoplasmic.

If we inquire into the matter then we can realise this. Discern.

The protoplasmic bodies are the bodies that we use to think and to feel emotions while inside and outside the physical body:

· The Body of Desires (Lunar Astral body) is protoplasmic and expresses itself through the solar plexus of the physical body.

· The Mind is protoplasmic and expresses itself through the brain of the physical body.

When we are out of the physical body we are thinking and feeling as if we were in the physical body, but we are in fact in Limbo.

If we are conscious in the fifth dimension, we can go up to the superior part of that fifth dimension instead of Limbo, we can go to Heaven where we see another type of matter. There is the Heaven of the Moon, as well as the Hell (Infradimension) of the Moon. But to go up to the superior part of that 5th dimension we need an eternal body, an immortal body, to get to the Heaven of Moon. It is rare to find a soul with an immortal Astral body.

Normally we get our "astral" experiences in Limbo, but not in the superior part of that dimension.

It is in Limbo where we find the souls of all the dead people dressed with their protoplasmic bodies. To find someone in Heaven, the superior part of that 5th dimension, the person has to be born again. They need to have built an immortal Astral body through the Holy Alchemy.

Reincarnation only belongs to conscious people, the Great Masters.

Normal people return. They are governed by the Mechanical laws of Nature. Every year the seasons return. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter always return. If we investigate Nature we see how things return. The Soul returns to this physical plane 108 times dressed with her protoplasmic bodies. The Soul is experiencing and learning many things in this physical body, but when the physical body dies the soul returns into Limbo.

The Soul is immortal, eternal. But every soul is dressed in the protoplasmic bodies, and these bodies are related to the mechanisms of Nature, to the mechanical laws.

We enter into a new womb. The baby has a new physical body but still has the same protoplasmic bodies which are very old, from a long time ago. Before we entered the human kingdom, we used them in the animal kingdom, and before that we used these protoplasmic bodies in the plant and mineral kingdoms. These bodies are evolving according to the laws of evolution, mechanical law of nature, and the soul is always there with the same bodies in different stages of evolution.

When we enter the human kingdom those protoplasmic bodies enter into the cycle or 108 lives in order to perform what the soul has to perform. We have to create electronic immortal bodies to be saved from the mechanical bodies, and the laws of nature.

We can easily go to Limbo and see our old friends who are now dead. In Limbo there are certain groups of people that the White Lodge are helping so that they can return again. Some of these people are conscious of the fact that they are physically dead. Most people ignore the fact that they are physically dead and in Limbo, because Limbo is exactly the same as this physical world. There we find the same commerce, the same life, the same actors in theatres. They waste their time with the same activities. They do not know they are dead. They do not know they are dead in the same way that we do not know we are in the astral world until we awaken into the physical body and realise we were dreaming.

If we worry here about getting money to resolve our problems, and we have a heart attack and die, then we continue with the same activities in Limbo trying to get money, where the problems no longer exist. But these problems exist in the mind.

It is very painful to go to Limbo to see people working very hard because they have to pay the mortgage for the house, etc. One asks them: "Do you realise that you are dead?"

They reply, "But this is my house, my family!"

They can do nothing for their souls because they are identified with matter. They ignore that they are physically dead.

Some Gnostic friends (currently in Limbo) know that they are dead. They are sad because they haven't created the bodies; they wait there until given the chance to create the Solar Bodies.

yogananda Yogananda was a direct disciple of Babaji the Yogi-Christ. He was told "Now you have to be married," but he said he only wanted to love his Divine Mother, and refused marriage, and the way to build the Solar Bodies. He awoke Consciousness and is an awakened soul in Limbo. He will have to return in order to create the electronic bodies. He is a beautiful awakened elemental that is still at the human level.

Dante, in his Divine Comedy, states that in this first layer of hell live many great philosophers of the past, great sages that are in Limbo. Socrates, etc. Great men, but that hadn't created their Solar Bodies. They have an awakened Consciousness and can enter into the Temples in Limbo, but they cannot enter into the superior temples because they do not have the electronic bodies. They do not have the right to enter. It is very rare to find people in these temples in Limbo because normally people just worry in this dimension, identified with matter, problems etc.

Why is the White Lodge giving the knowledge so clearly in this day and age? It is because the protoplasmic bodies are devolving, we are in the last lives or returns, the 105th, 106th, 107th, etc. When the 108 lives or physical returns are finished then the protoplasmic bodies enter into devolution. They return, they devolve through the animal, plant, mineral kingdoms, and disintegrate. Through the Mechanisms of Nature the protoplasmic bodies sprout, grow and die.

Because the protoplasmic bodies are governed by different laws they do not disintegrate as quickly as the physical bodies. They evolve over a long period of time, and disintegrate over a long period of time. These bodies enter into different spheres before entering into the last, the Ninth Sphere.

We have existed with protoplasmic bodies over thousands and thousands of years - if we could remember our lives or returns in the human kingdom, in the animal, plant, mineral kingdoms, we would be filled with a lot of wisdom.

The problem is that our Eternal Soul, our Immortal Soul, is within these bodies. If we were not within these bodies it would not be a problem.

In the physical body, if we have a headache we feel the pain, we feel the headache with our Consciousness and we cry. We feel all the pains in the soul even though the physical body does not belong to us, but we are within this body. The same happens with the protoplasmic bodies. We feel the disintegration of these bodies and suffer.

Limbo is the Ante-Chamber of Hell, the Abode of Pluto (the King of Hell).

Hinduism and Buddhism have studied these laws. The other religions do not study these laws; they reject them because of fear or fanaticism.

To be saved is not a matter of believing or rejecting ideas, but to handle the inferior laws by superior laws. These superior laws are going to be acting upon us when we build the Solar Bodies. Before that, beliefs won't help us.

We are talking about protoplasmic matter.

The reflection of all that we perform here is always in Heaven or in Limbo. Most of our activities belong to Limbo.

Lilith and Nahemah

Gnostic Kabbalah states that after the downfall of Adam (humanity) into animal generation he (humanity) developed two types of psychological protoplasmic natures: Lilith and Nahemah.

Lilith is that psychological protoplasmic nature inside of those individuals who violate nature with abortions, homosexuality and in general, all kinds of crimes against Nature.

Nahemah is that psychological protoplasmic nature inside of those individuals who identify with the vanities of the world; it is related with malignant beauty of passion, prostitution and Adultery.

Thus, Klipoth, the abyss, is divided into two large regions; the spheres of Lilith and Nahemah. Sexual degeneration reigns sovereign in all of the ten spheres of Klipoth, which are synthesized in these two large spheres Lilith and Nahemah.

In the ancient times there were cities that were vibrating with the superior worlds, for instance in Tibet. Master Samael investigated recently these aspects in order to see if this part of the earth was still doing so, and he found that most of these Monasteries of Tibet contained many homosexuals, and this clearly is a reflection of Klipoth. If that is happening with Tibet, then elsewhere is much worse. When you go to New York you feel the psychological weight of that city in your head. All the activities of that city are placing it in Klipoth, under 96 or more laws that are already materializing in the physical world. New York, instead of being controlled by 48 laws, is controlled by 96 and more laws. Many cities have parts controlled by more laws. It is the same everywhere. It is rare to find a town or city that is controlled by 48 laws, the normal laws that should control the physical world. Because of our egotistical activities we are placing this physical world out of the normal laws. This is why visitors from other planets are amazed when they see that this planet is not physically controlled by 48 laws. To survive in a bad city is very difficult because you have to accomplish it under many laws.

This physical Earth doesn't reflect superior dimensions any more as in the past, but reflects inferior dimensions.

Laws control life and make life more mechanical.

If we lived in the world of 48 laws, we wouldn't need any ID, or birth certificate, or passport, in order to travel with freedom in this world of God that belongs to everyone. But because of laws we identify with political ideas, which are created from the 96 laws.

The extra laws are from Hell, not from God.

Because of people's identification with egotistical matters, people bring the laws from Limbo etc. into the physical world, and these laws work physically.

Electricity, land, food etc should all be free as it is from Nature.

The ego belongs to the Infradimensions.

The ego is protoplasmic. It belongs to mechanical nature; the ego does not belong to Heaven - even the Pharisee ego that believes in the Bible or that believes in God or that believes in any other religion does not belong to heaven. There are many people in Limbo, Hell, who believe in God, that are preaching in Limbo, but that ignore that they are physically dead and preaching their religion within their protoplasmic bodies.

In the 5th dimension we find the mental world and the emotional world - both the superior and the inferior aspects.

The negative aspect of the Moon vibrates with Limbo.



hell We must understand the Mind in order to understand what salvation is and the term "being born again." We must also understand that after the last return into Limbo, the door or entrance into the sphere of Mercury is definitively open for the lost souls, thus the definitive entrance into the infernal worlds is related with the mind. The mind is related with the sphere of Mercury.

Klipoth is related with Nine Inferior Dimensions.

Within the Ray of Creation there are Seven Cosmos.

The First Cosmos is governed by the Father, the Truth: "Search for the Truth and the Truth shall set you free." God is the Truth.

The Tree of Life and the 10 Sephiroth teach us about the different parts of the Being and the different Heavens.

Malkuth is the physical world.

The other Nine Sephiroth are related with the Nine Heavens:

  • Yesod and Hod are related with the Heaven of the Moon
  • Heaven of Mercury
  • Heaven of Venus
  • Heaven of Sun
  • Heaven of Mars
  • Heaven of Jupiter
  • Heaven of Saturn
  • Heaven of Uranus
  • Heaven of Neptune
The Nine Heavens are related with nine planets of our Solar System.

We always point upwards if we are talking of Heaven - but from a physical point of view we will first find the Moon and then the other planets and the Sun. Each of these planets is in relation with the different Heavens of Christianity or any other religion.

There are actually twelve planets rotating around the Sun. Scientists only know nine (up to Pluto). After Pluto are another three planets (and with the Sun, a total of 13) - these are the 13 Heavens of the Nahuas' religion or Aztecs.

The planets that are unknown to official science are:

  • Vulcan
  • Persephone
  • Clarion
The Moon is first Heaven, related to the Earth, which is first in our sphere.

The Nahuas and Mayans speak of 13 Katuns, or periods of time, within which every humanity has to be developed.

We are now in the 12th Katun. In 2040 we enter the 13th Katun, the final step, the end of our civilization, which will last maybe 2000 years. Even the beginning of this Katun means destruction - and so entry into this period implies a complete change in nature due to a great sacrifice that will be performed by the fire.

The Hebrew Sephiroth are the 10 manifested emanations of that Seity that is unknown. Above the 10 Sephiroth we find 3 regions - these are related to what we call the Absolute. These 3 great regions are:

  • Ain: Nothingness
  • Ain Soph: Limitless
  • Ain Soph Aur: Limitless Light
Below Ain Soph Aur we find the Ten Sephiroth which form what we call the universe, in different parts, or the Heavens of Christianity.

The Ten Sephiroth are ten different parallel dimensions.

The Earth is placed in the physical dimension or plane.

The Earth and all life, the four kingdoms of humans, animals, plants and minerals are called the Kingdom (Malkuth).

The first heaven is called the Astral World - called in Christianity "the World of the Angels." This is the world of Superior Emotions.

Above the Astral World we find the Heaven of the Mind. Here we find the Archangels.

Above here we find Principalities abiding in Heaven of Venus. Venus is vibrating with that particular dimension.

Each planet is related with a superior dimension, which is not physical but internal. These are superior or internal worlds, the Kingdom of Heaven. regions Next, we have the Virtues - related to Heaven of the Sun.

Mars is the 5th Heaven, and is the abode of the Potencies, Powers.

Heaven of Jupiter - the abode of the Dominions.

Heaven of Saturn - the abode of the Thrones.

Heaven of Uranus - the abode of the Cherubim.

Heaven of Neptune, Empyrean - the abode of the Seraphim.

The Vital world (Yesod) is directly related with the physical plane.

When we talk of the Heaven of the Moon we have to realize that it is ruling the Astral Plane (Hod) as well as the Vital Plane (Yesod).

Each planet is related with the Spheres, or the Heavens.

We have to be born again in these Heavens.

Above the Tree of Life we have another 3 Heavens, but they are Unmanifested. Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur are unknown for our understanding. The universe starts really from the 10 Sephiroth.

This is the Doctrine of Daath, the doctrine of the Transformation of the Forces, the transformation of matter into energy, of energy into matter.

When you study the Ray of Creation, you also discover the different forces of the Absolute within matter.

When we talk of atoms we find many types of atoms - many types of matter. Scientists only talk of physical atoms, but in this universe, which is composed of many different dimensions, each dimension is composed of a different kind of matter.

That which we call matter, in itself, or matter without form, is something unknowable for the intellect.

That unformed matter is precisely the essence of concrete matter; this takes form in the different planes or dimensions according to the activities of the fire. In Hebrew , the Hashim are igneous particles that are enclosed within the atoms. Any activity of any atom, any movement of an atom, is due to the influence, the will, of these igneous particles. Samael Aun Weor tells us that these igneous particles are unknown to scientists.

These Hashim are made of what? - They are igneous particles of INRI, that fire which is not physical fire, but that fire that Christians call Christ (which is a Greek word).

What is this Christ? - it is the first emanation, the first-begotten.

In order for matter with a particular form to take that form it needs the activity of that fire. That fire is the first emanation of the Unknown. This Unknown is the Eternal Cosmic Common Father. He is called Father in relation to paternity, relating to the origin of life.

From Him emerges the Fire, Light. That Fire, that Light, is the intelligence of the Father - Chokmah, Wisdom. The other aspect of this fire is called Binah, Intelligence.

This Fire is in every atom in any dimension.

The Heavens, the Kingdom of Heaven, are composed of a different kind of matter, of life that exists in different dimensions, which is sustained by those Hashim, the life of that matter in different planes.

In the Kingdoms of Heaven these particles act according to the Will of God. This Will is different in every Angel, Archangel, Dominion, Throne, Principality, Cherubim, etc. (There are Nine Hierarchies of Divine Beings).

The Fire is also in the Infradimensions.


In the Ray of Creation, these infinitesimal igneous particles (we call them atoms), are in the First Cosmos from the Unknown - the Protocosmos. Every atom of that matter which is immortal has within its bosom an igneous particle, one atom of the Absolute. That intelligence is there in activity, in the Life free in its movement.

The Protocosmos is called the "Cosmos of Christ," because the Truth, which is the first law, is there within the belly of each atom of that matter which is immortal.

Then we find second cosmos - Ayocosmos (the "Holy World" of the Greeks). Each matter of the Holy Cosmos has three igneous particles of the Absolute within. The Fire is divided into three. These three wills are one. These three forces in one (tri-unity) are in the belly of the atoms of the Ayocosmos, which is sustained by three laws.

The Hashim are particles of Will. That's why in the first cosmos, the Protocosmos, the Will of God is performed, because this Will of God is being performed by the First Begotten, the First Emanation the Ain Soph Aur. There is one igneous particle within each atom, doing the Will of God, which is the Truth.

In the Ayocosmos, the Will of God is divided into three, but these three are performing that Will. Even still, there is happiness.

In the third cosmos, the Macrocosmos, there are six particles within, six different wills, six laws. Each atom is subdued to the activity of these six igneous particles and we see mechanicity starting.

kabbalah Then follows the fourth cosmos, the Deuterocosmos, which has twelve igneous particles. This is how the law divides into twelve laws.

This is the Will of God - His creation. The Ray descends into lower and lower matter, and we find more complications and mechanicity.

When the Ray of Creation reaches the Astral Plane, the fifth cosmos, the Mesocosmos, the matter has twenty-four igneous particles.

In the Physical Plane, the sixth cosmos, the Microcosmos, there are forty-eight igneous particles, Hashim, Will powers - forty-eight laws to which the physical matter is submitted.

Below the physical world we find the opposite to the Heavens - the Infradimensions.

The matter is more dense, and we start with Limbo, under ninety-six laws, the seventh cosmos, the Tritocosmos.

Laws are created to balance the universe, but the Creator gave us Consciousness, souls, in order to decide whether we want to live, to dwell in any dimension we want.

In the Infradimensions we find other laws as well - more mechanicity.

We are intellectual animals. "Animal" comes from anima, which is Latin for "soul." Therefore, we are "a soul with intellect."

This soul develops through the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms, and utilizes that element called mind in order to be active in each kingdom. The soul evolves and the mind receives the properties it needs in order to serve as a vehicle of nature in each successive kingdom.

When the soul enters the human kingdom, then the mind becomes the intellectual mind (previously, it was irrational mind). As intellectual mind it is still mechanical, but it is given to the soul for the opportunity to jump and get out of that mechanism in which the soul is bottled up.

Whether we are in evolution or in devolution, we are just slaves of the mechanical laws of nature.


When we are evolving, the mind is being transformed, until we receive the intellect. The intellect is mind, but it is mind in the animal stage, not human.

Human comes from HUM related with Spirit and MANAS related to mind. The soul of a Real Human is no longer an intellectual ANIMA, that soul is a human anima, a human soul.

A real Human Being is a soul whose mind is under the service of the Spirit, not of the mechanical laws of nature. This mind commands nature, as God commands nature.

When the Consciousness is in the mineral, plant, animal, and humanoid kingdoms, the mind is under the service of nature, and the soul is utilizing that mind.

If we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we have to be "born again," we have to create another kind of matter that will be submitted to other laws (than nature).

In the animals, when they are fornicating, the sexual glands depend on the commands of the pituitary and pineal glands within the brain. This is completely instinctive, acting under the control of the mechanical mind. That mind acts according to the multiplication of nature. The animal follows its mind, dominated by its instincts, according to mechanical nature.

The potency of the sexual glands depends on the potency of the pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal and pituitary glands command the sexual glands in order for us to perform the sexual act. When anyone performs the sexual act, it is obvious that it is his mind acting through the brain controlling the sex. And then, following the instincts which are completely animal, that person fornicates, which is a completely normal act for the animals of nature.

But if we want to be born again we have "to deny ourselves." Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. - Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23 This means we must deny our own mechanical bestial nature, which is that mind or donkey that will push us to follow the mechanisms of nature. That mind is devolving, and is now ego, lust, anger, pride, laziness etc. Our Mind is no longer in the service of evolution, but of devolution.

Our reasoning is subjective and is related to the 48, 96 and more laws.

In Egypt we can find a statue of Hermes with his sexual member in a state of erection, with the words written on it: "Giver of Reasoning." Hermes is Mercury in the Roman pantheon. Mercury is in relation to the mind. Everything that is Hermetic, related to Hermes, is in relation to the Mind.

caduceus The Caduceus of Mercury has its analogy in the thermometer. According to the temperature of the body that mercury will rise in the thermometer, in different degrees.

Sex is giver of reasoning. We have mercury in our sexual organs, the Ens Seminis, the Mercury of Philosophy.

If we sublimate that mercury, it rises through the spinal column. This gives us the wings of the Spirit that permit us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven with objective reasoning. We will then possess a human mind, an individual mind, not like the collective mind (filled with lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, laziness, gluttony) we have now, which is related to the mechanical forces of nature.

Do not expect to obey God with the mind that we have now, because it is a mechanical mind of nature. After 108 returns into Limbo it will definitively enter into the sphere of Mercury. In the Klipothic Inferior Sphere of Mercury we find the people that enjoy spilling the semen as any animal.

The orgasm develops in the protoplasmic mind of every creature the Tail of Satan - the passionate tail. The tail is formed by all the passionate sexual fire from the coccyx pointing downwards towards the Infradimensions of nature. Everybody has this in the ego, which is 100% mind. The main food of the ego, of that mind that is devolving, is Fornication.

In the Klipothic Inferior Sphere of Mercury we find the Fallen bodhisattvas, the Fallen Angels.

When Adam and Eve fell into animal generation, they had their first son, which is the Intellectual Animal Mind - Cain. But the Spirit never liked the way that Cain was worshipping him, because Cain was a fornicator.

We have to kill Cain seven times seven times (the mind has 49 levels - the ego is hidden in all of these levels).

Abel is the Human Soul, the Consciousness that in ancient times was obeying the Spirit. But since Adam and Eve, or that humanity that fell into animal generation, Cain was born, and after Cain, Abel was subdued because of Cain, because of the animal mind. While Abel was trying to please God, so was Cain, but in relation to the mind. Abel tries to please God, but Cain, which is stronger, is also trying to please God, but always in the wrong way. So God does not like the way that Cain is trying to please him. Cain travels everywhere preaching about God, talking about the Bible, praying, does a lot of good, etc. Cain is a mystical mind who, when the night arrives, extracts the treasure of the earth from his body, meaning the sexual energy. And God doesn't like this. This is how Cain (the animal mind) kills Abel (the Consciousness).

Cain, the animal mind, has to be disintegrated in order to build the Human, the Real Man, the real Manas.

Cain dwells proud and conceited in the sphere of Mercury. Cain is teaching Black Tantrism. In the sphere of Mercury we find the worst of the Black Magicians that exist in the world. They are in the physical plane with a very strong intellect, convincing people, and they are of course cheating people, because when they start to speak they talk about wisdom, love, the awakening of the chakras, about God and the angels, etc., so nobody discovers them, because they speak beautifully. But slyly, they are teaching the black path. In a similar way, many people believe they are doing good, meanwhile they are following Cain, which is Satan in the mind.

So to be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven implies the activity of the Mercury, which is the sexual matter, in order to create the individual mind that will give origin to the Son of Man inside of us, the Son of the Individual Mind - The Real Human.


If this humanity continues willfully extracting the Mercury from their bodies, no matter how much they believe, no matter how much they love God in their hearts, God will not like that type of worship. Cain was always rejected. Cain is that mind which, through the brain, is commanding the sexual organs to fornicate, and justifying that action according to the mechanical laws of nature. Many (nearly all) books in the libraries written by Cain (the animal mind) justify animal Fornication.

Adam and Eve symbolize the Lemurian humanity, because in Lemuria, the beings that dwelt there had human minds. They were innocent. But with the fall of that humanity, Cain was born in each one of those individuals. And Cain was trying to please God by following the unconsciousness of nature. Cain tries to make of the mechanisms of nature a mysticism. Jesus said,

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. - Matthew 7:13-14

If we search for the Truth we will be liberated - the Truth is the 1 law, but first we have to be liberated from the 48 laws, then the 24 laws, then 12, etc. until we reach the first laws. But unfortunately, we are even submitted to 96 laws, and there are even many schools and philosophies that try to strengthen the animal mind. Instead of mind control what we need to do is disintegrate the mind, Cain.

In the sphere of Mercury there are a lot of people, angry, talking about how to enjoy sex, and imagining in their fantasy many ways to extract the sexual energy from their bodies - pornography exists there, and is created by them, the Black Lodge (which is everyone). The Black Lodge teaches the schools and everyone how to have "safe sex" - the intellectuals teach different types of garbage in order that the youth utilizes the mind and enjoys the sexual act, sexual pleasure. Even in the different sects of Christianity, they extract the mercury in their relationships. Lust is the original sin. Cain justifies Fornication in many ways, and even expects to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven by Fornication - this is what Cain thinks, but the facts are different.

If you want to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Superior Sphere of Mercury, you need to create a human mind. The wings of the Angels are the symbol of Chastity, meaning that the creatures of heaven do not extract the mercury of the secret philosophy from their bodies, they sublimate that mercury.

bodies Everything that is of the matter of nature is submitted to the laws of nature, evolution and devolution. The soul is dressed in the matter of nature, and so evolves and devolves accordingly. If you create the Solar Bodies, the Solar Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies, individual Human Bodies, you will be free from the mechanisms of nature. This mechanicity will not influence your soul - but right now we are submitted to those mechanical laws. The soul is here in the physical body, and is submitted to 48, 96 and more laws, with this physical body, whether we like it or not. And if we have lust, anger, pride, vanity etc. - all of these defects are submitted to lower laws, 96 laws, 192 laws etc. The Consciousness is submitted to more mechanicity, which is related to the mechanical laws of devolution and evolution.

The world of 24, 12, 6 etc. laws have nothing to do with evolution and devolution - the mechanicity of the Wheel of Samsara starts with this physical body, in the world of 48 laws. Physically we born, grow, we die and are reborn. And also the animal mind that we have within evolves and devolves but on a larger time scale - but we have to create bodies that are immortal, bodies that are submitted to 24 laws, which is the first body out of the realm of evolution and devolution. The Astral Electronic Body is the Mystic Body.

Karma exists in all the different spheres. The Wheel of Samsara is related to the grosser aspects of karma. There is Katancia, superior karma, that saints, prophets, awakened masters etc. should not break, these are holy laws - Heaven is controlled by superior karma, which is related to the Will of God, whereas here the karma is mechanical - people are paying here for what they ignore because they are asleep.

Karma is an immortal law that exists in every sphere, except the Absolute.

The Wheel of Samsara is related with the physical karma, or with the karma of mechanicity, because we are asleep.

In the Astral Plane we have a type of karma that we have to overcome, but this is not the same type of karma that is related to the physical plane.



ImageIn order to comprehend the Sphere of Venus, we have to understand the different dimensions in relation to the Tree of Life.

According to the Tree of Life, the Sphere of Venus is related to Tiphereth, the world of the Human Soul, where we find the Malachim - Hebrew for "Kings and Queens."

In Christianity, Venus is related to the Principalities, those beings above the Archangels.

The Astral Plane is the world of Angels.

In the Mental Plane we find the world of the Archangels.

In the Sphere of Venus, which is the Causal World, the world of Willpower, we find the Principalities. This is the Electronic world, in which we find the Monads.

The Monad is a trio of Spirit, Divine Soul, Human Soul.

Image The Electronic world begins there. The Monad is related to other dimensions above Tiphereth, but now we talk of the lower part of that Monad that is called Human Soul. That human soul which has to be incarnated - the human soul has to descend, it has to incarnate into the physical body in order that we have the right to be called human beings.

In Theosophy, the Human Soul is called Superior Manas, the Causal body, superior mind, Superior Man.

Below this we find the inferior mind.

So we have two minds: one superior and another inferior.

But both minds are something that we have to create in the Ninth Sphere, Yesod.

The mind that the Intellectual Animas have at the moment is in a Lunar State. The moon is related with the mechanicity of nature, with the mechanical laws. Any animal has within itself, mind and emotions, vehicles that are related to the mechanisms of nature.

We have the opportunity to create individual, particular, immortal bodies, that do not belong to the mechanisms of nature, but that will be related to the will of God. All that which Gnostic Kabbalah studies is how to do the Will of God.

The Lord's Prayer states: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

This Heaven is the Heaven of Venus, where the Will of God is being done, because God is our own particular Spirit, our own particular Monad, our own Being. God, our Monad, our Spirit, has two souls: the Divine Soul that is always with Him, which is his Divine Consciousness, and his Human Consciousness. This Human Consciousness, this essence that the Monad created, has all the experiences that we have had from the mineral kingdom until we gain the level of human being. That knowledge, that Consciousness, is there with the Monad, in the Electronic world, in Heaven, and our goal is to incarnate it.

But who are we? If the Human Soul is there in the Heaven of Venus with our Monad, then who are we?

We are part of the Human Soul. This part is called the Embryo of the Soul, or the Consciousness, or what conventional religion would call the soul, but it is not a complete soul, just part of it. In Zen Buddhism this part is called Buddhata. The Buddhata is part of the Buddha, the Monad. Each one of us has his own Buddha. Our Monad, Buddha, sends part of himself into physical existence, into the physical body. But for our disgrace this Buddhata is bottled up within lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, laziness, vanity etc.

That's why when we practise Meditation; through the technique of Meditation we learn how to take that Buddhata, that essence, which is part of the Human Soul, out of the bottle of the intellect, which is the same ego, then that soul, that Buddhata escapes through the pineal gland and enjoys for a moment the happiness of being united with the Spirit, with the Buddha, with our own individual God. This experience is what we call ecstasy, Samadhi or rapture. But that Buddhata, which is part of the Human Soul, has the duty according to the Cosmic Law to perform the work under the direction of the Monad, in the physical body. So therefore after experiencing the ecstasy it has to return into the bottle (physical body) again. There is a job to perform, there is work to do, which is to perform the Will of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

There are creatures in the sixth dimension and all of them perform the Will of their own particular, individual God. They act under the direction of their own Being. Of course, every single Monad works in accordance with the Law, with the Cosmic Law; because each Monad is a part of the Absolute. That is why we say in Heaven there is happiness, because none of those Monads break the Law, all of them act according to the will in each one of their human souls, so the will of God is performed in Heaven. In Heaven it is always done.

The Will of God in heaven is Action-Will, in which each one of the Monads, or the Principalities, those Angels that live in that level, act and perform their own mission. Action-Will is the performing of our own work in harmony with the other forces, the other beings, in the great laboratory of God, which is in Heaven.

Of course we are talking here only in relation to those beings who created the Causal body, the beings who built the Superior Mind.

The Causal body is called the Superior Mind because it is a kind of Mind that acts, that obeys, the will of God, the action, the will of the Being.

But inferior mind, which is below the Causal body, is that mind which analyses things, and is very slow.

Reasoning is a faculty that does not allow us to comprehend the Innermost. We are accustomed to that.

In order to be born again, we need to be born in Heaven; we need to create the electronic bodies. This Kingdom begins in the Astral Plane, when we create the Solar Astral body, the body of superior emotions. To be born in the mental plane we have to create the Solar Mental body. To be born in the world of will power, the world of Venus we have to create the Superior Mind, the Causal body.

When we are twice born individuals then we learn how to do the Will of God, the Will of our Being. This is what the Principalities do, in the Heaven of Venus.

It is said that the Heaven of Venus is the Heaven of Music, Art, because everything is harmony, performed according to the Will of God, through Tiphereth, "Beauty."

Those Beings from the Heaven of Venus incarnate - the Principalities sometimes reincarnate in physical bodies - when they incarnate with all of their electronic bodies within a physical body, they are great messengers, and their physical body obeys them; in other words, they perform the Will of God in Heaven and also in Earth.

The Will of God in Heaven is Action-Will, in accordance with the hierarchies, and the will of God in Earth, the physical body, is Sensation-Willpower - to act with the Will of the Monad in harmony with the Cosmic Laws. It is when the Monad is acting in the physical body, when is transforming perfectly all of the sensations; that is called esoterically - the Being-Partkdolg-Duty.

The Being-Partkdolg-Duty is His action-willpower in the physical body in a 100% perfect way, perfectly acting through the physical body, and this is what we call Sensation-Willpower (or, in other worlds, "Willpower over Sensation").

If you observe how our physical body is related to the physical world, you will see that we are related through sensations. Without sensations we would not be in contact with the physical world.

We have five physical senses. Words as vibrations, waves, cause sensations, go into the brain, and there is something there that is analyzing, or taking these impressions, in order to place them within your Consciousness, within yourself. Within, you have the impressions because you receive the sensations.

The element that takes those impressions in order to transform them perfectly is called Consciousness, when that element is awakened. Unfortunately we also have that element that is called personality which is not of the Consciousness. Personality is created in accordance with time, education, circumstances, and inheritance. So, most of the time, we transform lectures, knowledge, words, books in accordance with our personality. Everybody takes the impressions of the same lectures, knowledge, words, books in different ways when they are using their personality, the "bad secretary."

If you do not like the words you hear or read, then an ego will act through the personality and interpret the words according to the circumstances. If you are angry you interpret the words in one way, if you like the words and are happy, you will interpret the words in another way. In other words, the Consciousness, the Buddhata, that element that we have to use in order to do the work that we have to do, is not working. Or, in other words, it is acting in accordance with the ego, in accordance with the personality, and is a victim of the sensations.

So the sensations that we receive through the five senses are not being controlled by God, the Monad, but by the Devil, the ego. The Devil in this case is lust, anger, pride, greed etc. The ego acts through the personality that we have. It is very rare when the Buddhata, the essence, transforms all the sensations in accordance to the Will of God. Not only the visual and sound sensations: we also receive touch sensations through the skin; through our nose we receive smell sensations, etc.

The most powerful sensations that the physical body receives in this physical world are the sexual sensations related with the sense of touch, because the sexual organs are the most powerful organs related to sensitivity. The type of sensation that the sexual organ produces in the physical body is very strong, and the sensation that gives pleasure to the Consciousness. Of course, to transform this sensation incorrectly, or any type of sensations when they are entering into the body, is to not perform the Will of God. The Will of God is the right transformation of all of the sensations that are entering into the physical body. "Thy will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven."

But if you observe, you will see that any of the five sensations are going into your ego, and your behavior in this physical world is in relation to your ego and not the Will of God. Everyone is acting in accordance to the Will of the ego, or in other words to the Will of Desire. Desire is the identification with any sensation. Desire wants to repeat the sensation again and again, without taking into account the Will of God. This is what is meant by the Bible when it says the serpent, which is a symbol of the sexual instinct, gave to Eve the opportunity to feel the sexual sensation, or that which is called orgasm. Of course, when Eve and Adam felt that sensation, they desired to repeat that sensation again - that "desiring to repeat the same sensation" is what is called LUST.

Any Principality that takes a physical body in the physical world will always perform the sexual act with the permission of the Will of God - and within the sexual act all of the sensations of pleasure that they are feeling are transformed immediately in favor of the Spirit, in order to put sex under the direction of the Being. In other words, the physical body, which is the Devil, and his sensations, will obey the Will of God. But who in this world, when they are performing the sexual act, is thinking of God? - the majority are always identified with the demon of lust that we have within. And this is how we perform that which we call Sensation-Desire.

Incidentally, we say the physical body is the Devil but one must understand that the insticintive intelligence which organizes the functioning of the body does belong to the Monad. However, that intelligence is called ImagePluto in Greek; he is Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, who tempts through sensation. Therefore, in synthesis, we say that the physical body is the Devil who tempts through sensation.

According to the Greek Mysteries, the Divine Mother Nature "Ceres," sister of Jupiter (IO-Peter), was the mother of Persephone (the Consciousness). Pluto (the instinctive intellegence of the physical body) abducted Persephone (the consciusness when in her devolving process). Jupiter (the Monad), who happened also to be the father of Persephone, releases Persephone from the dark kingdom of the underworld (from Klipoth 108 times). So, Persephone was allowed to spend half of each year (each life) in the light of day, on the surface of the Earth with her mother (nature), and the other half in (Limbo) the underworld, where she reigned as Queen of the Underworld alongside her husband the God Pluto (who controls the subconsciousness).

Returning to our theme, there are two types of sensations. When the Being performs the Will of God on earth as in Heaven, he always does it as Sensation-Will Power. But when the Soul is not performing the Will of God on earth, this Soul is performing Sensation-Desire.

When someone is performing Sensation-Desire, they are performing Evil Will, what is called Self-Will, which is not the Will of God. Of course, the root of desire is sensation, and the root of the ego is desire itself. The ego itself is that continuous desire of repeating and repeating the same sensations without taking into account the Will of God, or the Will of the Being, the Spirit.

If we remember in Genesis, Jehovah said,
Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat, but for the Tree of Knowledge, thou shall not eat of it. For in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die... - Genesis 2:16-17
This is the Monad talking to the Human Soul:
In the middle of your body are your sexual organs, and you have to perform the sexual act under my direction, and the day that you perform the sexual act without my permission, only by your own will, I will die in you, or you will die for me, because you will perform your own will. You will create within you another will, which will not be my will, but self-ego will, that in other words is desire.
So when the man ate of the fruit, when he performed the sexual act without the Will of God, he reached the orgasm, and that sensation created lust, which is the evil will, the desire to repeat that sensation.

That lust which is sexual desire, the desire of repeating the sexual sensation of orgasm, is in us. And is always pushing us to repeat the same thing.

What is a sin? A sin is the breaking of the Will of God. Of course, our own God within has his own Will, and we have to try to perform this Will, but we are asleep - the Buddhata is bottled up within the ego, so we have to discover how to do the Will of God now.

That is why the great avatars, the great messengers, brought to the earth the rules, the written law, for those that are incapable of being touched by his own Being into following his own will. Now we have to follow the written law -Moses brought the Ten Commandments. These are the Will of God - we have to follow these, and the main one is: "You shall not fornicate," because that is the beginning of the breaking of the law. And to start to perform the Will of God on earth in different steps, we begin by analysing, by comprehending the ego, which is desire. Every single ego inside of us is desire, and is rooted in Sensation-Desire.

For instance, women, like to be praised. "How nice, how beautiful you are," etc. Women will do anything in this world, through diet, clothing, etc to show their beauty, in order to receive that praise from others. When you receive that praise, you feel a nice sensation - what is that sensation? We are slaves of what others think of us. If they say good things, then we feel the sensation of feeling better, and what is that? Vanity? We would say that is pride, to feel good because of praise. But when we say "Oh, I know I am pretty," or "I am handsome" - that is vanity. And that sensation of feeling that you are pretty, that you are handsome, you are feeling and feeding your ego of vanity. God is humbleness, but we like to be praised.

What is gluttony? The desire of feeling something that is tasty, that we like. Horrible drinks give horrible sensations, and so you do not desire them, but foods that you like, you like the sensations that they produce, and you eat a lot of them, satisfying your gluttony, wanting to repeat the sensations over and over.

We know that we have to be in contact with our Being, and take the spiritual substance from the food, and we practice the mantram KRIM in order to make of eating a ceremony - but it is very seldom that we do that, because most of the time we are just identified with our gluttony, sometimes not even gluttony but vanity because we eat things that won't make us too fat, etc. We do not care about the nutrition of our physical body - we do not realize that the body is just a vehicle that we have to feed in order to take advantage of it. But the body is taking advantage of us, because we are slaves of the sensations of eating. And whenever we cannot satisfy the physical sensations then we are frustrated, and demand the sensations that we like.

We want our partners to talk nicely to us, we want to receive nice sensations, and when they do not talk to us gently, then we are upset, frustrated that we cannot receive the pleasant sensations and thus we react angrily (frustrated desire). Furthermore, that demand for sensation may be so strong it is transformed into violence and then into resentment, which becomes hatred.

And you are demanding others to serve you, and then you create a lot of stupidities.

There are some religions that satisfy some kinds of desires. Religions should not satisfy desires, sensations, but unfortunately they are doing that, the type of ego that likes to feel it is saved, to feel that sensation that it gets when feeling "saved," etc.

If you observe the desire for the sensation of feeling secure, strong - you like that sensation, that feeling, "I am strong, powerful, and can accumulate a lot of money," etc. You covet money and become greedy because you want to be powerful on the earth. To be "powerful on the earth" is to feel the sensation of being powerful - but to be powerful in this way is to be far from the Being, not at all performing the Will of the Being on earth.

Christianity and Judaism these days do not fulfil the Ten Commandments but only their own desires.

We need a super effort from within, and that effort comes from inside when you work for your soul, your Human Soul. When you start comprehending that you have to do Sensation Will Power - which is to perform the Will of God on earth in your physical body, and to study very profoundly the Ten Commandments. And what is better is to awaken, and to be in contact with your God, and your God will tell you, "This is the way you have to do things, you have this ego that is breaking my law, and this is what you have to do next to do my will."

If the Will of our God is performed then the planet will be a paradise, but it is not the Will of God to force other people to think in our way, by force or even intellectually by very subtle ways. You have always to respect others even though the will of people is Evil Will because that is one of the rules of God, respect. We must teach but respect the views of others, because every human body is the vehicle of a soul that has to obey the Will of its Inner Being, God. And it is the duty of the Monad in that soul to do it, and nobody can do it for that soul, only themselves.

If we obey the Will of God we go into Heaven. That is why it is said that the souls that perform Good go to Heaven; however we would state those that perform good Will. So long as we do not perform this duty we are going to return again and again with Karma.

Image When a person only cares about his own will, meaning that they live only for the satisfaction of their own desires, for the satisfaction of any type of sensations, in other words also the sexual sensations, it is obvious that they are being divorced little by little from their own Being, because they are not doing His will. And in each life they are building and building more ego which will demand more sensations, which will cause more desire, because ego lives and sustains itself through sensations. Therefore it is always striving for sensations, and that is called desire. "I want..."

Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy finds that in the Third Sphere below the surface of the earth, in the infradimensions of nature, he finds the Sphere of Venus, exactly the contrary of the Heaven of Venus. In the Heaven of Venus, all the Beings there are performing the Will of God, the Will of their own Being. But in the infradimension, all the souls are performing their own will, they are there just performing the satisfaction of their own desires, sensations, divorced completely from the Will of their God.

Image And he found Cerberus in that sphere, the three-headed dog, a clear symbol of the animal instincts, directly related with the sexual sensations. This dog was licking every soul that entered that sphere, with a lot of love, but if any soul wanted to leave from there, immediately the dog became vicious. No soul was allowed to leave. This is a very pestilent region, with Cerberus barking incessantly at every moment.

Dante also found the gluttons in that region, and all of those souls that enjoy orgies, banquets. This is the place that those souls go to that are related to these kinds of psychological aggregates. This region is controlled by 284 laws, in comparison with this physical world that is controlled by 48 laws.

The people there are just living under Sensation Desire. The three heads are a symbol of the three brains - Intellectual (in head), Emotional (from heart to the navel), and Motor-Instinctive-Sexual (all the spinal column, the instincts which are in the coccyx, and the sexual organs).

Image The ego, or desire, acts through the three brains.

In relation to sex there is:
  • Sensation Desire in the Sexual Center is in the sexual organs
  • in the Motor Brain there are many sexual abuses
  • in the Emotional Brain acting through many ways.

In these times people enjoy the Sensation Desire of lust when they are watching pornographic movies. Through this activity, all the sexual energy is being wasted in the emotional brain.
In the intellect, lasciviousness destroys the sexual energy, as does the enjoyment of morbid conversations, degenerated conversations.

Lust, which is the root of desire, acts through the three brains.

The orgasm is the origin of the ego, the sexual sensation.

There are souls that live just for sensations - "don Juan, Casanova" - men that like to seduce women. They just like to seduce them for the sexual act, they do not want anything to do with the heart. The women are so identified with the heart, but those "don Juans" just live for the sexual act. There are women who like to this too.

In ancient times there was platonic love - love not related to sex. A couple could have been in love just through the heart, through certain sensations of the heart. Sometimes they didn't even know each other. They got to know each other after writing and sending each other things, perfumed letters, etc.

But in this day and age, if you observe your heart, what you want to do is satisfy the desires of your heart, the sensation of feeling great. There are many who are married merely because they are satisfying the desires of their heart, which have nothing to do with love. They want security - to feel security because the wife or husband has a lot of money. Or the surname of the spouse is held in high esteem. They will only marry people that their family approves of, of the right calibre, etc., or that will advance their social situation. These people are married in the heart, not because of real love, but because of vanity or pride, in order to impress others etc,. to satisfy their parents. They marry people that they do not love, and so they betray their own heart, they are betraying their own God because of Sensation-Desire through the heart.

There are very cold marriages related to the mind.

The sexual problem of this present humanity lies on the fact that each time we come to this earth we do it in order to satisfy sexual sensation, Sensation Desire in the Sphere of Nahemah (passion, Adultery, prostitution), thus the Sensation-Desire is being increased and increased; until we are living just for it. People that are satisfying the sexual desire, the sensation desire, so much, become so bored with the opposite sex within the vicious circle of Nahemah that they become interested in their own sex, and become homosexual, thus they enter into the Circle of Lilith (sexual violence against their own bodies). Once in the Circle of Lilith, they physically die and return into a new body and their lust is no longer interested in the opposite sex, it is so big that their protoplasmic bodies, already devolving, distort the vital energy that enters into the physical body and even dislocate the hormones of the endocrine system. Their physical body creates another kind of hormone; if the body is masculine, the body creates female hormones, and vice versa in the female bodies. This is how the degenerated psyche starts lusting after the people of their own gender.

The problem with this is that it is even creating a particular psychology, because that lust not only acts through the motor-instinctive-sexual brain but through the emotional and the intellectual brain. Emotionally, they are dislocated. They say they love, but it is not love, they want to just satisfy the sexual sensation through their heart as well.

And because they are already degenerated and dislocated they create their own psychology and say "God created us like that" - they ignore that the Will of God will not create such things. The soul is satisfying the Sensation Desire of the Devil, and that Devil is lust in them that was being satisfied in many lives and now is satisfying itself in another way, because it is the only thing that they want. They satisfy that Sensation Desire through the motor-instinctive-sexual brain, through the emotional brain, and through the intellectual brain, and they create a new psychology - and these types of people are organised in these times, they have their own logic according to their own sensations.

But God has nothing to do with it, because they are completely divorced from their own Being. They are not doing Sensation-Will Power, which is to obey the Will of God in your physical body. So those beings are completely divorced from their Inner God.

In these times, most of humanity is absorbed within Sensation-Desire and is very marked in gluttony, and also in drugs, because drugs are very popular in these times: cocaine, heroin, marijuana. Why? Simply because they give a sensation that pleases your ego. Why do people like to drink alcohol? Because the sensation of inebriation is a sensation that the ego likes. The same with drugs. Pleasure.

They are slaves of the sensations of the Devil. The Devil in this case is the physical body that we have to control.

Image Dante states that in the Third Sphere of Venus, there was a lot of pestilence, meaning that it smelled very bad. Why? When you drink in the night, the next morning you feel the barking of that dog in your head. Headaches, feeling rotten. Bad breath. Also the people who smoke. They smell of that drug. They enjoy the sensation of smoking. They smell of that degeneration. There are so many perfumes these days because people stink.

We smell because we eat garbage, take drugs, fornicate. This humanity stinks.

If you go to the Third Sphere in hell, all the souls there stink, because that odor is coming from their own psyche. The ego of lust stinks, and when it is very strong in the physical body it is even exhuding through the pores of the body.

Why does that sphere stink? Because they continue with the same behavior.

They continue fornicating, drinking, in that inferno - still doing the same things, living in that pigsty. Everything in that sphere is related with gluttony, overfilling oneself. This is very common in this humanity.

We want to perform the Will of God; in order to enter into the Heaven of Venus we have to annihilate the Sensation-Desire 100% and do the Will of God on earth. If we think that we are going to go to heaven just because we believe in God, then we are mistaken, because we have all of this filthiness within, all of this lust, anger, gluttony etc. Lust really stinks. We are mistaken, and we stink, and we must cleanse ourselves.

In this day and age we find a lot of sexual misuse amongst the followers of the religions, and so they are not doing the Will of God.

It is impossible to perform the Will of God if we are asleep, if we are a slave of the ego.

The Sphere of Venus in Hell is manifest within us here when the soul is a victim of Sensation-Desire, when it is no longer performing the Will of God.




The study of the Law of the Cosmic Common Trogo-Auto-ego-Cratic is the Law of the Reciprocal Nourishment of all the Species or Living Entities in the Universe.

We have to use our imagination and understanding in order to comprehend that this law is related with the Sun, or with that in Kabbalistic terms we call the Ain Soph Aur, in other words, in esoteric terms, we can term the Solar Absolute.

The Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute, is related with every single sun in the universe, all the suns that we find in space.

The Ain Soph Aur organises and balances all of the forces in all solar systems of the universe through the physical suns as it does it in our solar system through its sun Ors.

Image Our sun is among the seven main planets, which the ancients talk about in astrology. The ancients also knew about the other planets of our Solar System, but they only study the seven main ones when studying the Law of Seven. Indeed, we know that there are twelve planets rotating around the sun.

But when we talk about the heavens of the different religions of the Tree of Life we always talk about nine planets.

The Sun is the fourth among them: whether we talk of the seven planets, or of the nine planets we always find the sun as the fourth planet.

Esoteric Astrology studies the planets in relation with the distance from the sun to the earth, thus, we find that:

The moon is the first, because it is the nearest. Esoterically we say that the moon is the mother of the earth. The moon and earth are considered one. The moon is related to Monday (�moon-day').

Then we find the second planet, in relation to the distance from the sun to the earth, this is the planet Mercury. Therefore, the second day according to esoteric astrology is Wednesday (Woden's day).

The third planet is Venus - Friday (Freya's day).

So, between the sun and the earth there are no more planets, so, we have to come to the Sun as the number four (sun-day).

Then we go to the other side of the sun, and we find Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune etc.

When we talk about magical or esoteric works we have to follow the position of the planets, not the day according to our calendar, which are (actually deliberately) mistakenly recorded. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. is the wrong order. This is why present horoscopes are worthless.

So when we talk of the fourth planet we always talk of the Sun.

Let us now study the Heaven (Superior Dimensions) and the Hell (Inferior Dimensions) of the Sun.

Image Dante speaks of the Nine Infernos related to the nine known planets.

The Law of the Reciprocal Nourishment of all the Species can be rephrased as the law of "to-swallow and to-be-swallowed."

Matter transforms into energy and energy transform into matter.

In the Astral Plane, if we project ourselves consciously in the Astral body and travel to the Sun, the center of our solar system, we can descend into the Infradimension, into the infernos of our star that we call the Sun.

Every single cosmic unit, whether it is a sun or planet or comet, always has nine Supradimensions and nine Infradimensions, which are shown in the Tree of Life above and below Malkuth, which in this case is the physical aspect of that given cosmic unit.

So, clairvoyantly in the internal planes or dimensions, we will see that in the infernos of the sun there is not a single demon, not a single soul in penance or in punishment.

Another thing would be to descend into the Infradimensions of this planet Earth, where we will see a growing population of sinful souls, demons. Not only in the planet Earth but in the infernos of the different planets we will find demons - but we will never find them within any sun.

The hells are full of the demon-souls, full of defects, errors, vices, etc. This is the habitat of the degenerated souls, in every single planet's infernos.

The earth's infernos are over-populated, but in the other different planets it is not as bad as this planet. There are billions of souls in this planet's infernos. But in the sun's infernos there is not a single demon, there is not a single sinful soul. All of the creatures of the Sun, whether they are from the mineral, vegetable, animal, or human kingdom, are in a perfect state - there is no degeneration. The humanity of the sun is composed of Solar men.

Solar men male and female are creatures in the image of God, where the Being, the Monad who is always in Heaven is in them, that Angel is incarnated and is made flesh.

In the Gospel of John we read of the Word, the Christ-Word made flesh in the body of Jesus, and we saw his greatness, beauty and holiness; God in flesh. Not only Jesus incarnated Christ, or God, in his body, but many other Avatars have done this.

In the Sun all of the human beings are Solar men, they have incarnated Christ, all of them are vehicles of the Light "Ain Soph Aur."

When we talk of the sun we always wonder if the sun is a ball of fire: how is it possible that they are living there? This is because of the ignorance of the intellectual animals called "scientists" on this planet earth - saying that the sun is hydrogen in constant explosion, helium etc.

The Gnostics state that the sun is just as is this planet, the Earth, with four kingdoms. The sun has fire, water, air and earth - it has a mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom.

Of course, we have to comprehend that when we observe the Sun we mainly see the vibration of the kingdom of metals. Cosmically speaking, among minerals the group of metals is a separate group. A little bit beyond the kingdom of metals there exists a certain very rare type of matter that has closer contact with the Ain Soph Aur.

So, the kingdom of metals from that planet, the Sun, is composed of all the veins of metals on that planet. These veins are within the Infradimensions, within that planet, the veins of gold, the veins of all the metals. In terms of size, only one vein of that planet is bigger than the whole planet Earth. We have to imagine that the magnetism and electricity of the metals in the veins of the sun is tremendously powerful; that is why we see the Sun as a great ball of fire.

Samael Aun Weor stated:
At the threshold of a door in hell, Dante saw (written in black letters) the following terrible worlds:
THROUGH me you pass into the city of woe:
Through me you pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people lost for aye.
Justice the founder of my fabric moved:
To rear me was the task of power divine, Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.
Before me things created were none, save things Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
The subterranean layers of the earth represent the Kingdom of Minerals (lithosphere). The Kingdom of Metals is the barisphere that envelops a heart of incredible density and frightful inertia.

We must make a clear distinction between the Mineral Kingdom and the Kingdom of Metals.

Among Minerals, the group of Metals is a Cosmic separated group. A little bit beyond the Kingdom of Metals there exists a certain very rare type of matter that has closer contact with the Absolute.

We must comprehend profoundly that the Almighty Holy One abides behind the Kingdom of Metals. The Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the Inferno; but, what is beyond the Inferno? It is clear that beyond the Inferno, behind the Kingdom of Metals, the Absolute is found. -
Quoted from The Doomed Aryan Race

Image Using the Russian Kirlian camera - for auras - we can take beautiful photos of pieces of leaves, fingertips of people, around coins etc. We find there is always light, like fire, blue, yellow, orange colours around the material things that are photographed. Of course in Russia, this kind of energy was called the Bio-Plastic body, which is an energetic body around any matter.

Any matter has this magnetism, electricity.

This surrounding energy is that which we call the aura. This camera photographs the fourth dimension of the physical body, or of the physical matter.

The so-called aura, or ethereal body, is not new to the scientists, but they call it Bio-Plastic. Of course this is very old knowledge for the Initiates of Gnostic Kabbalah.

Anything radiates this aura - but what radiates a lot of this energy are metals. The colours of the planets that you see coming from the planets are the electricity, magnetism, coming from the kingdoms of that planet, but particularly from the mineral kingdom, from the metals of the veins that run in that planet. If we compare the veins of the planets with the human nervous system we will advance in our understanding.

The sexual relationship between metals is related with magnetism and electricity. It is known that metals are united, sexually-speaking, through magnetism and electricity.

If we descend to the center of the earth we will find that copper is the metal in relationship with many metals. The radiation of copper in other metals is related to the evolving and devolving forces of nature.

If we apply the positive force to copper we discover that the law of evolving forces of copper start to develop in relation to other metals.

If we apply the negative force to copper we discover that the law of devolving forces of copper start to develop in relation to other metals.

If we apply the neutral force to copper we discover the stabilizing forces among the metals.

Copper is in relation to the Three Forces, Positive, Negative and Neutral, within the veins of the earth. Copper stabilizes the evolving, devolving and neutralising forces in every single planet.

Indeed, what we see from the sun is the tremendous radiation of the metallic veins of gold, iron, copper, silver, and all those metals that exist within the veins of every single planet. All of the kingdoms of the sun are perfect. There is not a degenerate or devolving force. Everything is in activity, and the radiation is tremendous.

On this earth, we use copper for transmission of electricity, and many other metals, but copper is special.

So what we see inside the atmosphere of this planet Earth, when we look towards the sun, is the radiation of the mineral kingdom, plant, animal, and human kingdoms of the sun.

But if you go out of our atmosphere and look towards the sun, you will not see any fire, because those radiations of the four kingdoms of the sun, when they enter the earth, are transformed into colour, heat, sound and light. But you know that outside of the atmosphere there is darkness.

When you see the videos of astronauts floating in space you do not see light, but everything is in darkness. Why, if the sun is fire, is there darkness in space? Why do they need to use those special spacesuits to protect themselves from the cold of space? Obviously if they are in our atmosphere they need less clothing.

If we go to Mount Everest it is very cold, but to the hot coasts there is heat - but logic says that if you go up you will get warmer, however it is the contrary.

So those theories that study the sun from the point of view that it is fire are just ignorant theories made by learned ignoramuses. If you learn how to travel in the Astral body you will see that the sun is not a ball of fire. It is just a planet like the earth.

The inhabitants of the sun accomplish that duty called the Being-Partkdolg-Duty. This is the perfect transformation of all the energies and forces of the universe; Perfect Balance.

So any creature that can transform all of those forces perfectly - not only physically, but also vital, emotional forces, mental, volitive, conscious, spiritual forces - is accomplishing the Being-Partkdolg-Duty.

Only the Being, the Monad, is capable of this perfect transformation, through its vehicle which is, in this case, the perfect human being made in the image of God. That is why the sun is the center of the solar system and equilibrates all of the forces of this solar system.

The radiation of the mineral, plant, animal, human kingdoms goes into every single planet, and when these forces go into the atmosphere they transform into light, color, heat, sound. Therefore every single planet sustains itself thanks to that radiation.

But within the atmosphere, within the crust of the earth, we find different elements, simple and compound - in the atmosphere we find hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and many other simple elements which are bombarded by the solar energy which forces them to multiply and to form that which we call light, and all the elements that we need to survive physically as human beings. This happens not only on earth, but on all the planets of our solar system.

The compounds also receive the solar energy. In which way does the solar energy travel? The solar energy travels in space in packages of energy which are called quanta. The quantum phenomenon is something that has been studied a lot but is still just beginning to be understood.

The quanta move at the speed of light in space, but when they penetrate matter they move at different speeds according to the atom or molecule to which they are submitted. Every single atom has the duty to transform that solar energy, to transform it and return it to the sun.

The magnetism and electricity of the quantum phenomena of the solar light in the different elements of nature is the law that sustains the different planets, because in the very center of the gravity of this planet you find the transformation of the forces.

So the earth receives and gives.

Mars receives and gives.

Every single unit in this solar system receives energy from the sun and returns this energy to the sun.

That is what we call the Cosmic Common Trogo-Auto-ego-Cratic law.

This is the reciprocal nourishment of the planets.

In this law every single unit of each planet is involved. This is the law that balances the forces.
Every single mineral or atom of every metal accomplishes a certain mission, which is to transform certain vibrations which are coming from that King Star, which is the Sun, at the center of the solar system.

There are different vibrations and radiations - when a radiation is being sent out from the sun the scientists see that as an explosion of fire, or hydrogen. This energy is shown as tremendous flames that are sent into space. But of course they are not physical flames, they are flames of energy (Solar Wind) that are coming from certain parts of that star, and sent into space in order to sustain the planets.

But there are different kinds of radiations from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, etc. And the planets need certain species or elements in order to trap those forces, to transform those forces and return the forces.

That's why we find in the earth the different types of minerals, plants, animals etc. They are all necessary.

Of course the planets are different sizes, and are different distances from the sun, because among the planets also there is that law of reciprocal nourishment of forces - because in the final synthesis we have to state that the whole solar system is one whole organism, whose main organ is the sun. The sun is like the heart of this organism. Mars is like the liver. Saturn like the stomach, etc.

Astrologically we see the difference in the forces - of how each planet is related with certain forces necessary for the development and nourishment of this solar system/ organism.

Of course in each planet you find intelligences that control those forces - in this planet Earth, for instance. The Hindus call them Gods, those that control the forces entering the earth. In Christianity they are called Angels, Archangels, etc.

Those Beings are Intelligent Creatures that know how to control forces in every single unit in the solar system.

The main ones are in the Sun, because the Sun is the one that organises that law of economy, the law that balances the forces.

Image Every single Master, Angel, God or Being that is related with this law, is always symbolised by the scale. Many artists always paint Michael, the Genie of the Sun, with a sword and a scale. Michael is the Archangel that governs the sun and under his command there are legions of beings, creatures that control that law.

When we investigate the different catastrophes that are happening on earth in these times then you understand that we are breaking this law of balance. All the forces in nature in this time are in disequilibrium, due to the ignorance of all the intellectual animals that exist in this present humanity.

We always break this law. We ignore that every single element is accomplishing the transformation of the forces that we are talking of. The pollution that is occurring is the outcome of ignorance.

That compound element called water is in abundance in this planet. (On Venus there is only one ocean there, but it is three times deeper than any ocean of this earth.) On this planet we have many rivers, lakes etc. and to our disgrace they are polluted. So when the element water is polluted, which is the main one of this earth, it is obvious that the forces that are coming from the sun and the planets and other stars are causing terrible catastrophes, because they try to equilibrate themselves when they try to enter, but we are polluting the waters.

Another main element is petroleum, oil - this exists within the earth, not because of the greed of humans that extract this to make business, but of course there is a reason for it being there. Not only do we extract this element from the earth, but we squander this element on the surface.

We pollute the waters with tankers that spill oil - these elements should not be mixed, and so they are not accomplishing their main mission in the planet which is to attract certain forces, because they are mixed, polluted. Oil and water do not mix.

The petroleum that we use for many things - mainly in gasoline - pollutes the atmosphere, in smog, and so is already altering the different vibrations and radiations that are coming from space. In some parts of earth, the solar radiation is dangerous, and instead of being a blessing for the kingdoms, it is damnation.

Rockets that are sent to the moon, into space, create huge explosions when they take off, and are altering the atmosphere. As a result the outer layer of the atmosphere is dangerous.

Dante Alighieri, the Great Master, wrote The Divine Comedy for the human beings as a guide to perfection, however when academics study this book they only read it as a work of literature, but it is a guide - they ignore it is a book like the Bible.

When Dante Alighieri describes the Fourth Sphere of Hell that is related with the sun, he describes two types of being that are suffering - the squanderers and the monopolizers, which are related with avarice, greed, which are those main defects that we have in our psyche related to the crime of altering the economic balance, or the economic scale of nature and the cosmos.

Image If we think this life is a hell, we should remember that the physical world is only under 48 cosmic laws. When the soul descends into that circle the pain is much, much greater.

Every atom of that plane is controlled by 384 igneous particles of the solar light - 384 single wills.

In the Solar Absolute every atom is controlled by only one igneous particle, everything is in equilibrium, and is happiness, beauty, etc.

In hell everything is much more mechanical.

If you lose your chance of Self-realization in the 108 lives then you have to descend into the spheres of hell. When you arrive at the sphere of the sun then the atmosphere is very heavy.

Just as we don't see the air we live in, and the fish don't see the element water that they live in, in the same way, the souls that dwell in the fourth sphere, living in the mineral kingdom among those rocks and stones, a very metallic dimension, don't see that element.

You discover there those people that break the law of equilibrium, gathering money in order to feel strong, powerful, meanwhile other people are suffering because of lack of money, lack of work.

That ego that breaks that equilibrium is greed, avarice.

The opposite of the misers, the greedy, are the squanderers, the gamblers. They lose their fortune in one day. They also break the law.

It is necessary to be in the middle, in perfect equilibrium.

This also applies to those squandering the riches of the earth, the petroleum etc. Polluting the atmosphere, the seas, and extracting that element that is indispensable for the proper transforming of the earth.

Forests are cut for wood for purposes of profit, etc., and squandering this.

In each of us we have these defects, the monopolizer and the squanderer - but there are people that we would say are worse in this defect.

Economic inflation on earth is due to these, bringing famine and poverty to many places on earth.

We are causing many cosmic unbalances because of this disequilibrium, earthquakes, floods etc. because the forces are unbalanced.

Every natural cataclysm has a psychological cause. People think this is crazy as they ignore the doctrine.

We need food, shelter and clothing, that is all. If we allow our Being, our Spirit to control our life we will not break this law. But for that we have to work a lot.

It is written, "You shall not covet" - but we have greed inside of ourselves that is coveting.

In relation to our bodies, we have to maintain balance; otherwise we contribute to the disequilibrium of the universe, because every single physical body is a vehicle. Radical vegetarians are breaking this law, because the body needs meat. Those that eat excessive meat are also breaking the law.

Different diseases are due to lack of knowledge in relation to our food, in relation to our psychological behavior.

Our heart is the sun of our organism and within its left ventricle we have a Spiritual Atom, the Atom Nous. We have to build an altar within our heart and to put our Being there, to pray to our Being to ask for help in order to act according to the law.

Other humanities are worried about this humanity on earth because of the disequilibrium that is happening all over the planet - the mineral kingdom is polluted, the plant kingdom is polluted with cross-breeds, animals are neutered, adulterated, according to the stupidities of this root race. Moreover, we justify degeneration - homosexuality is justified in many countries, etc.

As a consequence of all this disequilibrium the radiations departing from this planet are dangerous. The other humanities know that sooner or later this humanity will enter in contact with the different planets and we will pollute other planets, taking this pollution and disequilibrium to other planets.

That's why they are worried - they want to help us, but we don't want to receive any help.

They won't allow this to happen, as it will spread all over this solar system, and maybe will spread to other solar systems. The organ of the planet earth is working very badly, jeopardising the whole organism of this solar system, which in turn is related to the cosmos, all governed by the law of balance.

We cause the disequilibrium because we do not allow our Monad to take over our Consciousness, we want to control nature, this planet earth, and we are making a mess of it.

The atmosphere is polluted, the seas are polluted, we are killing each other, we are justifying degeneration - chaos. And of course greed.

We must learn how to equilibrate ourselves, or nature will equilibrate us down in the Fourth Circle of Hell.

Monopolisers and squanderers fight in this region of hell - millions of them, controlled by 384 laws. Imagine the problems of your life relation to money now, and this is only under 48 laws - the difficulties are massively increased under 384 laws.


In hell we see the results of that defect called greed. The opposite defect we can see in people who like to shop and shop for things that they don't really use.

Dante found in this sphere of hell priests, bishops, pastors who were suffering there. He found those fear mongers who in these times of the end go everywhere boycotting the spiritual help that the White Lodge is giving to the souls who long for liberation. These are those individuals who state that we must not divulge the Gnostic Doctrine in this physical world and that it must only divulge in the internal worlds. These are those individuals who in a selfish way are monopolizing the spiritual knowledge just for an exclusive elite, because according to their selfishness this is how this must be.

This fourth sphere is related with that negative aspect of our psyche that alters this sacred law of the sun - that negative aspect in our psyche that breaks the law of the cosmic balance. When this law is broken by any person, then this soul ends up in this sphere of hell, controlled by 384 laws.
45: Then answered one of the Master of the law, and said unto him (the Solar Logos), Master, thus saying thou reproaches us also.

46: And he said, Woe unto you also, ye Masters of the law! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. ..

52: Woe unto you, Master of the law! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge (Daath): ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. - Luke 11
4: And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

5: But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast (your soul, with his selfish doctrine) into (the fourth sphere of) hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him. - Luke 12
15: And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisted not in the abundance of the (earthly) things which he possessed.

16: And he spoke a parable unto them, saying, the ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:

17: And he thought within himself, saying, what shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?

18: And he said, this will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.

19: And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.

20: But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?

21: So is he that layeth up
(earthly) treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God (because breaks God's cosmic equilibrium).

22: And he said unto his disciples, therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.

23: The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment.

24: Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?

25: And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?

26: If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?

27: Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

28: If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field, and to morrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith?

29: And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.

30: For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.

31: But rather seek ye the kingdom of God
(his cosmic equilibrium); and all these things shall be added unto you.

32: Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

33: Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that failed not, where no thief approached, neither moth corrupted.

34: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

49: I am come to send (solar) fire on the earth; and what will I if it be already kindled (in the spinal column of each one of you).

50: But I have a (solar) baptism to be baptized with (within each one of you); and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!

51: Suppose ye that I
(as Solar Fire that rises in your spinal column) am come to give peace on earth (your physical body)? I tell you, Nay; but rather division (between light and darkness):

52: For from henceforth there
(in Yesod) shall be five (because of Karma) in one house (physical body) divided, three (primary forces) against two (mechanical nature), and two (husband and wife) against (the) three (interior traitors).

53: The (divine internal) father shall be divided against the son (the human soul because of kamaduro and karmasaya), and the son (human soul) against the (internal) father (because of Karma); the (divine) mother against the daughter (of sin or Buddhata bottled up within the ego), and the daughter (of sin or Buddhata bottled up within the ego) against the (divine) mother; the mother in law (mechanical nature) against her daughter in law (or essence that wants to be liberated), and the daughter in law (or essence that wants to be liberated) against her mother in law (mechanical nature).


ImageThere are Twelve Saviors that are related to the twelve Sephiroth, since each Sephiroth is related to a planet that is the physical body of a Logos. A Logos is a Monad that Self-realized the 10 Sephiroth in itself. These Twelve Saviors are also related to the Twelve Constellations.

The Fifth Savior is Samael, the Logos of Mars.

The Buddhata is that fifth aspect or essence that is part of the Human Soul. The Human Soul is that Human Will that has to dominate the fifth center or sexual center of the human machine.

In the Fifth Initiation the Fifth Helper deposits in the mixture (the physical body - Malkuth) his own essence in order to perform the Great Work.

Mars governs the head in Aries and the sex in Scorpio.

In the Fifth Chakra "Vishuddha" the throat, the Fifth of the Seven Logoi has a sword (symbol of the Triangular Solar Tongue of Tonatiuh, the Verb of Saint John that grants the comprehension of the Word, the Verb, the Doctrine of the Synthesis that hurts the perverse egos).

The Fifth Truth teaches the doctrine of the many egos and their Buddhist Decapitation in the Flaming Forge of Vulcan; its motto is Thelema - Willpower.

The Fifth Savior, Samael, has the key of the abysses of the animal mind and a great chain or didactic in order to comprehend and eliminate the ego.

ImageThe Self-realization of the Being is directly related to the Sephiroth that are related with the planet Mars. The Sephiroth related to the planet Mars on the Tree of Life are Geburah and Gedulah, the Divine Soul and Atman, our Spirit, who together form the Master, the Monad. Our Spirit is a warrior that shines within a fine and transparent cup of alabaster, his Divine Soul. The Monad fights for his Self-realization through his Human Soul, through his human will, in order to liberate all of that parts of himself that are bottled up within those elements that constitute the ego and that dwell in the Infradimensions of nature.

Human derives from:
  • HU: related to the Spirit
  • MAN: from Manas - the mind
When Catholic priests asked the Mayans, "What is God for you; do you have a name for your God?"

The Mayans answered by just sighing, ‘hhhhhhhhhh' - the Breath of Life.

HU is the sound of the wind, the Intimate, the Spirit.

When HUM, the Spirit, is commanding MANAS, the mind, then we have the HUM-Manas, the Human.

Image In the Popol-Vuh, the Sacred Kabbalistic Bible of the Mayan Religion, the Solar Logos, the Ray of Okidanock, the Ain Soph Aur, is named: Heart of Heaven, the Creator, Sculptor, Bearer, Engender, Heart of the Lake, Heart of the Sea and Sovereign Feathered Serpent (Kukulkan).

The Three Primary Forces Kether, Chokmah and Binah are named:
  1. Lightning Hurricane or Holy Affirmation
  2. New Born Lightning or Holy Denying
  3. Lively Lightning or Holy Conciliation
Lightning Hurricane, New Born Lightning and Lively Lightning, who incarnated within each Elohim, begin a dialogue among the Gods or Elohim who descended from the primordial heaven named Heart of Heaven, Heart of the Earth (the Absolute) and during their dialogue they conceive the emergence of the Earth (or Matter) from the sea (or sexual chaos of Daath) along with the sprout of plants and people on its surface. With their will they put in movement a process that they called the "Sowing" and the "Dawning,"

The First Divine Couple that are perpetually united in the Sephirah Daath are named:
"Grandfather of the Day, Grandmother of the Light" or as the Creator and Sculptor named them, these are their names: Xpiyacoc and Xmucane.

Xpiyacoc and Xmucane: Xpiyacoc is the Divine Matchmaker (The Holy Spirit) and therefore the Prior or Divine Priest in any marriage and Xmucane is his Divine Spouse (the Divine Mother Aima Kundalini).

Hunahpu and Xbalanque: the twins or two polarities Ida and Pingala, Yin and Yang.

Chimalmat is the feminine force that can be positive or negative. Chimalmat can be the Divine Mother Kundalini or the Prostitute, the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Chimalmat as prostitute or Kundabuffer organ is the spouse of Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw), lust or sexual desire, the ego, the seven capital sins in the Motor-Instinctual-Sexual Brain.

The Children of Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw) are: Zipacna, a monster with the face of a crocodile who boasts of being the maker of mountains, and Kabrakan or Earthquake who boasts of being the destroyer of mountains.

Zipacna dwells within the Intellectual Brain.

Kabrakan or Earthquake, the Evil-Will, dwells in the Emotional Brain.

"Behold, here I am: I am the sun," says Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw).

"Behold, here I am: I am the maker of the earth," says Zipacna.

"On what is concerned to me, I low the sky, I make an avalanche with the whole earth," says Kabrakan or Earthquake.

The children of Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw) are like him and similar to him. They inherited the great insolence and arrogance of their father Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw), the ego.

The Four Solar Bodies that must be created with the seed maíz (symbol of the sexual seed) are:

Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar of the Night, Mahucutah, and True Jaguar: Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies.

The three aspects of the Monad are: Tohil, Auilix, and Hacauitz: Spirit, Divine Soul and Human Soul, who in the end dwell within the Philosophical Stone.

The underworld, the Infradimensions or the Inferno is named "Xibalba."

Thus, in "Xibalba," the Egyptian Amenti, the Klipoth, the Infradimensions of nature, is where the Initiate, the Son of Man, has to remain for three days and three nights in order to perform the Great Work under the command of his Monad.

This is why we state that the Human Soul is that part of the Monad that has to perform the Great Work, because it is the human Consciousness, that part which the Spirit has to control in order to achieve his Self-realization.

So, the Consciousness, or that human part, that soul part of the Being, united with the Being is that which we call the Human Being.

When the Human is there with all the Solar Bodies, when the Spirit is united to that Human Soul, to that superior mind that obeys the will of the Spirit, then we have the true warrior.
The true warrior is that Being that fights for his Self-realization.

In each of us, inside of us, we have our animal mind which thinks (not the mind we have been discussing previously which the Superior Manas is). The animal mind is bottled up in the opposites, it is the mind that tries to analyze things. We also have the emotions. But within the mind, the emotions and the physical body, there is something that is pure, something that is part of the HU-MAN, which is the Buddhata, the embryo of the soul, part of the Human Soul.

Paul of Tarsus talks of the "Heavenly Man" = the Hu-Man.

Image The Bibles of India, the Mahabharata, etc., talk of the Heavenly Man, doing battle, performing his Self-realisation. This man or being is Arjuna.

Arjuna is the Hu-Man, that soul or Consciousness, or Superior Manas, which is united with the Spirit, who is Atman-Buddhi-Manas, which as a warrior is performing the Self-realization. Arjuna is under the command of Krishna (Christ).

Christ is not the Intimate, Atman, the Monad, but that which is beyond the Monad.

This energy has not individuality as we know it. Master Samael says that Christ was not Jesus, but was incarnated within him, Christ was not Krishna but was incarnated within him; likewise with Buddha, Moses etc. Christ was illuminating Moses on Mount Sinai, Mount Nebo.

The person who incarnates the Christ is precisely what we call the authentic Hu-Man.

Krishna is always with Arjuna, and Arjuna obeys the directives of Krishna in order to win the battle. Krishna is the charioteer who guides the chariot, drawn by four horses, representing the four bodies of the authentic Hu-Man, Physical, Astral, Mental, Causal Bodies, under the command of Arjuna. We do not mention the Vital Body here because the Vital and Physical Bodies are one in the last synthesis.

Arjuna and Krishna in the chariot is that which is called in the Gospels the Son of Man, doing battle, the great struggle of the Self-realization of the Being.

Any type of psychological battle is related to Mars, the Great Work of the Martians, the Warriors. This is the fight of the Will, Will-Power in activity, but this is only possible with the help of Christ, or Krishna, incarnated.

Krishna is that superior Consciousness that is advising us in the work we have to do inside. Arjuna is that human part of us that is doing the work. But we have to connect ourselves with that superior part, and therefore we have to work here in the Self-realization.

We have to unite all of the parts of the Being into one.

In other words, in the Bhagavad Gita - when Arjuna is going to start the battle, he gets off the chariot guided by Krishna, and says, "Suddenly my courage is fading when I see all my family and friends in the opposing army, why do I have to fight them?" This invites us to reflect.

The Bhagavad Gita is part of the Mahabharata - the Great (Maha) Warrior (Bharata).

Who is the Great Warrior - it is that person that Self-realises themselves.

When you start doing the work inside of you, you discover that you have to fight against your own psychological aggregates, against things that you love the most, things that you are. This is a type of confusion that emerges in us - we do not know who we are. Sometimes we don't know if we are doing the right thing or the wrong thing - why we are walking on this path, internally or psychologically speaking. This arises because we are identified with the false, with that which has no reality.

Scribes, intellectuals come to Jesus, and ask him "Master, what do we have to do in order to attain the kingdom of Heaven?" - or in other words to enter into the superior dimensions, which is what we want.

Jesus answered, "(all the commandments are synthesised in one commandment:) You have to love your God with all your strength, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and love thy neighbour as thyself."

Who is God? God is something that has no form, but that dwells in every creature. That which has no form cannot have form, bodies. God is omnipresent in each one of us.

"To love thy God..." - we have to love our own Inner God, residing within the profound parts of your Consciousness. To love your God is to serve Him.

‘With all your strength...' - we are not talking of physical strength, but of sexual strength.

Strength in Hebrew is written "ON," but it refers to the same strength that Samson (Shemesh-ON) had. In Kabbalah, in the Tree of Life, the name of God in Yesod, which is related with the sexual organs, is El Shaddai - the Almighty God. The Mighty One, the Strong One - the sexual force that is the Holy Spirit.

The Beings related to Yesod are called Cherubim - the Strong Ones.

Upon the top of the Ark of the Alliance, the Ark of the Covenant, there were two Cherubim performing the sexual act. The Strong Ones, those that are related with the sexual strength.

"You shall love your God with all your strength..." - means with your whole sexual strength.

This is why the Hebrews give special attention to the sexual energy, studying this in secret, as all religions do so - it is the energy that can give us a lot of energy, light, if we know how to take advantage of it. And it is related of course to the Motor-Instinctive-Sexual brain that we have.

"With all of your soul..." - the seat of the soul is in the Pineal Gland, this is related with the Self-remembrance of the Being and willpower.

"With all of your mind..." - the vehicle of the mind is the brain, the intellectual brain.

"With all of your heart..." - the vehicle of the Astral body or emotional body is the heart, the emotional brain.

So we have to love our God with all of our three brains and to remember him while being here and now in the pineal gland.

And in the same level that we love our Being with our three brains and remember him while being here and now in the pineal gland, we have to love our neighbour, as thyself. Thyself is God.

Here is the confusion, the scribes say ‘thyself' is the ego - thus they confuse the ego with the Being.

In Gnostic Psychology we say that the "ourself," myself, the ego, is subjective, negative. We are identified with the pluralized ego, which is the opposite of the Being. The Being is the positive part of us, but we swap the ego for the Being.

Our three brains are in relation to lust, envy, pride, gluttony etc, this is why we take this as our-self. The ego is not the Thyself of the Gospels.

We love ourselves, our ego, very much.

When we think, it is the ego the one that thinking through the mind.

When we feel, it is the ego that feels through our heart, but we think it is our Consciousness, our soul.

In the sex, any activity that we have is in relation to the ego.

This is the problem - we are so far from recognising our own Being, our own God, that we see incorrectly. We love our ego, our lust, anger etc.

To love our Being with all our three brains implies an activity of Thelema (willpower), which is Self-realization: a constant battle, in which you have to remember God.

The Consciousness has to perform a super-effort to remember God - not just to have a memory in the mind, or an image, but to do the work - Self contemplation.

That attitude in the moment when there is a lot of ego activity and we have to stop and contemplate in order that the Being is there in the three brains.

"To love thy God with all thy strength, heart, mind and soul..." is to remember God and have God in all three brains acting, guiding you. You have to worship him, with your body as a temple. Contemplation is to have God in your three brains, which is part of Meditation, a tool for Self-realization. Deliver your three brains to your God - contemplate (remember him).

"Because thine is the Kingdom" - the physical body.

Who is your neighbour? Everyone. But not the ego of your neighbour - the God of your neighbour.

You see the God of your neighbour as you work. Every single person is the vehicle of a God. Every one is a star.

We have to respect the Gods - and there are many levels among the Gods. There are many Gods in people that do not care about Self-realisation, they don't want to awaken. There are many Monads, Gods in people that want to work, and they have awakened already, and these Monads are controlling the forces in nature - they really are Gods.

"You shall love your Inner God by contmeplating him in your pineal gland with all your Motor-Instinctive-Sexual Brain, your Emotional Brain, your Intellectual Brain, and you shall love the Gods that are inside of your neighbours in the same way that you love your Inner God." This implies psychological work.

This is why Arjuna under the direction of Krishna is killing his relatives. But he loves his relatives, the God in them, but he doesn't love that ego inside of them.

We have to be against all the unfaithful or unbelievers, these are all of our egos. We have to drink their "blood," which is the fire or energy that we have to take out of them.

In our three brains we find sub-Consciousness, un-Consciousness, infra-Consciousness, that part in which the Consciousness of the Being is bottled up, the Buddhata, which we have to liberate.

To liberate the Being is to perform the Mahabharata - there are many parts that we ignore, and many parts that we know.

The only way to win this battle is with the help of Christ. This is why we have to work with Christ. Remember that Christ is an energy that we have to control and manage in the three brains.

The whole work is divided into three factors, related to the three brains.

The false and correct function of the three brains is a matter of study that we have to do in all our life.

Of course, to remember God is indispensable, to be here and now.

Most of the time we are identified with the false part of ourselves.

Image When we study the Ray of Creation we discover that in any cosmos there are many laws:

In the first cosmos there is only one atom of the Father, and therefore only one Law - the life there is freedom, liberty, happiness. The one Law of the Father is fulfilled and that law is Truth.

But in the second cosmos this law is divided into three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, even though we still find freedom and happiness there.

In the third cosmos, the laws are multiplied, and we have six laws, six wills in different directions, and mechanicity begins.

Then twelve laws, and more mechanicity, related with the mind.

Then 24 laws related with the astral world.

Then 48 laws related with the physical world.

Imagine that the Will of the Absolute is divided into 48 parts. Every activity of each part, in intellectual terms, takes a certain time.

That's why in this world, time is slower in comparison with the astral world.

There is no time in the world of the Absolute - all there is just the Will of God.

48 laws means many complications.

As the Ray descends, time increases with the increased laws, increased mechanicity.

In the Fifth Sphere of the Inferno there are 480 laws, or wills - imagine our complicated 48-law life, and how much harder will be this sphere of hell.

This is the Hell of Mars.

Time in hell is very slow; every activity is tedious, boring, painful.

Here we find those defects related to pride, vanity, self-conceit, self-importance, self-pity, self-esteem. All of those defects in which we feel ourselves. If we observe our-self we find that those defects that we feel that we are, are those defects related to pride, vanity, self-esteem, self-importance, self-sufficiency etc. The parts of the ego that you feel you have to defend - and we do defend those parts, even with our own physical life.

This is what Arjuna felt in front of Krishna - "What? To kill my self-esteem, my pride? And now I am really discouraged, because this is something that I love the most." This is what we do. This is why it is very rare to find Self-realised people. Even though we talk about this, we find we don't like to hear it.

The ego in us tries to push aside this knowledge, tries to make us feel tired, or want to do something else, because it is against it.

You feel bad, but you have to fight against this, with the goal of awakening. Awakening to see the reality that you are not that, to see the real you, that you are the Being. But you don't know your Being - this is the problem.

In every part of the world there are many groups where people want to Self-realise but in reality what they want to do is Self-realise the ego, and not the Self. They think that the ego is the Self.

The psychologists in these times are asleep. They do not know their own reality. They think that self-esteem is good, that pride is good, that vanity is good, but really it is the opposite. They think this way because they do not know themselves, they do not know their Inner God, the Divine, the reality within themselves.

The same as with Arjuna - when he is in front of the part of him that he has to kill, he is doubting. He is inside of us.

We identify with our race, our sex, our nationality etc.

All of these things are transient, mental forms, nothing is eternal in this physical world. Everything passes but we are attached to these things, even to the extent of making wars.

Flags and their mottoes - all of these are related with pride, with inheritance, with ‘my blood' etc.

My knowledge, the traditions of my family accumulated over centuries etc - to kill that is very difficult.

We have to forget all of that completely in the 49 levels of the mind, get rid of it totally, in order to find our reality.

"Who are you?"

We have to kill every psychological aggregate inside of ourselves. This is our psychological duty.

There are people completely divorced from their Being, completely self-sufficient, self-important.

If you forget your God, and are not in contemplation from moment to moment, then you are being self-sufficient, feeling that you can do without God.

So in order not to be self-sufficient you have to remember God and allow him to guide you from instant to instant, from second to second. We don't do this.

If the Being is not there acting, then we have self-sufficiency acting there.

When we do things and don't consult God then we are being self-important.

Self-importance, self-sufficiency are parts of pride.

When we are offended by people we say "Don't tell me that, you are hurting me." God is indifferent before praise and slander. It is your ego, self-esteem, self-love, that is hurt, offended. You build resentment, the result of hurt self-esteem. Re-sentiment - a feeling inside of you. You want this feeling of people treating you nicely again, and so you are demanding this feeling of the people again. Resentment is part of pride.

If you don't receive this nice feeling then next you hate the person, because you don't feel love inside you for the person. You are refusing to feel love for them because they refuse to give you what you want to feel in your heart - and this is hatred, the opposite of love.

Anyone who hates is against the Lord, the Christ, who is Love. We sin against the Son when we hate.

To not resent, not to be identified with your self-esteem, to love your enemy, the person that hurts you, who doesn't feed your ego, is to work against your family, against your relatives, the ones who you love the most, in other words, your egos of pride, vanity, self-esteem, resentment etc.

This is how the Consciousness awakens. When we annihilate all this, then we are awakening to the truth of our Being. Most people do not care about this - they think that they will be saved with beliefs.

To see the internal worlds we need our internal senses, we need to awaken our Buddhata, implying activity, will-power, self-contemplation etc.

The Buddhata is bottled up into the false, the ego, and if the work is not performed, then the Buddhata descends into the infernos. The Buddhata successively descends through the circles of hell, staying in these regions until the specific karmas are paid, and then descending again, until reaching the Fifth Circle.

That soul then faces this reality that we are discussing above, but now in the negative way. The Buddhata starts to awake in the evil and for the evil - not in the way that we are explaining in the Self-realisation of the Being, but in the failed way. The Buddhata has to face all of its own creations, hatred, anger, self-esteem, pride, fear.. The soul faces this in hell in the Fifth Sphere.

Whether you like it or not, you have to awaken the Consciousness. And you will awaken it, either here positively, in the Solar Way to attain Self-realisation and wisdom, or, if you do not choose this path, then you will awaken in hell, in Klipoth.

In the Fifth Sphere the Consciousness starts to awaken in evil and for evil, by knowing its own insane reality.

To be cognizant of all the different evil parts within which the essence is divided and bottled up, to recognise that is a hell - it is an activity that is taking place in a world of 480 laws, and it is a very slow process. Here it is slow, but there it is infernally slow, in which the catabolic forces of nature take place.

Catabolism - the forces that act downwards spreading apart all the parts of one thing because of pressure.

Part of you is bottled up in one aggregate of fear - and it is scared, because behind is an assassin (another of your egos), and this assassin is chasing the aggregate of fear and is going to kill him - and all of this process is happening in this circle of hell. The essence escapes. The fear is you, the murderer is you. The aggregate of fear is becoming conscious of the aggregate of murder (the assassin), and the murderer is burning up with hatred.

Your aggregate of curiosity is watching, which is you as well - "What is the fear going to do?"

Many parts of you are watching this - some parts say; "That's un-Godly!," other parts say, "Yeah, kill him!!"

Many, many parts of ourselves - this is insanity, hell, feeling all of these parts of ourselves at once.

This is similar to the circus mirrors, where we see ourselves as fat, short, tall, thin etc. but we feel this all at once - we become aware of every single psychological aggregate that we have.
The catabolic forces of Mars will force the soul to realize their own hell.

When we are here trying to see part of ourselves, and we are scared, or ashamed of part of ourselves, imagine in this circle that we are aware of it all, all our beasts of hell.

In that sphere of Klipoth the souls became ashamed of the degenerate sexual aggregates that they have in the depths of their soul. They look like beasts, look at the way they are behaving, look at what they are doing - meanwhile it is you that is doing that. And you are seeing the other parts of you looking at you while you are doing that, and there is also shame, fear etc.

Every single sin that you do, you are performing it then and there - not like here where we analyse one single part at a time, but there it is all at once, every moment, performing it in hell.

In all this confusion you see other souls doing the same, dealing with their insanity, and you have that all around you. You have everyone-elses hell as well all around you.

You awake to your own insane reality, which is really hell. And your Intimate, your Spirit, is not there. Here, physically, when we do the work in the Solar Way we have our Intimate helping us, pulling us from our defects, in order to be one with Him. But when we are a failure, down there, God is only waiting until you disintegrate; you have to descend into more and more spheres in order to pay your karma. Only then can you see your Being, your Spirit.

But when you enter hell, you can forget about your Being, because you are divorced from your Being, and nature will do what you didn't do, only nature does it without your Inner God helping you.

To work properly here, we first become aware of ourselves, examining our moods, thoughts, in Meditation. That part that has to do this is your Intimate, you have to remember your Intimate, and to study your internal hell.

Kabbalistic Analysis of The Mahabharata:

Image The Pandava - the five, are related to the human part, or that conscious part of the bodies.

Bima - the very strong one, is related with the physical body, all the strength, all the energy that we need to perform the work is in the physical body.

The Twins -Sahadeva and Najuda - represent Jakin and Boaz in Kabbalah, the Astral and Mental Bodies, Hod and Netzach. The twins who in the Old Testament are called Isiah and Jacob - the mind and the emotion.

The Vital Body is represented by Bakim, the one who has to be the King, who is going to inherit the kingdom, the elder of the brothers, the son of Darma. He is represented in Buddhism as the Bodhicitta, which is when the Consciousness completely awakens, and then the Bodhicitta, which is the Buddhata itself, takes over us. But that Buddhata is related with the Vital Body, with the superior part of the physical body.

The Causal body is Arjuna.

The Pandava are the five bodies of the human being, and they have to fight, all the parts have to fight against their relatives.

Part of the Consciousness is inside the relatives, bottled up in the egos, inside the anger, lust, gluttony etc. - which is part of us. But who has the Kingdom right now? Who controls the Kingdom (Malkuth) now? The egos of lust, anger, laziness etc. And not the superior parts, therefore we need to kill them and take over the Kingdom.

The King is blind. Everything happens in us, in the Kingdom, without us noticing it. The King is blind, and also the Queen.

This is related to the transformation that we have to perform, the Great Work, that is why it is called the Mahabarata, the Great Battle, the Great Warrior.

If we don't do this we will awaken in Hell anyway.

People say "I don't believe I hell, the inferno doesn't exist" etc. When they reach the Fifth level of hell, they will KNOW that it exists, in their own Consciousness. Then they will realise their mistake, but too late.

Let us read what the gospels say about the ego and the Infradimensions:

Luke, chapter 8: 26 - 39:
"And they arrived at the country of the Gadarenes (from Klipoth), which is over against the Sea of Galilee (or the inverted Yesod).

Image "And when he (from the boat of Charon) went forth to land, there met him out of the city (of Dis) a certain man (or soul), which had devils long time, and ware no (solar) clothes, neither abode in any (human) house, but in the (49 Infradimensional) tombs (of the mind).

"When he saw Jesus (the Internal Savior), he cried out (IIIIAAAOOOO), and fell down before him (adoring him), and with a loud voice said, what have I to do with thee, (IEOUA, pentagrammaton) Jesus (Cosmic Christ, Solar Fire), thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not (in this deep spheres of hell or Klipoth).

"For he (IEOUA, the Pentagrammaton, Jesus the Cosmic Christ, Solar Fire, the Internal Savior), had commanded the unclean spirit (or ego) to come out of the (physical body of the) man (by saying KRRRIIIMMM). For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with (conjurations and) chains and in (esoteric) fetters; and he brake the bands (of his mind), and was driven of the devil (or ego) into the wilderness (of insanity).

"And Jesus asked him (while in profound Meditation), saying, what is thy name? And he (the ego) said, Legion (of egos): because many devils (or psychological aggregates) were entered into him.

"And they (the devilish egos) besought him that he would not command them to go out into the deep (of the Infradimensions of Klipoth yet).

"And there was there a herd of many swine (or devolving animas or animals) feeding on the (intellectual) mountain (of reasoning): and they besought him that he would suffer them to enter into them. And he suffered them.

"Then went the devils (or egos) out of the (psyche of the) man, and entered into the swine (in order to continue with their filthy Fornication and bestial desires): and the herd ran violently down (into) a (devolving) steep place into the lake (of sexual degeneration), and were choked (with their own sexual putrefaction).

"When they (the Intellectual animals) that fed them (the egos of the animal intellect) saw what was (psychologically) done, they fled, and went and told (about the doctrine of the many egos) in the city and in the country.

"Then they went out to see what was done; and came to (IEOUA) Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior), and found the man (or Initiate), out of whom the devils (or seven capital sins) were departed, sitting (on the cubic Stone of Yesod) at the feet of Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior), clothed (with the Solar Bodies), and in his right mind (with his awakened Consciousness): and they were afraid (of loosing their business with the souls).

"They also which saw (or comprehended) it told them (the false guides, etc., those who make business with the souls) by what means (or doctrine) he that was possessed of the devils was healed.

"Then the whole multitude of the country of the Gadarenes round about (Klipoth) besought him to depart from them (from their infernal places); for they were taken with great fear: and he went up into the ship (of Charon), and returned back again (into the superior dimensions of the Tree of Life).

"Now the man out of whom the devils were departed besought him that he might be with him (in Nirvana): but Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior) sent him away (in the Direct Path), saying,

"Return (to the physical world) to thine own house, and (sacrifice yourself for your fellow men) shew (to all of humanity) how great things God (the Solar Logos) hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published (the doctrine of the many egos) throughout the whole city and how great things Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior) had done unto him."


ImageThe Nine Sephiroth above Malkuth are related with the Nine Infradimensions and with the Nine Supradimensions.

What is the relationship of the Infradimensions with the Supradimensions, or the relationship of the Heavens with the Hells?

The planet Earth is a Mesocosmos. Any planet is a Mesocosmos.
Meso (Greek) = in between
Cosmos = order, or world
Mesocosmos is the "world in-between."

Every planet is in between what? It is in between the Supradimensions and the Infradimensions.

Below this physical world we find the Infradimensions of nature which are placed always in the inner layers of the planet.

Every planet has Nine Infradimensions under the surface of each of them.

Supradimensions are above the surface of the planet and are parallel universes, or dimensions. There are nine parallel universes beneath the surface of the earth, and above the surface there are nine parallel universes.

Good people experience these Supradimensions when they are close to death, and they experience beautiful lights and beings that are talking to them - they return and say they were in heaven.

That is an unconscious experience - they were there, but consciously they don't know what kind of place that is.

The Infradimensions are unconsciously experienced by people who have nightmares - the descent of the soul or Consciousness into the layers beneath the planet.

The vibrations of each Supradimensions is related with the nine planets of the solar system, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

If we enter the first heaven we discover it is related with the vibrations of the Moon.

Every planet emits energy, force, waves that polarize themselves in positive and negative way, related to Heaven and Hell.

The goal of Self-realization is to polarize our souls to the positive vibrations of the planets related to the Supradimensions.

Ignorant people do not do this, they polarize themselves in the negative way.

We either polarize positively or negatively, there is no other way.

That is why human beings are called Microcosmos - "Small World."

Because the Human Being has exactly nine parts related with Heaven - we are talking about a Self-realized being.

Above the physical body we find the Ethereal (Vital) Body, located in the 4th dimension. This is the body related with Eden, the Terrestrial Paradise.

Image Then we have the emotional or Astral body. This is the body related with the first heaven, the Moon.

Then we have the Mental body which is related with the second heaven.

The third is the Causal body.

The Spiritual Soul is the fourth.

The Innermost is the fifth.

Above the Spirit we find that part called the Glorian, in Christianity called the Holy Trinity. Above the Spirit of each of us, we find the Glorian; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Our tridimensional physical body is between these and Hell.

Hell is related to the ego. The ego cannot enter in Heaven, it is a bunch of aggregates, called subconsciousness, unconsciousness, infraconsciousness, below, underneath the physical body.

It is necessary to understand what the Microcosmos is - because, if we are not related with Heaven above, then we are related with Hell below.

Sixth Heaven and Hell

What is the sixth sphere of hell in our planet Earth? - Jupiter controls the two dimensions, the one above and the other below - the positive forces of Jupiter are controlling the sixth heaven, and the negative forces are controlling the sixth hell. This circle of hell is controlled by 576 laws, compared to the 48 laws of the physical dimension.

Image What is Jupiter? Jupiter occurs in Roman, Greek, Latin mythology.
  • Greek = Zeus
  • Roman = Jupiter
  • Latin = IO PITAR
IO was, is, and will always be, the symbol of the two polarities.
  • I = positive masculine force
  • O = feminine force
These two forces in combination create.

IO is always related with the androgyny.
  • Andros (Greek) = man
  • Genica = woman
We are not talking about the male or feminine physical body, but talking about polarities. IO means male or female forces out of form.
  • IO is the Divine Androgyny
  • PITAR, the Pitaras, is related to parents.
In this case it is the forces that create; therefore they are called parents, not man and woman, but male and female forces. Divinity has no form but is the symbol of the parents or God, who is both female and male energies.

Jupiter is the Father of the Gods - referring to the first couple, the forces that created the universe, the representation of God in each one of us.

In Kabbalah, we find the word Jehovah, which is again androgynous.

Iod Heve = IO = Male and Feminine aspects of Divinity

Jehovah Elohim is also the God of Gods, and is the origin of life - he made man and made him male-female in his own image.

The first man created was also androgynous. Adam was not a physical being with masculine sexual organs, but was androgynous, with both sexual polarities at the same time.

Jupiter is that superior part that is above the Spirit. Our own Spirit emanated from Iod-Heve, Jehovah, Jupiter, IO PITAR.

Jupiter is in Christianity the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is also an androgynous force - meaning that it polarises itself into masculine and feminine.

The forces of the Holy Spirit, when descending from above to the physical plane, express themselves through the sexual organs of all the human beings, all the animals, all the plants, all the minerals.

So these forces of the Holy Spirit are everywhere - everywhere is light and life. The Holy Spirit is called the Giver of Light and Life.

Kabbalah in Christianity - the Sacred Family - Joseph, Mary and Jesus

These are also related with the initiation.

In the word Joseph we find - IO - and - Cephas (stone).
"And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou art Simon the son of Jonah: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, a stone." - John: 1:42
This stone is the Philosophical Stone of Yesod, it is the Ninth Sphere of the Tree of Life. This stone is the sexual organs.

When we say IO-SEPHAS, we say "the power of IO in the Stone" - this is Joseph.

Mary - Miriam - but esoterically we say RAM-IO, is the symbol of the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit. This is represented in woman.

This is how the pentagram is being born in each one of us. When it is the right way up, it represents Jesus, because Jesus is the perfect man. That perfect man is written with five letters - the Pentagrammaton.

This is the Sacred Family in relation to Divinity, in relation to Jupiter.

Therefore, all Solar Initiates are children of IO-PATAR, IO-PETER, IO-Piter Jupiter, the forces of "IO" within the Stone of Yesod.

Going to the roots of Judaism, the Jews say that they are children of Abraham. They count the years from Abraham till now. So according to them they say we are living in the year 5000 and such years.

Only the Gentiles count the number of years from Jesus of Nazareth till now.

Image Abraham is a positive name.

If we put the ‘A' at the end we get - Brahama

Brahama or Brahma is the first force of the Holy Trinity among the Hindustani.

Abraham was married to Sarah, or Sarai, which represents the feminine force, and we see the origin of Judaism.

Abraham - means "I am not Brahaman" - the ‘A' means ‘without.' So they are Jews, a new religion, not Brahmins.

Iod-Heva - These two polarities in Brahmanism are represented as Siva-Shakti. By looking at the roots of all religions we always find the Divine Androgynism.

The Fourth Commandment - "You shall honour your father and your mother," refers not to the physical parents, but the interior Divinity - the Father and Mother of our Being.

If somebody believes that God is masculine and worships God as masculine, then this person is half atheist.

These days you can find sects that pronounce themselves against Mary, RAM-IO. They say, "Mary has nothing to do with worshipping God the Father, and Jesus the Son." This type of religion is half-atheism.

When we enter into the sphere of Jupiter then we learn everything related to Divinity in the two polarities.

We find that Jupiter is married to Juno, his sister.

Also, Abraham was married to his half-sister (Saria) Sarah.

At the same time they are brothers and sisters they are husband and wife.

These two polarities are one being - this is how you have to understand the Holy Spirit - Masculine and Feminine, related to IO-PATAR or IO-CEPHAS.

All religions have the same foundations, the same roots, but of course in different names. Always they have Androgynism, the two polarities, the two forces.

ImageIn the sixth sphere of hell Dante found blasphemers, heretics. These are the two main sins related with this sphere. A blasphemer is someone who pronounces themselves against Divinity. There are many types.
Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men.

And whosoever speaks a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. - Matt.12:31, 32
The Holy Spirit is a divine force which expresses itself everywhere in the universe, and is the origin of life; the Giver of Life.
Flee Fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits Fornication sins against his own body.  - 1 Corinthians 6: 18
The Holy Spirit dwells within your body, and your body is a temple of God. The Holy Spirit dwells in the sexual organs.

A blasphemer is someone who is a fornicator.

Jupiter has many wives, representing the many ways that the Holy Spirit is fecundating the matter or Mother of those men who are created into his own image, in other words Initiates who are born or baptized by the grace of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit also expresses itself through the Word - the Holy Spirit is the creator of the Word - so blasphemy is also related to our words, when we are pronouncing ourselves against God.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. - John1:1-5
This Word is Yeshua the Pentagrammaton, our own particular interior individual Jesus, the Son of Man who is the child of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit begat RAM-IO, and so when the Holy Spirit fecundates Mary-RAM-IO, Jesus was born. The Holy Spirit is the creator of the Word, in this case, the Word incarnated, which is Jeshua.

The Word that we utter, speak, is also given by the Holy Spirit, related to the sexual strength. When we utilise the word in the wrong way we commit blasphemy.

The Second Commandment - "You shall not utter the name of God in vain."

There are many kinds of blasphemies, and of course when a person pronounces himself against other religions, they are a blasphemer.

There are many fanatic, fundamentalist religions (especially in Christianity) that criticize a lot, saying that other religions are from the Devil, etc, and only their sect is holy.

Of course when we study The Divine Comedy we see that Dante Alighieri finds in that sphere of Jupiter, the sixth sphere of hell, priests from all religions, like Catholic priests. How is it that they are there if they preach about God?

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is not forgiven - it is related not only with their sexual activity, but is also related with the rituals. There are many rituals in all the religions, not only in Catholicism.

If we recall the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and when with a whip he was whipping all the merchants that were selling doves, the money changers etc. He cast them out of the Temple of God saying that they had converted it into a house of business.

What is it to sell the dove? The white dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit - to sell the Holy Spirit is to commercialize the energy of this sense in the Holy Rituals - to ask for money for any type of ritual is to do this.

There are many initiates that awaken powers, but anyone that makes business with the powers of the Holy Spirit is a blasphemer. They are selling doves, selling the Holy Spirit.

We find that there are many priests, in the past and still today, that take away property, money from people, promising them Heaven. There are many people that say "Do not rob God, send me money!' - commercializing with the White Dove.

So there are many ways to be a blasphemer; of course the most common way is by being an atheist - an atheist is a blasphemer, those who pronounce themselves against Divinity - they are pronouncing themselves against themselves.

An atheist is against that anthropomorphic God of the multitudes, those that believe that God is on a throne high in the clouds. The atheist doesn't believe this, but still ignores that God isn't a person but a force. A force that is life - and that life is everywhere.

If a person kills someone then they are a blasphemer, because the Holy Spirit is that which gives life. We are alive thanks to God - life is in our organs and all our systems.

"You shall not kill," says Jehovah, the Holy Spirit.

"You shall not commit Fornication" because it is against the Holy Spirit, the giver of life.

"You shall not commit Adultery" because it is against the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Tabernacle of God is the sexual organs.

"You shall not covet your neighbours' goods" because the Holy Spirit gives according to your deeds.

Those people that commit suicide in any of their lives, sin against the Holy Spirit - because the Holy Spirit is the one that sustains life.

If, because you have a lot of subjective knowledge in your brain, you adulterate plants, then you sin against the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit is the one that sustains the life of that plant, and each plant has its own mission. When a plant is adulterated it doesn't have the same vitamins, minerals that the Holy Spirit gives in order to sustain life.

So see how difficult it is to not be a blasphemer against the Holy Spirit.

When you pronounce yourself against any religion then this is blasphemy because all religions have God at their roots. They criticize the same forces that they worship, Iod-Heva, the two polarities of the Holy Spirit.

This is due to ignorance - this is really the most terrible sin, ignorance.

They are of course committing the sin of heresy. If we were truly Gnostic we would be brothers of everyone, knowing everything. All the Masters brought the knowledge thanks to the Holy Spirit.

When you work in this path you awaken your Kundalini. The Kundalini is the force of the Holy Spirit that gives you enlightenment, powers. So we are not the only ones that know about the Kundalini. Many religions in secrecy also know this. That is why there were many initiates that were illuminated by Jehovah, the Holy Spirit, IO-PATAR, or whatever you want to name it. And thanks to the Holy Spirit, they gave the knowledge in their own language in their own time.

This knowledge that we are giving here is the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Master Samael Aun Weor wrote all of his books thanks to his Divine Mother - because he awakened the Kundalini, he disintegrated the whole ego and he became a Self-realised Master - thanks to his Divine Mother who is the Holy Spirit. Thanks to his Inner Father who is the Holy Spirit.

All the religious books are from the Holy Spirit - so to pronounce ourselves against a holy religion or any holy book or any holy master is to be a blasphemer.

You find many religious people in the Sixth Circle of Hell.

Dante also found people inside very narrow tombs, so narrow they couldn't even move their fingers.

Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels talks of the Pharisees and hypocrites as being like whitened tombs/ sepulchres: white on the surface, but inside they are full of rottenness, full of sin. This is what blasphemy is - so narrow like the tombs - it is the symbol of the minds of people - that they are so narrow that they have no space for other things. You talk to them and they say that only their religion is any good, and they don't want to listen to you. They are inside their own tomb - their materialism is very heavy and they live their life with no hope, they are not open-minded.

This way of thinking is related to 576 laws. This narrow way of thinking, this fanaticism, is related with the Sixth Sphere.

You have to have Consciousness, knowledge, not fanaticism, or pharisism.

And inside of each one of us there are many types of coffins that we have to break - these are the cages that we have to destroy in order to liberate our Consciousness.

"I do not believe in reincarnation, that is from the Devil" - this is blasphemy, because they are of course cutting their chances of understanding their way, the path, because they do not allow themselves to investigate.

Fanatic Christians say that reincarnation is borrowed from other religions. The word reincarnation is not written in the Bible, but this doesn't mean that the Bible doesn't talk of reincarnation. You can see it in other ways. The reincarnation of Eliah the Prophet in the body of John the Baptist, for instance. But it is written in another way.

The Kundalini and the Holy Spirit are the same force, but "Kundalini" is not written in the Bible because it is written in Hebrew , and has nothing to do with Sanskrit.

So that is what blasphemy is - to pronounce ourselves against Divinity. Heresy - to be a separatist.

You have to go deeply into this knowledge.

The necessity of transmuting the sexual force is written in the Bible.

You can be a blasphemer consciously or unconsciously.

When you know this knowledge it is light. This is from the Holy Spirit.

There are many ways to worship God, by praying etc., but the best and superior way to worship God is through Scientific Chastity.

That is why God, inside of each of you, wants you to worship by Scientific Chastity - the wise manipulation of the sexual energy inside your body. Scientific Chastity is the opposite of Fornication - Fornication is to sin against the Holy Spirit, when you utilise the sexual energy for your satisfaction.

If you know this and you reject it, then you are rejecting the Holy Spirit, and that sin is not forgiven.

If you have light and you reject it then you add more karma to yourself, and you will result in the Sixth Sphere of Jupiter more and more.

The descent into hell happens in different steps.

Image The first step is into Limbo, and you stay there for a certain time according to your karma. After that you descend to the second sphere, and according to your karma related to the sin of that sphere, you stay there for a certain time. And so on into the other Infradimensions - you stay in relation to the crimes you committed when you were alive in the physical plane.

When you reach the Sixth Sphere if you have committed a lot of crimes related to this sphere then you will stay there a long time. But each sphere is related to more laws - more pain and more suffering.

Of course, a common and current person that wasn't evil, wasn't decidedly perverse, didn't commit treason against their wife etc, but nevertheless committed many mistakes unconsciously, i.e. they have ego, and fornicate etc., this soul will pass through the Nine Spheres of Hell in 900 years or 1000 years. This is a "good person" and they pass through the spheres very quickly - 900 years is very fast.

This is how you pay your debts or karma in order to be free of them.

We are given 108 physical bodies - we have the opportunity to polarize ourselves towards Heaven by following the laws written in code in the books of all religions. If we don't do this then we have a lot of debts in the 108th life, and we descend (the soul) and we have to "balance ourselves" in each sphere.

The soul has to recognise its own mistakes, its own egos, its errors. When the soul descends it realizes this, its own bitterness - that's why we say that we awaken Consciousness by this process, but in the devolving way and for devolution - to awaken in evil for evil.

It is better to do this, to awaken, in the Solar way for the evolving forces.

When you are betrayed, when you love someone with all your heart, the soul feels the pain, the ego of attachment is causing you that pain - you suffer and cry. If you didn't have that type of ego you wouldn't suffer in that way.

When someone insults you, you are hurt in your pride, and you suffer because of that defect. This type of suffering is the same as when you descend because you are in your own hell. When you have no defects then you do not suffer even if you are in the infernos, there is no ego there to feel suffering.
All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. - 1 Corinthians, 6: 12
In this day and age our life is a hell. Each person lives in their own hell, but this is nothing compared to what it will be like if we don't disintegrate the ego here through Meditation and transmutation.

The ego always gives pain and suffering. Many psychologists worship ego and anger - "express your anger" etc.
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists, shall inherit the kingdom of God. - 1 Corinthians, 6: 9, 10
God is abundance, happiness, not pain and suffering.
And as God hath risen up the Lord, shall also raise up us by his own power.

But he that is joined unto God is one spirit. - 1 Corinthians, 6: 14, 17)
The Astral Plane is one of the dimensions of nature. Limbo is the lower astral plane. Maybe we stay a 1000 years through all the spheres of hell. However, because of the extra laws these 1000 years seem like tens of thousands of years.

When you have no ego you have no hell; because the ego and hell complement each other.
I thank (the Cosmic) Christ (our own particular, interior, individual) Jesus our Lord, who (through Daath) hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;

Even though I was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief.

But the grace of our Lord
(the Cosmic Christ) was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in (our own particular, interior, individual) Christ Jesus.
"This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that
(the Cosmic) Christ (our own particular, interior, individual) Jesus came (as fire of Chastity throughout the Spinal column) into the world (of Assiah) to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first
(my own particular, interior, individual) Jesus (the Cosmic) Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him (as INRI or Solar Fire) to life everlasting.

Now unto the
(Ain Soph Aur) King eternal, immortal, invisible (Light), the only wise (Chokmah) God, be honour (Tiphereth) and glory (Hod) for ever and ever. Amen. - 1 Timothy: 1:12 -16


It is necessary to comprehend that any Monad in its last synthesis is just an atom from the Abstract Absolute Space and every Monad has three atoms or primary forces: "Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

In order to enter into the Absolute every Monad has to develop within themselves their creative potential power related with the three primary forces of the universe and thus acquiring the necessary knowledge to exercise dominion over the Seven Cosmos.

The Monad acquires this knowledge through its Consciousness or soul by knowing good and evil and knowing beyond good and evil.

The Monad has to acquire Diamond Soul. The Monad has to acquire dominion over the metamorphosis as in the Infradimensions as well as in the Supradimensions.

The Absolute Consciousness, "Paramartha," manifests itself in the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute; the Protocosmos that is govern by one law. Every atom is a trio of Matter, Energy and Consciousness.


Image The Absolute Consciousness within the Immortal Matter of the Protocosmos grant onto the inhabitants of the Protocosmos Absolute Happiness, or "Paranishpana." This is due to the fact that every atom of that UNMANIFESTED matter carries one particle of the Absolute within their belly. These atoms have their own light, uncreated light, "Okidanock". The inhabitants of the Protocosmos (or Absolute) are called Paramarthasattyas.

The Monad of our Sun "Michael" manifests the One Law and not only in the Ain Soph Aur, but also within Klipoth or the Sun's own Infradimensions. The Infradimensions of the Sun and of any Sun shine as gold, they have their center of gravity in the Protocosmos.

All of the incarnated Paramarthasattyas vibrate with the One Law and have their center of gravity in the Protocosmos; they can manifest that gravity in any of the cosmoses, and even if they live in the infernos of any planet they will always have their center of gravity in the Absolute.

The Spiritual Suns of the Seven Dimension or Zero Dimension, "Unmanifested," manifest all of their magnificence in all of the cosmoses. Here in the third dimension we receive the solar light for our physical body, but the Ray of Okidanock nourishes also all of the dimensions and kingdoms of this planet. The Protocosmos has its center of gravity in the unknowable divine.


In order to create out of the Absolute, the Ray of Okidanock descends and divides itself into the Three Primary Forces in order to create the first manifest cosmos, the Ayocosmos. The Ayocosmos is the Infinite that is govern by 3 laws and is related with the three primary forces: "Father, Son and Holy Spirit." It is obvious that in order to belong to the world of Atziluth, the Ayocosmos or world of the Three Logoi, one has to have Self-realized along the Direct Path the Three Glorious Bodies of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as a Cosmocreator.

The Three Glorious Bodies are the Trikayas of Buddhism: Dharmakayas, Samboghakayas, and Nirmanakayas who have their center of gravity in the world of the Logos or World of Atziluth, the world of archetypes; but they can manifest their magnificence through to Klipoth.

This cosmos is out of the Absolute; this cosmos is in the manifest universe. The atoms from the matter of the Ayocosmos have 3 igneous particles from the ray of Okidanock.

The Consciousness of this cosmos is conditioned to the three primary forces; this is why the beings who dwell there are Cosmocreators because the Law of Three creates in the Manifest Universe.

This cosmos is in the seventh dimension, but manifested.


The Ray of Okidanock descends even more, and through the Law of Three, through its Cosmocreators or Logoi of the world of Atziluth, it creates in the sixth dimension the Macrocosmos, but since this cosmos is beneath the seventh dimension or world of Atziluth, it also receives the influence of the Three Laws of the Ayocosmos, therefore the Macrocosmos is governed by 6 laws (3 Laws of the Ray + 3 Laws of Cosmos above = 6 Laws).

The Macrocosmos is related to the Causal World, and it is obvious that in order to belong to this cosmos or Causal Solar World, it is necessary to have a Causal Solar Body. The Nirvanis or inhabitants of the world of Briah have their center of gravity in the Causal World, the Macrocosmos, and they cannot leave the Galaxy or Milky Way because their Consciousness will not comprehend the laws of the Megalocosmos of 3 laws.


The Ray of Okidanock descends even more, and through the Law of Three, through its Cosmocreators or Logoi of the world of Atziluth, it creates the Deuterocosmos, the World of Yetzirah, the fifth dimension; this cosmos is related with the world of the Solar Mind, but since this cosmos is beneath the seventh dimension or world of Atziluth it also receives the influence of the Three Laws of the Ayocosmos, and as well the influence of the 6 laws of the Macrocosmos that is situated in the sixth dimension; this is why this cosmos is governed by 12 laws (3 Laws of the Ray + 3 Laws of Ayocosmos + 6 laws of the Macrocosmos above = 12 Laws).

It is obvious that in order to belong to this cosmos or Mental Solar World, one needs to possess a Mental Solar Body. The Buddhas exercise dominion of the mind and have their center of gravity in the Mental World; their Consciousness cannot comprehend the laws of the whole galaxy (the Macrocosmos); however, they can help the souls or Consciousness of the Mesocosmos and Tritocosmos. And even when their Monad lives in the sixth dimension or world of the 6 laws, the latter has not yet acquired the necessary knowledge of those laws; Brahma sleeps, Brahma needs to awaken.


Image The Ray of Okidanock descends even more, and through the Law of Three, through its Cosmocreators or Logoi of the world of Atziluth, it creates the Mesocosmos. This cosmos is related with the World of Yetzirah in the fifth dimension, but since this cosmos is beneath the seventh dimension or world of Atziluth it also receives the influence of the Three Laws of the Ayocosmos, and as well the influence of the 6 laws of the Macrocosmos that is situated in the sixth dimension, likewise the influence of the 12 laws of the Deuterocosmos that is situated in the same fifth dimension; this is why this cosmos is governed by 24 laws (3 Laws of the Ray + 3 Laws of Ayocosmos + 6 laws of the Macrocosmos + 12 laws of the Deuterocomos above = 24 Laws).

It is obvious that in order to belong to this cosmos or Astral Solar World, one needs to have an Astral Solar Body. The Astral Solar Body has its center of gravity in the Astral World and gives us knowledge of the Mesocosmos.


The Ray of Okidanock descends even more, and through the Law of Three, through its Cosmo-creators or Logoi of the world of Atziluth, it creates the Microcosmos, The World of Assiah in the third dimension. This is related with the physical world, but since this cosmos is beneath the seventh dimension or world of Atziluth it also receives the influence of the Three Laws of the Ayocosmos, and as well the influence of the 6 laws of the Macrocosmos that is situated in the sixth dimension, likewise the influence of the 12 laws of the Deuterocosmos that is situated in the Fifth dimension, likewise the influence of the 24 laws of the Mesocosmos that is situated in the same Fifth dimension; this is why this Microcosmos is governed by 48 laws (3 Laws of the Ray + 3 Laws of Ayocosmos + 6 laws of the Macrocosmos + 12 laws of the Deuterocomos + 24 laws of the Mesocosmos above = 48 Laws). This is why this physical world in this third dimension is governed by 48 laws.

The Microcosmos is the authentic human being or Seirampin who possesses knowledge from above and below.


The Ray of Okidanock descends even more, and through the Law of Three, through its Cosmo-creators or Logoi of the world of Atziluth, it creates the Tritocosmos. This cosmos is related with the Infradimensions, but since this cosmos is beneath the seventh dimension or world of Atziluth it also receives the influence of the Three Laws of the Ayocosmos, and as well the influence of the 6 laws of the Macrocosmos that is situated in the sixth dimension, likewise the influence of the 12 laws of the Deuterocosmos that is situated in the Fifth dimension, likewise the influence of the 24 laws of the Mesocosmos that is situated in the same Fifth dimension and the influence of the 48 laws of the Microcosmos situated in the third dimension, this is why the Tritocosmos is governed by 96 laws (3 Laws of the Ray + 3 Laws of Ayocosmos + 6 laws of the Macrocosmos + 12 laws of the Deuterocomos + 24 laws of the Mesocosmos + the 48 laws of the Microcosmos above = 96 Laws).

All of these laws manifest themselves as particles of the Ray of Okidanock within the different atoms from the different matters within the different dimensions of the universe. These are, therefore "wills" of the Absolute that are conditioned to the Consciousness of the different cosmic atoms.

Therefore, for now, we, the millions of people from this planet earth, are just hasnamussen or inhabitants of KLIPOTH, the Tritocosmos. The only thing that we have related to the 48 laws is our physical body, because for our disgrace our Consciousness has its center of gravity in the infernos, because the Consciousness is bottled up within the atoms of the secret enemy, the ego.

The inhabitants of this planet Earth in this tridimensional world of 48 laws manifest their Egotistic Consciousness through the three brains of their physical bodies; therefore their center of gravity vibrates with the Tritocosmos of 96 and more laws.

Every cosmic unity has its AIN SOPH (Protocosmos), every cosmic unity has the three atoms: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Ayocosmos), every cosmic unity has Atman, Buddhi, Manas (Macrocosmos), every cosmic unity has mind, but not all of the cosmic unities have solar mind (Deuterocosmos), every cosmic unity has emotion, but not all of the cosmic unities have solar emotion or Astral solar body (Mesocosmos), every cosmic unity has physical body, but not all of the cosmic unities have a human body (Microcosmos), every cosmic unity has infernos (Tritocosmos), but not all of the cosmic unities have ego.

The Monad and all of its components have to establish their center of gravity in the Absolute, in the One Law; this is why the Monad has to Self-realize itself because the Absolute does not know itself in all of its Monads; it is within them as the eternal incessant breath profoundly unknowable to itself.

Every cosmic unity is septuple in its constitution, but every cosmic unity has a different center of gravity. It has its center of gravity in any of the seven cosmoses. It is clear that where there are more degrees of perfection there is more Light.

The matter of each one of the nine abysmal spheres from the Tritocosmos is governed by 96 laws. The second sphere also receives the influence of the first sphere; therefore it is govern by 192 laws. The third is governed by 96 laws, but because it receives also the influence of the second, it is govern by 288 laws. The fourth is governing by 96, but because it receives the influence of the third of 288, this is governed by 384 and likewise successively until reaching the 864 laws of the ninth sphere.

The Seventh Sphere of the inferior worlds is the Saturnian Infradimension. Why is this so?
This region is controlled by 672 laws, a region of completely dense materialism, totally mechanical.

The souls that dwell there are completely divorced from their Inner Being.

Previously we talked about the Holy Spirit - the Creator of Life, the force that sustains every universe.

When we study the Tree of Life, Binah is the Holy Spirit. Binah ( Hebrew ) means "Understanding" or "Intelligence." It is the Intelligence that sustains life, that fire that united the sperm with the ovum. This Intelligence is in the foundation of every type of matter in any universe or dimension.

Binah is controlling the Ninth Sphere, which is related with the sexual force - the Cubic Stone of Yesod - located at the level of the sexual organs of the man when placed against the hieroglyphic called Tree of Life.

ImageAlso the Holy Spirit is related with the Sephirah of the throat of this imaginary man. In the throat of this imaginary man behind the 10 Sephiroth we find the mysterious Sephirah Daath which means knowledge.

The Holy Spirit, Intelligence, also controls that Mysterious Sephirah.

The sexual energy in our sexual organs and the Word that we utter are thanks to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is in relation to the life in the world below and with life in the world above. Above is in the higher planes the Holy Spirit creates through the Word, sustains the universe through the Word.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. - John 1:1- 5
This power of the Word is sustained because of the Holy Spirit.

But here below in this physical world, in order to create, we need the sexual organs.

Not only the New Gospel refers about the Word in the beginning but also in Genesis is written that Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit says:
And Jehovah Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And Jehovah Elohim saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. - Genesis1:3, 4
Of course the Word pronounced by the Holy Spirit is that Light.

This Holy Spirit is related in the Tree of Life with the planet Saturn. Saturn is that planet that is related to Binah.

This is why the Holy Spirit in Daath is the one who creates the universe; Binah is related to the two forces Iod-Heve, or Jehovah. Jehovah creates in the darkness.

It is written that:
In the beginning Jehovah Elohim created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Ruach of Jehovah Elohim moved upon the face of the waters.
And Jehovah Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light. - Genesis
So, from the darkness, Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit, said, "Let there be Light, and the Light came from the darkness."

That is why the maker of Light is Jehovah Elohim the Holy Spirit, or in other words Jehovah Elohim are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father - together they make the Holy Couple, which is Iod-Heva Elohim.

Whosoever wants to make Light has to imitate Jehovah Elohim, has to make that Light in the darkness. The Holy Spirit always works in the darkness - but people are afraid of the darkness.
The sperm leaves the testicles in darkness, visits the prostate in the darkness, and leaves the urethra in the darkness, and penetrates in the womb in the darkness, fecundates the egg in darkness, and in the darkness life is being created. All of that Great Work is the work of the Holy Spirit.

That Intelligence is everywhere. In the darkness the Holy Spirit is multiplying the seed of a plant. The seed is in the ground in the darkness and the Holy Spirit is making it grow - the Holy Spirit is that Intelligence that makes light.

That is why it is written in the Ten Commandments - "You shall sanctify the Sabbath" - or Saturday. Make the Saturday holy.

This is why the Israelites, the Hebrews, keep Saturday as a holy day.

Astrologically speaking this day is related to Saturn. Shabbatai is the Hebrew name for Saturn.
To honor Saturday according to tradition is okay, but we have to go deeply in to the meaning of this.

Saturn is the Kingdom of Death. Saturn commands the Ray of Death. But also it is related to Life. Many Great Masters that work in the Ray of Saturn are great physicians; they have a lot of wisdom related to death. That wisdom, that light, comes from the Holy Spirit.

To make Saturday holy is one of the Commandments that we have to learn how to perform - which is how to make the Holy Spirit work in ourselves in a divine way. To keep it holy as it is, working with the forces of Saturn.

We are speaking in relationship to Jehovah Elohim - the Holy Spirit and Saturn in relation to Alchemy, not in the astrological sense where Saturn is in relation to the Archangel Orifiel. Here we are talking about Binah the third Sephirah in relation to Saturn, in relation to the Third Commandment, "We have to keep the Sabbath holy." In other words, this means to work with the forces of the Holy Spirit, in order to Self-realize ourselves.

In order to do that we have to understand how the forces of the Holy Spirit work in the human organism, and in all the living beings, in all the living units in the universe, in the mineral, plant, animal, human kingdoms.

That Intelligence, called Binah always works in the darkness.

Image That is why it is said that the Gnostics work in the Ninth Sphere, the Sphere of the Holy Spirit, which is called in mythology "Vulcan," in the flaming forge of Vulcan.

That flaming forge is the sexual act that has to be always performed in darkness, because Saturn is the one that controls it - this is the Obscurity of the Wise.

The Holy Spirit works in the throat in a divine way, and below, in the sex. That is why the Great Arcanum is in relation to the Word. When the couple are connected worshipping the Holy Spirit, worshipping Jehovah, Siva, they vocalise the Holy Name of God - IAO
IAO is related to the Holy Trinity, Iod He Vau.

By vocalising, by putting into activity the throat, controlled by the Holy Spirit, one transmutes the sexual energy, from the sexual organs, which is the Holy Tabernacle of Jehovah Elohim.
We have to be careful what we say.

"You shall not fornicate, you shall not commit Adultery" in order not to pollute the Stone, the Rock, which is the instrument of the Holy Spirit, the sexual organs. The great mystery of Saturn is the way that the Initiate creates light by working with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in the beginning has to create the Solar Bodies.

Within the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness is the First Factor, which is to be born again by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

This is the mysterious baptism of the Holy Spirit that the Gospel talks about, that we have to be baptised by fire, and by the water, the two polarisations of the forces.

In the beginning we have to create the Wedding Garment of the Soul, in the Ninth Sphere, by vocalizing, and when we succeed in creating the internal bodies, then we have to keep working with the Holy Spirit, with the annihilation of the ego - utilising that same force to destroy.

In India the Holy Spirit is called Siva, and is always represented by the phallus, the lingam, and also by the trident, because the Holy Spirit is in relation to the three forces.

Siva, the Holy Spirit, works with the trident - when the man and woman are united in the sexual act, the man is the positive force, the woman is the negative force, and the third is when they are united.

When a woman and a man are united in the sexual act, we have the Holy Matrimony - the Trinomial - the Three Forces, the Triamazicamno.

This is how we work with the three forces of the trident of Siva.

When the Gnostics are united in the sex they can ask for the elimination of any ego - this is how the forces of the Holy Spirit, Jehovah Elohim, Binah destroy the ego with the sexual fire.
This is the work that we have to do - we have to be born again, but we have to deny ourselves also. This is what Jesus says in the Bible:
Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. - Matthew 16:24
These are the Three Factors:

To take up thy cross day by day is Birth - the work with the Holy Spirit in the Ninth Sphere, because the cross is the intersection of the masculine force with the feminine. The cross is holy when it is in movement (the swastika), but unfortunately this humanity that ignores the secrets, makes the cross unholy. The cross that is not in movement is the cross of the fornicators. The fornicators sin against the Holy Spirit, because they make the cross but do not put the cross in movement. To put it in movement is to create the perpetual movement, to transmute the energy of the Holy Spirit, which is commonly called the sexual fire - but when one spills the sexual fire in the orgasm, then this is a sacrilege against the Holy Spirit, who is the Giver of Life.

To deny oneself is the work against the ego - Death

To follow is to perform the Will of God - Sacrifice

This is how we must understand and comprehend the mysteries of the Sabbath. When we read the Bible we read that Jesus was performing miracles on Saturday. Any initiate can do this. Because he was the Lord of Saturday, in other words he was the conqueror of the Stone.
There are many religious people who perform sex only in Saturday, but they are not Lords of Saturday. They do not control the forces of the Holy Spirit, which is to achieve Chastity.

When somebody is working seriously in the annihilation of the ego they meditate everyday, comprehend the ego everyday, and ask for the annihilation to the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, RAM-IO, in order for Siva with his Trident, to annihilate the ego - and of course the ego is darkness, represented by the crow, the bird of Saturn, that always feeds itself with sepulchral offerings. Somebody who is working in the annihilation of the ego is somebody who is working in the Kingdom of Saturn. The Kingdom of Saturn is the Kingdom of Death. This is a real initiate, one who is really keeping the Sabbath.

There are a lot of Jewish sects in Israel - they all keep the Saturday, and are respecting, astrologically speaking, the seventh day of the week. That tradition in their religion is acceptable - but we do not stop there if we want to keep the Sabbath.

In Christianity we find Pentecost - where they keep the Saturday, but not esoterically in the work that we have to do.

If we keep the forces of the Holy Spirit in Chastity and work for the annihilation of the ego then we are someone who is performing the work, keeping the Sabbath, keeping that commandment - "You have to keep Saturday holy."

This is to keep the work holy, not to go back into sin, to commit the same errors.

When you know the Mysteries, you have to work and keep ahead, not go backwards, to be triumphant, which is to keep the Sabbath holy, your own particular work with Saturday, with the Holy Spirit, which is always in darkness. We transmute the energy; that is why the work of Alchemy has to be done in the night, never in the day, because the Holy Spirit makes light in the darkness - that is why we have to meditate, because when we meditate we go deeply into the subconsciousness which is darkness.

Image Many complain that Meditation is difficult, it is not clear - of course it is so, because we have to make light - we have to go into our own darkness and start to make light there - the Holy Spirit is Understanding. We have to utilise our Intelligence, meaning your own Consciousness in union with the Holy Spirit - that is why we have to pray to our own Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, when we are meditating, because she is the one that makes light in the darkness. As you meditate you comprehend, and then with her help, the Holy Spirit is annihilating the ego and then you are making light in the darkness. This is how the Holy Spirit works when it is the Destroyer - the Destroyer of the unfaithful ones - Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit, destroys the unfaithful ones.

Who are these unfaithful ones, the unbelievers? These are not outside us, the people that don't believe in our religion, but these are our egos, which are inside, who are the enemies of the work that we have to perform, which is the work of Saturn. That's why we teach about the Great Work of the Holy Spirit, but people do not like this work, they are afraid of the Holy Spirit. The whole work is called occultism - why? Because the whole work that we perform with the Holy Spirit is occult, is performed in the hidden parts, in the darkness.

Of course, we know that there are the opposite forces in the darkness. If the Holy Spirit makes light in the darkness, there are also other creatures there who are the enemies of the Holy Spirit, that hate the Holy Spirit, that hate Jehovah Elohim, Siva. These are the demons, the ego. There are those people that work in the darkness for evil, for the sake of the ego, not for the sake of Jehovah Elohim.

That is why related to Saturn, Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Work of the Israelites, is the word Samson = Shem Shaun. Shemsh-aun derives from the Hebrew words -
  • Shemesh = Sun
  • Aun = Sexual strength
So, Samson means in Hebrew the sexual strength of the sun - and where is this? It is in the Stone, Yesod. The solar light is placed in the Stone, thanks to the Holy Spirit. That's why in Kabbalah we say that the Stone of Yesod, which is the Ninth Sphere, is controlled by the Moon, and the forces of the Moon are governed by Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit. So the whole energy of the sun is placed in the earth thanks to the moon - the moon organises the forces. But in the moon we find two forces, the white force that is controlled by Jehovah who teaches Chastity, and the black forces of the moon, governed by Lilith, the opposite.

Lilith comes from the word Laila - which in Hebrew means "night." The word Delilah means the night.

So, Samson and Delilah means the struggle of the forces of dark and light within the Initiate who knows the secret of the Sabbath.

ImageSamson was a Nazarene - these were those people that didn't cut their hair or beards, and were consecrating their life to Jehovah Elohim, to the forces of Saturn. That's why Samson was strong, not physically, but psychologically speaking, spiritually speaking. Very strong, the strength of the Holy Spirit, when we transmute, when we are in Chastity, that energy, which is solar energy, which is Shemesh, rises in the spinal column and reaches the brain. And this is how the brain becomes illuminated by Intelligence. This is how the long hair of Samson is related with the sexual energy transmuted, when the Holy Spirit reaches the hair, or the long hair, or the rays of the sun on the head of Samson, is the intelligence, wisdom, and understanding. He was almighty, but of course Delilah, the night, cut his hair. How? If the force of Samson is in his hair, which is the rays of the sun, the light, the force of transmuting, it is obviously that by fornicating is how she cut it.

All the strength was out of him - he became blind - he had no more visions, he was no longer a seer, no longer a Kabbalist. He became like anybody. But he was a worshipper of Jehovah Elohim, he knew the secret, he knew the path, but he didn't succeed in the ordeal with Laila, Lilith, the night.

And Lilith are the forces of evil that work in the darkness - they have nothing to do with the light - they enjoy performing evil, the ego.

Image There is on the Left Hand the so-called Witches Sabbath - in which the witches, demons, sorcerers, etc, gather in order to celebrate the Sabbath, but in the evil way. This is why there was confusion in the Middle Ages, because of the ignorance of the Catholic priests who didn't know about the secrets of Sabbath, and criticised even the great Initiates who were working with Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit. Of course many initiates were burned, killed, by the "Holy Inquisition" that didn't know anything about the Holy Work with the Holy Spirit.

This Great Work is in relation to the sexual organs, that which we call the Holy Tabernacle, or the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of Science, the Ark of Alliance etc. This is always referring to the sexual organs. That is why there are a lot of commandments in the Bible relating to sex. There are many people that read the Bible but do not understand it, because they ignore the Mysteries of Binah, Saturday.

So the enemies of Saturday are those who violate the forces of the Holy Spirit.

When you polarize with the positive forces of Saturn, then you work in a good way with the occult forces of the Holy Spirit, because the whole work is always performed occultly, in the darkness.

When you pray, you close your eyes and are hidden in the dark. The whole work is guided by Saturn. And whoever is a conqueror is a Lord of Saturday.

That is why Jesus said the Son of Man is a Lord of Saturday. But you have to understand that the Son of Man is an Initiate in union with the forces of Christ working in the annihilation of the ego, and the creation of the Wedding Garment of the Soul, the solar bodies. This is necessary to become Lord of Saturday, and to perform all the miracles, because all the miracles or psychological works are performed on Saturday. This is how Jesus performed many miracles on Saturday. Jeshua, the Saviour, will perform many miracles in you if you keep the Sabbath, Saturday, holy - if you work with the Holy Spirit in the right way.

But the opposite are the enemies of the Holy Spirit - the fornicators.

Image In the Seventh Sphere of Hell, related with the negative aspect of Saturn, you find all the enemies of the Holy Spirit. They declare themselves enemies of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes they do it consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

Dante Alighieri found Priests there, in the Seventh Sphere, who were celibate. Of course, when someone doesn't conquer the dominion of the sexual force in their physical body, and rejects the sexual act, but ignores how to transmute, they are an enemy of the Holy Spirit.

These people think they can reach God by rejecting the sexual act - they ignore that in order to reach that level one needs first of all to teach the physical body how to transmute in the physical act and to create the Wedding Garment of the Soul, to reach the Second Birth.

They are enemies of the Holy Spirit - most of them have nocturnal pollutions, wet dreams, where all of the energy of the Holy Spirit spills out of their body. They fornicate when they have that type of dream, because Fornication is when the sexual matter leaves the sexual organs - that is Fornication. Whether it is by masturbation, or wet dream, or whether in legitimate matrimony - it doesn't matter how the sexual matter leaves the body, if it is spilled, it is Fornication, it is written.
And if any man's semen go out from him during copulation, then he shall wash all his flesh in (the sexual) waters (of Yesod), and be unclean until the even (Klipoth).
The woman also with whom man shall lie with semen during copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in (the sexual) waters (of Yesod), and be unclean until the even (Klipoth). - Leviticus15:16, 18
And the enemies of the Holy Spirit hate the cross - how are they called? There are many levels of this type of hatred, but the most well known person is Dracula.

Who is Dracula? A vampire - a type of psychological defect, a lustful defect, which is related with homosexuality. A male vampire is a homosexual, and a female vampire is a lesbian, in the physical world. They hate the cross, because the cross is the crossing of the masculine force with the feminine force in the sexual act. The phallus united with the uterus makes the cross. This is why male and female vampires hate the cross.

Those vampires are the egos of lust of homosexuals and lesbians. So there are as many male and female vampires as homosexuals and lesbians in the world - those egos that like to suck the energy of those that are "normal."

In a similar way as the ego of anger likes to fight and argue, the ego of homosexuality and lesbianism likes to suck the energy and hates the cross, and gives a lot of justifications in order to justify its hatred of the cross. That is why they are enemies of the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit works in the cross, makes life in the cross.

The Holy Spirit is that wisdom, that intelligence, that unites two atoms of hydrogen with one atom of oxygen, crosses them, and in that cross the Holy Spirit makes water, and thanks to the water we are alive.

In every single union, or crossing of elements, is what is nature. The Holy Spirit is always creating different types of life with the crossing of elements. The sperm and the ovum, or the water etc, are always the result of the cross.

The cross is a holy symbol.

That is why Jesus was crucified on the cross - because he was sacrificing himself in order to give life, through the cross.

That's why it is stupid when you know the knowledge to say that Jesus also accepts homosexuals and gives them eternal life, to say that they will be saved. Homosexuals and lesbians are rotten seeds, spiritually speaking. Why? Because they do not germinate, not even physically.

Homosexual marriages adopt children because they cannot create life, they have given up creating life, because they hate the cross, physically speaking. So how are they going to create internal light, internal life, how are they going to make light in the darkness when they justify their homosexuality and lesbianism? They are lost cases. Not because we say so, but because they cannot even make life physically, let alone internally. They hate the cross. In order to make light in the darkness you need to worship the cross, but not just believing in it, but working in it, in the Holy Sabbath. But the homosexuals and lesbians are enemies of the Holy Spirit, they violate the Sabbath and follow Lilith, those who hate the Holy Spirit and love Laila, the Night.

In the Seventh Sphere of Hell, controlled by 672 laws, we find those souls who are violent against the Holy Spirit.

There are many ways to perform violence against the Holy Spirit, but the worst way is in the way of homosexuality. They violate their sexual organs, using the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit in the wrong way and hating the cross.

But also there is violence against nature in those who masturbate, they commit violence against their own body, against life, against the Holy Spirit.

Castration is violence against the Holy Spirit. There are many kinds of castration in these times - we find, for instance, women that cut their fallopian tubes - the female organs are the Holy Tabernacle of Jehovah Elohim, where the Holy Spirit creates life in their body.

Other ways are putting anything inside the physical body to avoid the Holy Spirit making life. This is violence against the Holy Spirit - any contraception. The Holy Spirit is the one that works, is that intelligence in that marvellous communion between the sexual organs and the pineal gland in order to create the hormones that we call the sperm and ovum, for life to be created in this physical world. But when a woman puts into her body pills, any kind of contraceptive, in order to break that marvellous intelligence in the body, she is committing violence against the Holy Spirit, is violating the body, breaking the functioning, the metabolism of their body, with consequences.

Vasectomy is violence against nature, violence against the Holy Spirit.

Everything that goes against life is violence against the Holy Spirit.

There are many vets that think they are doing good by neutering cats and dogs, but they perform violence against the Holy Spirit. What the Holy Spirit created in the animals, they are cutting.

There are many enemies of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the one that illuminates when you enter into Chastity, in the path. And you acquire wisdom, intelligence, thanks to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was illuminated thanks to the Holy Spirit. When he was in the Jordan, the Holy Spirit descended into him, as a white dove, and he became Jesus Christ, performing miracles. Because the Holy Spirit was in him, otherwise he couldn't perform any miracles. The Heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a white dove.

This happened to all the Masters - Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Osiris, Zoroaster - many masters were illuminated by the Holy Spirit, and were expressing, talking, because the Holy Spirit expresses itself through the throat giving the knowledge. So all the religions are holy, because all of them come from Jehovah, Iod-Heva, Siva, the Holy Spirit, Binah, the Intelligence.

So anybody that pronounces himself against a religion is violent against the Holy Spirit. They are an enemy of the Holy Spirit.

Image In Hell, in the Seventh Sphere controlled by 672 laws, we find Karl Marx. He is accused of the crime of having created Marxism, Leninism - the followers do not believe in any religion, they destroy religion. But Marx was a Rabbi that wanted to establish the religion of Moses in the world, and no other religion. He thought the rest of the religions were "from the Devil," therefore he created the gibberish of Marxism, in order to destroy all religions, and later on in time to establish the religion of Moses. Behind Marxism is a fanatic priest of Judaism.

We are not saying that all Jews are evil! No, just those like Marx and Lenin, who knew what they were doing, in order to destroy all religions with their dialectic. There are other Jews that are doing good, like Jesus and the apostles of Jesus that were keeping and working in the Holy Sabbath.

So anybody that follows Marxism is an enemy of the Holy Spirit, and the result of this will be to find yourself in the Seventh Sphere.

Abortion is a crime against nature - violence against the Holy Spirit, whether it is with or without permission of the state doesn't matter. Even if the whole world votes and approves abortion, it is still violence against the Holy Spirit. Those doctors that perform abortion find themselves in the Seventh Sphere as demons, because only a demon could think that abortion is good.

That demon is a vampire or hyena inside of us.

Dante found a very infra-red, bloody red color in that dimension. When you examine with your clairvoyance that ego of violence against nature, you find that it has a very bloody red color in its aura, because it is in relation to violence against the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit circulates in the blood, and that is why that ego fills itself with blood, with the Holy Spirit.

This is why vampires are related with blood.

Image Also in the Seventh Sphere you find Fraud - when you promise something and don't accomplish it. The monster of fraud, Dante says, had the head of a venerable elder, a great hierophant, but from his neck below was a worm, a slug, serpent, and this is the symbol of fraud in the Seventh Sphere. This refers to that type of ego that everyone has, that always promises and does not fulfil.

The Holy Spirit is in relation to Love. Don Juan is a type of ego related to fraud, that promises a lot and later on commits fraud, causing pain.

Fraud is in many sects - people promise many things that they do not know, and they think that they are teaching good things. Fraud is in teaching people that by only believing certain things then they are safe. This is fraud because when people die they are not saved. To be saved is something very difficult, requiring work inside.

The crimes of violence against nature and fraud is in relation to this sphere, which are types of crimes that are very common, and that we have - because there are many ways that you can become an enemy of the Holy Spirit.

Do not forget that it is written:
Flee Fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth Fornication sinneth against his own body. - Corinthians-1:6:18
Whosoever that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not (solar atoms through scientific Chastity) with me scattereth (those solar atoms) abroad (in other words, he or she fornicates).
Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men.

And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. - Matthew12:30-32
Violence against nature is against the Holy Spirit, so we have to be careful that we do not sin against the Holy Spirit.

There is violence when the couple gives excuses for practising transmutation more than one time per day. It is limited to only one time per day, and so they are violent against nature.
Many people are terrible fornicators; some people in one day fornicate 15 times. In order to do this the sexual organs have to take the energy from other parts that are not related to it.
When they commit the sexual act more than one time, they break the magnetic pause that nature is placing in the organism. Because the Holy Spirit creates the sexual energy inside of us, through what we eat, what we breath, what we think, but every 24 hours. So to perform the sexual act more than one time, like 15 times in a day, is extremely violent to the organism.

A theory that destroys Divinity is a crime against nature. Marx did that consciously because he is awakened; he is a Black Master, of the Black Lodge. He knew what he was making, even though he didn't believe in it. In the first congress that they had, Karl Marx stood up and said: "I am not Marxist." Everyone complained, asking why he was saying this if he was the creator of Marxism, and he said, "I am not Marxist, I am not Marxist." Three times in all.
And from that gathering that they had, Marxism split into many sects, Bolshevism etc. and many other sects of communism.

But he didn't believe in it, because he knew that it was just gibberish that he created. Karl Marx is just a disciple of the Black Lodge that is fighting in order to conquer the world.

The dialectic of Marxism is just plagiarism - the real dialectic was created by Hegel. Marx took that dialectic, and anything that was too spiritual he took it out, and made his dialectic. It does not resist a deep analysis, but a lot of people think it is the way.

Lenin is asleep.

Marx was a Rabbi - some Black Magicians who follow the Demon Javhe want to establish the religion of Moses by force, and support anybody who criticizes, is violent against, other religions. There are many fanatics who talk against other religions.
He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of Jehovah Elohim. - Deuteronomy 23:1


ImageHowbeit we speak (Kabbalistic) wisdom among them that are (spiritually) perfect: yet (the wisdom of the mysterious Sephirah Daath that is) not the (materialistic) wisdom of this world, nor of the (intellectual) princes of this world (of Kali Yuga), that come to nought: But we speak the (Kabbalistic) wisdom of God in (the) mystery (of the Sephirah Daath), even the occult wisdom, which God ordained before (the creation of) the world unto our glory: Which none of the (intellectual) princes of this age (of Kali Yuga) knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified (with their filthy Fornication) the Lord of (Hod) glory.

But as it is written, (the intellectual) Eye hath not seen, nor (the intellectual) ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of (a fornicator) man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him (by means of the transmutation of their sexual waters into the wine of spirituality).

But God hath revealed them unto us by his (Holy) Spirit: (that rises throughout the channel of Sushumna of our spinal medulla) for the (Spiritual Atom of the Holy) Spirit (in the Pineal Gland) searches all things, yea, the deep things of God.

For what man knows the things of a man, save the
(energy of the Holy) Spirit of man which is in (the sexual organs of) him? Even so the things of God know no man, but the (Holy) Spirit of God.

Now we
(are not fanatical believers who babble incoherent words or Mediums or Chanellers of Spiritualism, because we) have received not the spirit of the world of (Klipoth), but the (Holy) Spirit which is of God (in the Stone of Jacob, the Stone of Yesod); that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.

Which things also we speak (in the language of scientific Chastity or Alchemy), not in the words which (the intellectual animal mistakenly called) man's wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Spirit teaches; comparing spiritual things with (authentic) spiritual (matters).


But the natural man (who performs the sexual act as an animal) receives not the things of the (Holy) Spirit of God (because he is a fornicator due to the sexual orgasm): for they are foolishness unto him (because he has his brain and his pineal gland atrophied due to Fornication): neither can he know them (the mysteries of God), because they are spiritually discerned (with a Solar Christified Mind).

But he that is spiritual (is spiritual because he created a spiritual body through scientific Chastity and thus he) judged all things (with his superlative intuition), yet he himself is judged of no (fornicator) man.

For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ
(the Solar Mind). - 1 Corinthians 2: 6 -16

We are entering into the study of the Eighth Circle of Hell which is related to the planet Uranus.

Uranus is further from the sun than Saturn. Uranus is in the constellation of Aquarius, or better said, Aquarius is the House of Uranus.

In this moment we are in the Age of Aquarius that started 4th February 1962. Since that date we have been under the regents of the planet Uranus, which are related with the sexual glands. Uranus governs the endocrine sexual glands.

The planet Uranus takes 84 years to go around the sun. For 42 years the South Pole is towards the sun, and for 42 years the other pole points towards the sun.

When the positive pole points to the sun then the masculine sexual glands receive the spiritual strength, or impulse, and we see the male sex in the human species having more predominance.

From 1962 until 2004 the negative pole has pointed towards the sun, and that is why the feminine sex has dominated in this epoch.

Uranus is completely related with the sexual energy, the sexual glands. That is why we find in these times a kind of sexual rebellion, or a form of sexual "liberation," but also sexual degeneration.

Talking about sex we have to enter into the theme of Tantrism. Tantrism is the way that humanity enters into the knowledge of any religion. Tantrism is the way that the human being learns how to utilise the sexual energy in order to awaken his Consciousness.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means "ritual," a kind of ritual in which we take advantage of what the Bible calls the Seraphim.

Seraphim is a plural word meaning "to burn." There are types of angels called Seraphim, and translated into English these are called the Fiery Serpents. Sera is a kind of fire, with the form of a serpent.

In the Book of Numbers, chapter 21: 6,7,8 - we find the Israelites in the wilderness, and because they were rebellious against Jehovah Elohim.
And Jehovah Elohim sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.

Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, we have sinned, for we have spoken against Jehovah Elohim, and against thee; pray unto Jehovah Elohim, that he take away the serpents from us. And Moses prayed for the people.

ImageAnd Jehovah Elohim said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looks upon it, shall live.

And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived."
These are very significant verses which you can only interpret with the knowledge of Alchemy and Kabbalah.

Types of Seraphim were sent to the Israelites in the wilderness. First we have to understand that these kind of fiery serpents are not related with the physical plane, we are not talking of physical fire, but a type of spiritual fire, or a type of fire that can transform, or create. Really the Seraphim, the fiery serpents, are related with the sexual fire, because the worship of Jehovah is related to the worship of the Iod and Heva, worship of the phallus and uterus. Iod-Heva are the two polarizations of the Holy Spirit, which are related to the forces of Uranus, the sexual forces.

The man contains the Iod - within the sexual organs.

Heva, the feminine aspect of Jehovah, is placed within the feminine body.

Iod and Heva are directly in the sexual organs, because Jehovah, the Holy Spirit, is that force related to creation. We are talking here about creation, the sexual energy.

If someone is rebellious against Jehovah it means that they were not following the commandments, in relation to Chastity. They were fornicators. Those fiery serpents that were biting them are all of those lustful elements that we have within, those elements that torment the initiates in the wilderness of their life.

When one is walking in this path of Self-realization, and one forgets the annihilation of the ego, it is obvious that the lust takes advantage in order to withdraw the soul from the path.

When one is walking in the wilderness of his own life, and is not achieving the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness, Birth, Death, Sacrifice, and is not achieving his duty, then it is obvious that he is bitten, by fiery serpents, by his own passion.

Passion is a fire that burns. Sera means to burn. To burn inside and to fail, and to suffer. Sometimes even to die as a failure.

The initiates, the Israelites, were talking to Moses - "We have sinned against Jehovah because of our rebellion, so please talk to Jehovah so he can help us" (the Holy Spirit, which is really fire). It is written in the Book of Numbers that Moses talked to Jehovah, who said - "Make yourself a fiery serpent."

We would say "You have to be a fiery serpent, or awaken your fiery serpent." If they (the Israelites) awaken their fiery serpent they can be healed of their passion, of their problems that they are having in the wilderness.

And it is written that Moses made a serpent of brass.

"Make yourself a fiery serpent," and Moses makes a serpent of bronze. Why?

Not made of that metal that is a mixture of copper and tin. In Exodus it is written; "You shall not worship any image," so how is it that Moses make this serpent of bronze, which the Israelites were worshipping? Of course it is not physical - it is related to the Seraphim, the serpent that burns.

Where on earth can we find a serpent that burns?

In Hinduism we find a serpent that burns, a fire that rises up the spinal column of the initiate. In India, anyone that works with the Sera, with the serpent that burns, is called a Naga, which in Sanskrit means "serpent." And that is why in Hebrew or in Kabbalah, those beings that become like God, perfect, are called Seraphim. The Seraphim are top of the Christian hierarchy. But the word Seraphim means "serpent that burns," or fiery serpent.

The fiery serpent is represented by the serpent of bronze, a symbol of the two polarities of Jehovah.

Tin symbolizes the Iod, or the masculine phallus. Copper represents Heva, or the feminine uterus.

Jehovah says, "Make a Seraphim for you and put it upon a pole." Of course this pole is nothing else than the cross.

When Copper and Tin are united in the sexual act, this is how you create the serpent of bronze, which is the result of what we call White Tantra, or the way in which the initiate worships the Holy Spirit, according to his Commandments. The way in which the initiate is raising the fiery serpent as Jehovah commands. And this is Tantra.

ImageWhen the Great Kabir Jesus speaks in Tantric symbology (Daath symbology) to Nicodemus, Jesus tells him:
Except a man be born of (sexual) water and of the (Holy) Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
In other words, Genesis 2, 3 states:
And the (Holy) Spirit of God moved upon the face of the (sexual) waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."
Gospel of John chapter 3:
If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?
And when Jesus cites the fiery serpent or Seraphim, Jesus tells Nicodemus:
And as Moses lifted up the serpent (the Seraphim or serpent that burns, or fiery serpent) in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up. - Gospel of John chapter 3
There are three types of Tantra. Here we talk of White Tantra, where we learn how to put into activity through Alchemy, the fiery serpent in the spinal column. The fiery serpent awakes the Seven Churches that the Book of Revelation talks about, which are the Seven Chakras in Sanskrit, seven magnetic centers.

Of course the serpent gives us power over the four elements of nature - air, water, earth, fire. This fire, or the Holy Spirit, is in the bottom of every matter, at the foundation of every matter. Therefore to work with the fiery serpent, the Seraphim, means to work with the forces of nature with which Jehovah Elohim created this planet, the fire of the Holy Spirit. This is related with the four Seraphim that we find in the Book of Ezekiel. One has the face of an eagle, the other a face of a bull, of a lion, the other a man - that represent the four elements of nature - meaning that the fire of the Holy Spirit resides in the four elements, and whosoever controls that fire controls the four elements. This is what in Sanskrit is called White Tantrism. Worship or ritual is Tantra - there are many types of worship, but here we are talking about the way in which we have to worship the Holy Spirit, or Jehovah Elohim; that fiery serpent that one has to awaken in order to fight the other serpents, because in the wilderness the fiery serpents are biting the Israelites.

The serpent of bronze is the mixture of fires - the masculine fire and the feminine fire.
For our God is a consuming fire. - Hebrews 12:29
A bronze serpent is the same as a fiery serpent. The two metals (copper and tin) represent the two fires; uniting these fires.

In your masculine bodies you have tin, a type of fire related with the positive pole, in feminine bodies you have copper, which is a type of fire related with the feminine pole. But when these two poles are united in the sexual act, the two fires are mixed. With the technique of Alchemy another fire is created - you make a fiery serpent for yourself, and it rises in the spinal column - this fire is no longer tin, or copper, but is the union of the two - the Serpent of Bronze.

This serpent rises when we know how to withdraw from the sexual act without the sin of spilling the wine of the altar. The wine of the altar is that sacred sexual fire that we have to keep alight always. But when we lose that element we are bitten by the opposite - the fiery serpents that are biting the Israelites.

ImageTherefore, there are two types of serpents, the ones that bite the Israelites and make them suffer, and the serpent that they have to create to heal themselves.

The biting serpent is their own passions.

When somebody sins against the Holy Spirit they are a fornicator, wasting the sexual energy. So when the sexual energy is wasted they are bitten by their own passion, and that passion is fire that burns; but in Klipoth, for the bad.

We have to learn how to take advantage of the same fire, but in the positive way, as Jehovah commanded Moses - making a fiery serpent, or a serpent of brass - with White Tantrism.

The objective of creating a fiery serpent is to awaken the Consciousness. This Serpent of Bronze is called the Kundalini (Sanskrit).

Kunda refers to the Kanda, which is a magnetic center situated between the anus and the sexual organs. In that region we find the Kanda. When the Kanda, or the magnetic fire of the Kanda which is situated there, is awakened, and then it receives in Sanskrit the name of Kundalini.

And it rises in the spinal column, transforming the soul in different levels.

The objective of awakening this fire within the human organism is to create other vehicles in order to be baptised by the fire of the Holy Spirit, in which you create internal bodies, the Wedding Garment of the Soul. This Garment is created by the transmutation, or transformation, of the sexual energy, in order to achieve the Second Birth. The Second Birth is related to the awakening of this Serpent of Bronze.

During the wilderness of our own life we have to work with this fire in order to annihilate our ego, to get rid of our defects, vices, errors, and the only way to destroy them is by utilising this fire. With this fire we clean ourselves, while worshipping the Holy Spirit.

The Seraphim have power over the four elements - Hajoth Ha Kadosh, the Holy Creatures; Eagle, man, bull, lion - air, water, earth, fire.

Moses was a seraphim, a fiery serpent, and he showed that when he was in front of the Pharaoh, by transforming his staff into a serpent. But of course the Black Magicians of Egypt knew the opposite, and they were transforming the staff into a serpent, but it is obvious that when that fire is polarised in the positive way, it is more powerful than when polarised in the negative way, and that is why the serpent of Moses swallows the other two serpents of the Black Magicians of Egypt. Here we find then the two polarities of the serpent.

In order for Moses to perform his miracles he is always performing it with the staff. The staff is the same serpent - that Divine Fire that we have to awaken within.

When Moses is in front of the Pharaoh, he is already a Resurrected Master.

A Resurrected Master is somebody that has awakened this fiery serpent within themselves, and is completely mutant, somebody who has transformed themselves into a Seraphim, and is more than a human being.

He is a fiery serpent with power over the four elements, and makes all of his miracles. That fire is the fire of the Holy Spirit, Jehovah Elohim.

In order to exercise that power that serpent has to swallow the soul. In order for this, the Initiate has to annihilate the ego.

ImageThat is why this type of wisdom is represented in many ways. Not only the Bible talks of the fiery serpent, or the Seraphim, but in India we have the Nagas. In ancient Mexico there were many serpents there, but they called themselves Coatls, and when swallowed by the Spirit, they were called Quetzalcoatls.

Quetzalcoatl is the Feathered Serpent. Moses was a Quetzalcoatl, Jesus was a Quetzalcoatl.

This is the way that the initiate has to work with the forces of Uranus, in the sex, learning the White Tantra, to reach the second birth with the transformation of the sexual energy. And the second step is to annihilate the whole ego, in order to enjoy the powers of the serpent. In order to enjoy the powers of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus of Nazareth with his own life, teaches that in order to enjoy the power of the Holy Spirit we need to die. He died on the cross - this is the Holy Union of the two metals. The masculine tin vertical beam crossed with the copper horizontal beam. On that cross we have to die, by asking for the annihilation of the ego, in order to have the right to resurrect. When one resurrects then we receive the powers of the Holy Spirit.

It is impossible to enjoy the powers of the Kundalini if one has the ego alive.

In White Tantra you have to sanctify yourself if you want to enjoy the powers of the Kundalini.
When that serpent awakens then it gives power to the Spirit, and if the soul has ego, and wants to enjoy that, then that soul has to die in its sins.

Jesus with the Seraphim that he had within said we must "Daily take up our cross, deny ourselves, and follow."

This is a Great Work - it takes the whole life.

ImageBut there is also the opposite - if we find worshippers of the Holy Spirit that know how to awaken that fiery serpent, the serpent of brass, then we also find those beings that awake the fiery serpent that is biting the Israelites. They like to awaken the serpent of passion. This is represented in Genesis by the Tempting Serpent of Eden. This is related with passion, with lust, and there are many books and doctrines that teach the opposite of the awakening of the Seraphims. The opposite is called Kundabuffer - the negative fire.

When the initiate learns about these forces and how to polarize them, and doesn't care about the elimination of the ego, then they awaken the Kundabuffer, which is a fire, the same fire, but instead of rising in the spinal column, upwards, it descends from the coccyx downwards.

The fire of the Kanda has to awaken. When someone is working with Tantra, that fire awakens. The only way to awaken that fire in the positive way is by avoiding Fornication, and by the way of sanctification, holiness. The other way we do not teach, but there are many Black Magicians that teach this, by fertilizing the fire of passion. Certain practices awake it in the negative way - that fire is the Kundabuffer, which forms the Tail of Satan in the occult anatomy of every human being. Of course the soul becomes transformed into a demon.

The positive way the goal is to become Seraphim, the negative way we become demons. There are many Masters teaching Black Tantrism, but they are Masters of the Black Lodge. The Masters of the White Lodge teach White Tantra.

The Black Tantrists enter into the abyss, into the Infradimensions of nature, and they exercise power over the inferior forces of nature. They command the elements as well but they are condemned to the annihilation in the Second Death that the Book of Revelations talks about. They awaken the Kundabuffer, the Tail of Satan, the Tempting Serpent of Eden, by increasing the lust in the soul, by Adultery, Fornication, in combination with drugs, and many other practices.

ImageIn this time in the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, in the Era of Aquarius under Uranus, there are two types of Tantrism being taught - White and Black.

So we should not be surprised that we find a lot of masters, gurus etc., that are teaching Tantrism, occultism, but we must understand that there are two types, in relation to magic, in relation to Tantra, in relation with the awakening of the Consciousness. The White Tantra awakens the Consciousness in the positive way. And Black Tantra awakens the Consciousness in Klipoth, in the evil and for the evil.

But there is another type called Grey Tantra which is very common - this is the way that the soul or the human being learns how to prolong the sexual act in order to enjoy the animal passion without any spiritual longing, without any magical result. This is Grey Tantra, the type of sexual ritual that everybody practices; ignoring that with the sexual energy we can attain certain powers and virtues. At the end, this type of Tantra always becomes Black Tantra, because the souls that practice this Grey Tantra in order to enjoy the sexual animal passions, little by little, that type of Tantra, even when they ignore about magical things, or esotericism, sooner or later they awake in evil for the evil, in devolution, and become Black Tantrists, or demons.

That is why an example of this is the use of cocaine in these times - this drug when used in the sexual act awakens the Kundabuffer and puts the Consciousness in another state, but a disgracefully negative state in which the soul is awakening in evil and for evil. Of course many people who ignore these kinds of facts, are awakening in evil.

At the end of the Book of Daniel, in the chapter 12 he talks about the times of the end,
And at that time (said Daniel) shall Michael stand up, the great prince which stands for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awaken, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end (Kali Yuga): many shall run to and fro, and (Daath) knowledge (Tantric knowledge - Gnosis) shall be increased.
Michael has to stand up; Michael has to stand up within each person. Who is Michael? Michael is the fire, the Genie of the Sun. The Sun is always the symbol of the fire, so in Alchemy, Michael symbolises the sulfur. There are two types of sulfur - the positive fire and the negative fire, or the poisonous sulfur, the arsenic sulfur.

Michael is the fire. Michael will awaken all the people, and many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth, (which is all of us), shall awaken, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

So there are two ways to awaken.

The result of Fornication is in the Eighth Circle of Hell, the circle of Uranus. In that circle, the serpent, the viper called Kundabuffer, starts to destroy, to annihilate the souls in hell, in the Infradimensions. We know that we have to die - the souls in the abyss have to die, but that death that the Book of Revelations talks about starts in the Eighth Circle. Then that fire, the Kundabuffer, starts to devour, little by little, the ego. This is how the soul is liberated in the Eighth Circle. This happens according to the karma of every person, according to your debts. That process of the ego being annihilated by the serpent is a slow process.

And after having eaten the ego, the serpent vomits the soul in order to swallow the soul again. But that is a process of fire. We read in religious books that hell is a place of fire, but we have to understand that the fire is the fire of passion, that fire that burns.

We have two ways - to awaken to shine in Heaven, or to awaken to contempt, shame, because of lust and degeneration.

ImageThe Eighth Circle of Hell is governed by 768 laws, so the process of disintegration, of annihilation, is very slow because of the 768 different wills.

Those souls who are lost in hell, who are failures, when the serpent of Eden is swallowing them, this is how they awaken in evil, because the Consciousness is being liberated little by little, but in those dimensions the soul is being aware, is living, has no hope to escape until it is dead, because no-one can escape from the Eighth circle without previously dying, being annihilated.

That is why Dante says that he found a lot of vipers in this circle - those vipers were chasing the souls. Each soul was chased by a viper, which is the fire of the Kundabuffer organ which is completely developed in those in the Eighth Circle. Every soul in that circle has the Kundabuffer organ fully developed, is a demon in other words.

That is why Dante said he found the falsifiers, or counterfeiters - those that falsify metals. These are those that transform the metals of Alchemy, of Tantrism in a negative way. Also those who are the impersonators of others - somebody that says lies that someone is a Master etc, who is not.

ImageThis happens in those who are channelers. Mediums say "I am going to channel Jesus Christ" meanwhile somebody from Klipoth, hell, is coming and taking that body. This demon is supplanting the personality of Jesus. The demon is saying "I am Jesus Christ" and talks in a Christian tone in order to cheat people. An impersonator.

That is why the Eighth Circle is related with witchcraft, sorcery, black magic.

Lets us read Samael Aun Weor from The Gnostic Magic of the Runes chapter 27:
Let us remember the two gracious wives of Shiva (the Third Logos), Parvati and Uma. Their antithesis are those two sanguinary and ferocious women, Durga and Kali, the latter being the tenebrous regent of this horrible age of Kali Yuga.

Kali is the tempting serpent of Eden. She is the abominable Kundabuffer organ, of which we have written a great deal about in our former Christmas messages. With the sinister power of such a fatal organ is how men are transformed into swines.

ImageThat the abominable Harpies convert themselves into frightful fowls, or that Apuleyus transforms himself into a donkey and the comrades of Ulysses into swines is certainly not an impossible task. These are very natural phenomena of the Fourth Dimension, Fourth Vertical or Fourth Coordinate, and these phenomena are always performed with the tenebrous power of Kali or Circe.

Our affirmations might appear very strange to the readers who have never studied our former Christmas messages, however, in synthesis, we have to tell them that truly this Circe or Kali is the blind Fohatic force, the transcendental sexual electricity used in a malignant way.

If a Harpy introduces herself with her physical organism into the Fourth Vertical, and if afterwards she transforms herself into a bird of evil omen, or into any given beast, you can be completely sure that she has based the whole of her work on the sinister power of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Have you ever heard about the tail of Satan...? It is actually the sexual fire when projected from the coccyx downwards, towards the atomic infernos of the human being.

Such a Luciferin tail is found controlled by a malignant atom from the Secret Enemy. Occult anatomy teaches that such an atomic demon is found located in the magnetic centre of the coccyx.

It is in this abominable Kundabuffer organ (Satanic tail) where the whole leftist and sinister power of Kali, Circe or Holy Mary is found contained.

The Adepts of Black Tantrism, such as the Drukpas of the Red Cap, develop in themselves that blind Fohatic force of this cited fatal organ. [editor: in Spanish, “Dugpa” or "Dag dugpa"]

Licantrophy, the science of metamorphosis (commented on by Ovidius) has always existed. Presently, and as incredible as it may seem, there still exist modern Circes in some corners of the world, in this present twentieth century.

As for scoundrels, pseudo-learned ones, those who believe to be filled with virtues, what does it matter to science or to us if they laugh?

There exists an abundance of Licantrophy and modern Circes in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico.

We know the concrete case of a certain specimen who was a drunkard Don Juan, a certain remarkable gentleman who had the bad taste of having sexual relations with an ultra-modern Circe of the new age.

It is clear by all means that such a Don Juan placed the whole starry heaven at this Harpy's feet, painting rainbows in the sky for her, and making formidable promises to her.

"If you do not accomplish your pledged word, I will convert you into a donkey." Such was the cunning comment of the beautiful she-devil. Her lover laughed at what seemed to be a simple joke.

Days were passing and even weeks without this suburban Don Juan remotely thinking of accomplishing his romantic promises.

But something unusual happened. On a given night, he did not return to his apartment. His roommate thought that perhaps Don Juan was fooling around somewhere, having found some new adventure.

However, his absence was prolonged far too long...many nights passed and nothing. Finally, while preoccupied, he suddenly saw that instead of Don Juan, a donkey was appearing which was insisting to go inside the apartment.

So, the good friend went to the streets in search of Don Juan, he interrogated the beautiful Circe, he inquired and finally she told him... "Your friend is wandering around, behold him!" and she pointed to the donkey.

The guffaw, the malicious sarcasm... the thundering laughter of one of her friends (another very beautiful she-devil) was something definitive. This man comprehended everything.

Later on, some good people advised him to leave from that place before it would become too late for him as well.

So, the best thing which this poor man did was to return towards the capital city of Mexico.
  - Samael Aun Weor

Physically, there are many witches and black magicians within the International Gnostic Organizations since the Gnostic Church is opening its doors for all the millions of demons of this planet. Many of these awakened demons are working for the black lodge; they fake devotion to the Gnostic Groups in this physical plane and mislead the souls in the physical and astral planes.

It is necessary to study the Gnostic doctrine written in all of the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor in order not to be cheated by these adepts of Klipoth, the abyss.

A black magician is an impersonator, saying that he is teaching you the way of light, and you believe in him, meanwhile you are awakening in the evil for the evil. There are many black magicians in this physical plane who are impersonators and who internally belong to the Eighth Circle, they will inevitable fall into it.

Of course liars also reside in the Eighth Circle.

The souls abandon the Eighth Circle when are completely annihilated. So the Second Death starts in the Eighth Circle. If one wants to avoid the Second Death one has to avoid lust, stop fornicating - not only in the physical plane, but in the 49 levels of the mind.

One needs to annihilate lust in all of the levels, and then we are free of the Second Death, because the Second Death is that death in the abyss for the souls that like Fornication.

For the souls that like lust - finally they awaken the Kundabuffer organ, whether by choosing that path deliberately, or by just fornicating, to awaken to everlasting shame.

Imagine your own fire in activity in a negative way burning every single one of your defects little by little until your whole ego is annihilated.

And if you have 10,000 egos you will be burned by your fire of passion 10,000 times.

And not in the span of time that is in the physical plane, because we are talking of 768 laws, which makes the time very slow and boring. And you are being annihilated in that way while you pay what you owe.

The Divine Mother who polarises herself negatively in the Kundabuffer organ destroys the ego, but she cannot eliminate any ego if that ego has not yet paid its karma that it owes - that is why you have to suffer first and then are annihilated.

As many egos as you have - that is the Second Death, which is a very slow death.

When it is in the positive way, the Divine Mother has to annihilate us. If we don't do this then the Divine Mother will annihilate us in the negative way in the Eighth Circle. So the ego is always annihilated anyway.

But in the abyss we are failures, while if we do it here, we achieve the Second Birth, the creation of the Solar Astral, Mental, Causal Bodies, and we become children of God - the other way we become demons.

We create the bodies, and at the same time we work on the ego. After we have created the bodies we have to continue to eliminate the rest of the ego (probably the other half) until we are a Seraphim, a completely fiery serpent, a being of fire. Christ is fire, INRI: Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra

When we reach the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries we have created the bodies and are a Master, and have the right to choose our path. If we choose the Direct Path we incarnate Christ and the Savior help us to eliminate the remainder of the ego.

The first coming of Christ is the work with the Holy Spirit in order to create the internal Christic bodies.

When the bodies are already created, the objective of the First Coming of Christ is already done. Now we have to expect the Second Coming, which is the coming of him as a Savior. But this is only possible when we have created the bodies, the Wedding Garment of the Soul. Then one has the right to enter the banquet of the Lord (of the King, in the parable).

All of that work is done with the fiery serpent.

Before you can annihilate an ego you have to pay what that ego owes - that is why it is necessary to sacrifice one self for humanity, that's why there are Three Factors, because we owe something. In other words your ego owes something, which is karma.

So in order for that fire to annihilate your ego you have to give something in return. Or suffer, in other words.

There are certain kinds of egos that you cannot pay the debt in that way by good deeds, and you have to suffer. Just suffering the consequences, in other words the egos related to Fornication, Adultery, and other types of sins that are not forgiven.

And you have to suffer, and then that ego is annihilated by your Divine Mother, and that is how you advance.

The same happens with the demon souls in the Eighth Circle. The ego that is going to be annihilated by the passionate fire, but first it has to pay its debt, in that circle, with pain.

If you committed Adultery in a previous life, now you are going to be in love with someone who is going to betray you, and you will suffer in your heart that pain, because you are betrayed. So then that pain you feel is terrible, but that is karma. So in hell the ego before being annihilated has to pay for the crime; this is why the people are suffering a lot in hell. After this suffering they have to suffer the annihilation, and likewise with every single ego.

If you don't have a lot of karma you will be annihilated very quickly, however there are fallen bodhisattvas, fallen angels, who endure there for complete Mahamanvantaras (Cosmic Day - the length of life of the universe), because the type of karma that they owe is very heavy. So they have to suffer a lot, and be annihilated afterwards.

It is very difficult to overcome Recurrence. Sometimes the Recurrence comes and the initiate takes the Recurrence in order to edify themselves, but in order to do that it is necessary to work very hard because Adultery is unforgiving karma. Any type of karma you can negotiate, in order to pay that karma in many ways.

For instance you were bad against someone in a past life and you made them suffer a lot. Now you have cosmic capital, and you are suffering because of the consequences. Because you have these good deeds you can negotiate - "I understand that in the past life I did these bad deeds, but now I want to change and I have capital in order to pay that debt, to pay in this way." Okay that karma is off you, because of your good deeds. But with Adultery you cannot do so. Fornication you have to pay with pain and suffering, these are unforgiving sins.

Negotiate with the Lords of Karma, the Angels of Destiny, who have a temple in the 5th dimension in that astral plane. Every initiate who is awakened can go there in order to make negotiations, to pay what they owe. But if it is karma against the Holy Spirit, Fornication, Adultery etc, then you cannot negotiate that.

In the Temple of the High Law every one has a book, not written with your vulgar name here, but with your internal name.

You can see all of your karma written there; why is it written there? Because inside of you there is a part of your Being, your "internal police," which is called your Internal Kaom.

When you commit some crime, immediately your Kaom is that part of you that feels bad, you feel remorse. When you do something good it immediately informs of your good deeds or bad and informs of your bad deeds. It is the Kaom that even writes in your book of karma; it is part of your Being. So you cannot escape from yourself.

It is not someone else spying on you; it is your own self spying on you.

The book is written in the golden language, which is spoken in all the universe, the primeval language which was spoken in the beginning of this planet, but after the confusion of tongues everybody speaks English, Spanish, Russian, etc.

When you awaken your Being knows how to speak that language.

The Book of Life exists in the Temple of the Twice-Born - in the superior worlds. This Book contains the name of every single initiate who has created the Astral, Mental, Causal Bodies.

As well there is the Book of the Lost Ones - containing the names of all the Monads that are failures with the souls in hell.


It is not convenient for me doubtless to glory. Nonetheless, I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord...  - 2 Corinthians 12:1
Daniel 8:3 - 27:
Image I lifted up mine (spiritual) eyes, and saw (the spiritual symbols of the present Aryan Root Race), and, behold, there stood before the river (of life) a (solar) ram (symbol of the fire of Aries, the fire of the Spirit of Fire, Samael, the Warrior of Aries, the Logos of this Fifth Root Race, a Warrior Race) which had two horns (the Golden Age and the Silver Age): and the two horns were high; but one (the Golden Age) was higher than the other (the Silver Age), and the higher came up last (in the end of Kali Yuga with the Doctrine of Daath, "Gnosis," in order to prepare the Golden Age of the future Sixth Root Race).

I saw the (Solar) ram (of Aries) pushing (with its horns of wisdom) westward, and northward, and southward; so that no (egoic) beast might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his (Solar) power; but he did according to his (divine) will, and became (spiritually) great (in the Golden and Silver Ages).

And as I was considering, behold, a male goat (the Copper Age) came from the west (because the solar splendour of the Golden and Silver Ages was withdrawing little by little) on the face of the whole earth, and touched not (it did not alter) the ground: and the goat had a notable (mental) horn between his eyes.

And he came to the (solar) ram (of Aries) that had two horns (of wisdom), which I had there seen standing before the river (of life), and ran against him in the fury of his (mental) power.

And I saw him come close unto the (solar) ram (of Aries), and he was moved with anger against (the solar laws of) him, and smote the (solar) ram (with his subjective reasoning), and brake his two horns (of wisdom): and there was no (cosmic) power in the ram (-s favour in accordance with the evolution of the Sub-races of the Aryan Race) to stand (with his wisdom) before him (the Copper Age), but he cast the (solar and divine wisdom of the) ram (or Spirit of Aries, the Fifth of the Seven Spirits) down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the (solar) ram (of Aries) out of his (mental subjective) power.

Therefore the male goat (symbol of the Bestial Intellectual Mind) waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great (mental) horn was broken (through time, through the devolution of the subjective reasoning); and for it came up (through time in the Age of Kali Yuga) four (subraces or) notable horns (derived from the subjective Bestial Intellectual Mind or male goat) toward the four winds of (the subjective) heaven (of the animal intellectual mind).

ImageAnd out of one (the seventh subrace) of them (the Aryan subraces of the intellectual animals) came forth a little horn (with a little spiritual understanding), which waxed exceedingly great (with their subjective reasoning), toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the glorious land (of Hod, in other words, the fanatical Pharisee's sects waxed exceedingly great in their ignorance about the doctrine of Christ).

Also it waxed great, even to the host of (masters of) heaven; and it cast down some (bodhisattvas) of the host (of Masters) and (Dhyani bodhisattvas) of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

Yea, he (the seventh subrace) magnified himself (with Atheism) even to the (divine) prince of the (heavenly) host, and by him the daily sacrifice (scientific Chastity) was taken away (by practicing celibacy), and the place (or sexual organs, the ninth sphere) of his sanctuary was cast down (with sexual degeneration).

And a host (of bestial intellectual souls) was given him against the daily sacrifice (of Chastity of the saints) by reason of (the filthy sexual) transgression, and it cast down the truth (or divine doctrine) to the ground; and it practiced (any type of sexual transgression), and prospered (in Klipoth).

Then I heard a saint (Master) speaking, and another saint (Master) said unto that certain saint which spoke, How long shall be only a vision concerning the daily sacrifice (of scientific Chastity), and the (sexual) transgression of desolation (or degeneration), to give both the sanctuary (or sexual organs in the Ninth Sphere) and the (heavenly) host to be trodden under foot?

And he said unto me, unto two thousand and three hundred days (Kabbalistically equals 5, meaning until the karma of the nations in this Kali Yuga is fulfilled); then shall the sanctuary (through the sacred doctrine of the Ninth Sphere) be cleansed.

And it came to pass, when I, even I Daniel, had seen the vision, and sought for the meaning, then, behold, there stood before me as the appearance of a (self-realized) man.

And I heard a man's voice between the banks of the river, which called, and said, Gabriel (Geburah-el, the authentic man, the man of willpower), make this man to understand the vision.

So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O (Tiphereth) son of man: for at the time of the end (in the end of Kali Yuga) shall be the vision.

Now as he was speaking with me, I fell in a deep sleep (through the centuries) on my face toward the ground (because of Fornication): but he touched me (with the Gnostic wisdom of Samael Aun Weor), and set me (spiritually) upright.

And he said, Behold, I will show thee know (based on the Doctrine of the Synthesis of Samael) what shall be in the last end of the indignation (of Kali Yuga): for at the time appointed (these present times) the end shall be.

The ram which thou sawest (is the First Aryan Subrace) having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia (the Second and Third Aryan Subraces).

And the rough goat is the king of Greece (the Fourth Aryan Subrace): and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king (or Mind with subjective reasoning, the Age of Reasoning that initiated with Socrates).

Now the horn (or subjective intellect) being broken, whereas four (subjective intellectual subraces) stood up for it, four kingdoms (or subraces) shall stand up out of the nation (Greece), but not in his (Socrates, Plato and other Greek philosophers') power.

And in the latter time of their kingdom (of these intellectual animals), when the transgressors are come to the full (of their sexual degeneration), a king (the Antichrist or intellect under the command of the ego or beast 666) of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences (of scientific atheistic materialism), shall stand up (and build again the tower of Babel).

And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power (but based on the power of the nations that he exploits): and he shall destroy wonderfully (with his scientific inventions), and shall (materialistically) prosper (with his technology), and (evil) practice, and shall destroy (with his degenerated propaganda) the mighty (divine wisdom) and the (Masters) holy people (Initiates).

And through his (sly, mental) policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart (with Pride, Vanity and Arrogance), and by peace (with weapon of war) shall destroy many (nations): he shall also stand up against the (Christ) Prince of princes (or Malachim); but he shall be broken without human hand (but by divine wisdom).

And the vision of the evening and the morning (of the Aryan Root Race) which was told is true: wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days (until Kali Yuga).

And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days (or reincarnations); afterward I rose up (psychologically and spiritually), and did the (Christ) king's business; and I was astonished at the (spiritual) vision, but none (among the fornicators) understood it.
MOSES in Numbers 16:23-34:
And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying,

Speak unto the (Gnostic) congregation, saying; Get you up from about the tabernacle of (the three traitors) Korah, Dathan, and Abiram (those who render cult onto the male goat, or in other words, onto the bestial Fornication and the Antichrist).

And Moses rose up and went unto Korah, Dathan and Abiram; and the elders of Israel followed him.

And he spoke unto the (Gnostic) congregation, saying, Depart, I pray you (by means of the Buddhist annihilation), from the tents of these (three traitors) wicked men, and touch (do not identify with) nothing of theirs, lest ye be consumed in all their sins.

So they gat up (or they gat up or took away their trapped Consciousness from within the three traitors by means of the technique of Meditation) from the tabernacle (three brains) of (the three traitors) Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, on every side (of the 49 levels of their minds): and Dathan and Abiram came out, and stood in the door of their tents (or Intellectual, Emotional and Sexual brains where they performed their evil deeds), and (the three furies) their wives, and their sons (of sin), and their little (sinful) children.

And Moses said, Hereby ye shall know that Jehovah Elohim (the Holy Spirit) hath sent me (as Christ Will) to do all these works; for I have not done them of mine own will.

If these men (the three traitors) die the common death of all men or if they be visited after the visitation of all men; then Jehovah Elohim (the Holy Spirit) hath not sent me.

But if Jehovah Elohim (the Holy Spirit) makes a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the abyss (the Ninth Infernal Sphere of Klipoth); then ye shall understand that these men have provoked Jehovah Elohim (the Holy Spirit).

And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these words, that the ground clave asunder (and showed Klipoth, the abyss, the Infradimensions) that was under them:

ImageAnd the earth opened her (Infradimensional) mouth, and swallowed them up (the three traitors), and their families (or psychological aggregates), and all the men (of evil-will) that appertained unto Korah, and all their possessions (all of their karma).

They (the three traitors), and all that (karma) appertained to them, went down alive into the abyss, and the earth closed upon them: and they perished (in the ninth infernal sphere) from among the congregation.

And all Israel (all of the Gnostic congregation) that were round about them fled at the cry of them: for they said, lest the earth (the Klipoth, the abyss) swallow us up also (if we do not disintegrate the ego here and now).
Finally we have reached the center of this earth, the nucleus of the earth. The center of the earth is related to the nine sphere.

The infra-dimensions of nature, in religion called hell, or the inferno, are nine spheres starting below the surface of the earth in relation to all the caves and caverns, and going downwards layer after layer, until we find the ninth, which is exactly at the center of the earth. These Infradimensions are dimensions which are inferior layers of the earth - not in the physical plane, but in the Infradimensions of nature and the universe.

Talking about the interior of the earth, what we find under the surface of the earth is divided in three aspects:
  1. The physical aspect.
  2. The inferior aspect related with the Infradimensions, or hell, which is not related with the third dimension but below the third dimension, a sequence of different spheres related with that which we call ego - subconsciousness, unconsciousness and infraconsciousness.
  3. The superior aspect within the interior of the earth related with the Supradimensions. If we go with the Astral body into the superior dimensions within the earth we don't find hell but we find the different kingdoms related with different aspects or divine hierarchies which are controlling the different kingdoms, forces in this planet.

But now we speak of the Infradimensions, hell.

In many lectures we always speak of the Ninth Sphere. We say that it is related to the center of the earth, and always we say we have to descend into the Ninth Sphere in order to work with the fire and the water. When we say that we have to descend to the Ninth Sphere we are pointing to the superior aspect - to descend to the Ninth Sphere is to enter into Initiation.

The Hermit, the ninth Tarot card, represents the descent into the Ninth Sphere, which in the human organism is directly related with the sexual organs.

We have to comprehend that the development of the sexual organs in the human organism is controlled by the pineal gland - the hormones of the pineal gland control the development of the sexual glands in the human organism.


Esoterically speaking, the pineal gland is controlled by Neptune.

Neptune is related with the Ninth sphere of the center of the earth, whether in the infernal or the superior aspect.

Neptune in Greek mythology is the God that controls the waters of the earth. In mythology, many times Neptune is equivalent or mistaken with Jupiter, and we know that Jupiter according to mythology is really the brother of Neptune.

We have to study the relationship of Neptune with the pineal gland. Neptune is always represented with a trident. This weapon represents the three primary aspects of Divinity, or the Holy Three Unity, the Triune Unity, the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So when you find Neptune holding the trident, this represents that he is commanding the waters of the earth thanks to the trident, which in synthesis is the power of the Cosmic Christ, because the Cosmic Christ is Father, Son and Holy Spirit - The Trinity.

In Kabbalah, in the Tree of Life, Neptune is situated in the Sephirah Kether.

Kether in itself is related with the Premium Mobile, with the Infinite. But if we want to relate him with the planets of the solar system, we know that he is related to the planet Neptune.

The sequence of the planets to the Sephirah from Yesod to the top are:

Of course Malkuth is related with the earth.

So, if you see Neptune at the top of the Tree of Life holding the Trident, this is representing the Father of all the Lights, our own individual particular Kether, or Inner Father, Inner God.

And if he is holding the trident it means that the Father of all the Lights is of course controlling the three primary forces. But the three primary forces, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, expressing themselves through Neptune, is a symbol that indicates to us that our own particular Monad when it is related to the waters, or controlling the physical body, is related with the third aspect of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is in reality also situated in the pineal gland. Master Samael Aun Weor tells us that the Holy Spirit controls the waters of sexuality through the pineal gland. Of course we are talking here about the Initiation, about how the Holy Spirit through the transmutation of the sexual energy is giving us the power of the trident, representing in this case the three forces that are rising in the spinal column - Ida, Pingala and Shushumna, the three forces that are related with the sexual transmutation. This is of course the transformation of the sexual waters, or the Ens Seminis, into energy, and Neptune is the one that is doing that in the earth. This earth is the philosophical earth, the earth that is our physical body.

Neptune then is that Monad, or Superior Monad, in which we find the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Image That is why in India, in Hinduism, you find the Holy Spirit who is called Siva, with a trident. So this Siva with a trident is situated in the pineal gland. Siva is the Holy Spirit, and controls the waters, has power over the earth; Neptune has power over the earth.

In the Book of Revelations, the angel of the bottomless abyss, the pit, is called Apollion. The bottomless pit in this case is the Ninth Sphere, the center of Hell. Here is where we find this angel Apollyon, which is a Greek name which means "destroyer." So, the destroyer Apollyon is nothing but the negative aspect of Neptune, of Poseidon. The Holy Spirit when it is working through the pineal gland of the initiate helps him to transmute the waters of life into energy, in order to create light. The Holy Spirit is the creator of light, the creator of life as well.
So this is how the mystery of the Ninth Sphere, of the sexual transmutation, how Neptune, the Holy Spirit, creates.

The Holy Spirit creates the Astral, Mental, and Causal Solar Bodies, that will give us access to the Second Birth. But also, after achieving the Second Birth, we have to achieve the Second Death, or esoterically speaking in Initiation, we have to annihilate the ego, completely - to annihilate what we call the protoplasmic bodies.

Master Samael Aun Weor speaks many times about the protoplasmic bodies. Concerning the lunar bodies - he says that those bodies are those bodies that evolve through the mineral kingdom, the plant, animal, and finally into the human kingdom - bodies that belong to nature. So they are related with the mechanism of nature, with the laws of nature.

And these protoplasmic bodies in the evolution from the mineral kingdom to the human kingdom are under the service of nature.

Any elemental of the mineral, plant, animal, human kingdom has these bodies. The occultist clairvoyant, when they see these bodies, they see they are related with the Astral dimension, Mental and Causal dimension.

They think that these protoplasmic bodies are the Solar Bodies that many initiates talk about, but in reality these are nothing more than bodies of a lunar nature, that when they reach the human kingdom they then start to devolve, to enter into devolution. The summit of mechanical evolution is the human kingdom; after that those bodies start to descend, to devolve.

We must understand that beyond the human kingdom they do not evolve any more, they devolve.

These bodies always serve nature, whether in evolution or devolution, something mechanical.

When they start to devolve into the chaos, then of course the soul suffers, because the human creates egos, defects, vices, and the protoplasmic bodies are of course the foundation, the base for these egos.

And these bodies have to be destroyed by the forces of nature, descending through the different Infradimensions of nature, until the complete destruction in the Ninth Sphere by the forces of the planet, by the negative forces of the Holy Spirit, which in this case will be the forces of the angel Apollyon, the destroyer.

In the Book of Revelations we find this angel Apollyon (Greek) who in Hebrew is called Abaddon, which is a word that has its roots in Abba, which means "Father" in Hebrew , and On, which means "sexual strength." Abaddon is the sexual strength of the Father. So this is nothing other than the sexual energy, situated in the center of our body in the sexual organs, and also in the center of the planet Earth, where Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy finds Lucifer.

ImageLucifer is the sexual potency, which in the Infradimensions, in the inferior dimensions, in the Ninth Sphere, is of course polarised negatively as a destructive force. This is why Dante, when descending into the Ninth Sphere, finds Lucifer with three faces. The number three is referring to the three polarisations of the primary forces in a negative way.

When a man and a woman are united, the positive and negative forces are in union, and then give birth to the third force. This is how in the sexual act we find the positive, negative and neutral forces acting as creation.

But from the spiritual point of view, if a woman and man are sexually united not with the purpose of taking advantage of the energy, of creation, the sexual force, they are united in order to destroy themselves with Fornication.

This is how if they unite only for the satisfaction of the animal passions, what they create in themselves is the Kundabuffer organ, or the tail of Satan. The tail of Satan is nothing but the crystallisation of the forces of the Holy Spirit in the negative way within the human organism, in the soul or psyche, because of the abuse of the sexual energy. This is how the energy of the Holy Spirit is destroying what is no good.

In Hinduism, Siva, the Holy Spirit, is called the creator and destroyer, because Siva creates and destroys. We are talking not of a person, but about certain type of energy, which is represented by Siva. So Siva as a creator is creating marvellous things, and as destroyer is destroying all the negative things that hurt the psyche and which cause harm to nature. This destructive aspect of Siva receives in the Bible the name Apollyon.

We are speaking here in terms of symbolism - there may be an angel Abaddon, and an angel called Apollyon, but we are not talking about these particular deities, we are talking of the symbols that they represent, in the Book of Revelations.

Apollyon represents the destructive aspect of Siva, the destroyer that is active in the Ninth Sphere.

The Ninth Sphere on the Tree of Life is situated in the Sephirah Yesod, and Yesod of course is directly related with the sexual organs, or with the sexual energy. Yesod is situated in the very center of the earth. This is how here the three faces of Lucifer of Dante represent the crystallisation of the three primary forces in a negative aspects, in the way that they destroy, or better said, they clean, they burn all the impurities that harm the soul, that harm the Spirit.

In the Ninth Sphere is where the Holy Spirit in his negative aspect destroys completely the impurities that all the souls have, the lost souls that are falling.

This is how the negative aspect of Neptune related with the waters acts in the Ninth Sphere. This is where Dante found the waters, but frozen, cold, in which the souls little by little are losing their protoplasmic bodies.

There are three protoplasmic bodies and they are represented in the Ninth Sphere by Judas, Brutus and Cassius.

This is how Dante speaks of the three traitors - in each mouth of each face of Lucifer in the Ninth Sphere he found one of the traitors.

Brutus assassinated Julius Caesar, and Cassius is also a traitor that helped in this assassination. Judas is the one that betrayed Jesus Christ.

When Dante talks of these people he is talking of the protoplasmic bodies - these three traitors are within each one of us.

Judas is the demon of desire.

Brutus is the demon of the mind.

Cassius is the demon of the evil will.

(Judas, Pilate and Caiphas in Christianity)

These three protoplasmic bodies, when in devolution, become traitors.

In evolution they serve the good purpose of nature; they are vehicles that are serving the different elementals in order for life to sprout in the earth. And any elemental of the mineral, plant, or animal kingdom has these bodies, and they transform the forces in nature for the purpose of evolution, positive forces. But disgracefully when these protoplasmic bodies reach the human kingdom they start to devolve. In nature there are two mechanical laws, evolution and devolution. They evolve from the mineral to the human kingdom, and then devolve from the human kingdom to the mineral kingdom.

They serve the devolving forces of nature when falling back to the mineral kingdom. These forces are contrary to the positive evolving forces. This is why when we reach the human kingdom we have the necessity of creating the Solar Bodies, because if we do not create these Astral, Mental, and Causal Solar Bodies and continue our ascension into the other kingdoms out of nature, then the soul will be related with devolution in these protoplasmic bodies.

These bodies no longer serve the good forces and they become symbolically the traitors; because they now serve the forces of evil, or devolution.

They betray what was good in the soul and the soul becomes a victim of these three traitors.
That is why when someone finds the path to Self-realisation there is a lot of struggle, because the protoplasmic bodies are already devolving. And the soul is longing for the ascension from this level in which we are in to the higher levels. But the protoplasmic bodies inside betray the soul; betray the Lord, the Christ, the Solar Logos.

ImageThis is how we have to understand Judas Iscariot in the Bible. Judas Iscariot is a great master that represented in the great drama of the Cosmic Christ that part of us that we have to annihilate. According to the Gospels he betrayed Jesus and afterwards he killed himself - he hung himself from a tree.

Judas is called the demon of desire, the very root of the ego, and is always represented in the sexual organs. Judas in the positive way is in any mineral, plant, animal, serving the good purposes of the solar force.

When we find all the solar energy multiplied to give light in every kingdom (and it is precisely the forces of the sun that do that), the sexual force is active in the mineral kingdom as magnetism and electricity, in the plant kingdom as the pollen, in the animal kingdom through the sperm and ovum, and likewise in the human kingdom. So when an initiate enters this path, he finds that all the capital that he needs to reach Self-realization is placed in the sexual glands. In the sexual glands we have the solar force; the solar values that we need to transmute in order to reach the Second Birth. And Judas is there, a representation of the solar light, because Judah is one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Jacob, who is the bodhisattva of the angel Israel, had twelve sons.

These twelve sons represent the twelve constellations, the twelve zodiacal signs, and the most exalted of these twelve signs is the sign of Leo, which is related to the tribe of Judah.

The Bible says that Judah is the most beautiful tribe because it represents the constellation of Leo - the House of the Sun, the Cosmic Christ.
Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father's children shall bow down before thee.

Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?

The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet (the sexual organs), until Shiloh (willpower) come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

Binding his foal (physical body) unto the vine (of Chastity), and his ass's colt (or intellectual mind) unto the choice vine (of Chastity); he washed his garments in wine (of sexual transmutation), and his clothes in the blood of grapes (sexual fire):

His (spiritual) eyes shall be red with (the fire of the) wine (of transmutation), and his teeth white with milk (of Chastity).
- Genesis: 49:8 - 12

And Jehovah Elohim said Judah (the energy of the Sexual Organs) shall go up: behold, I have delivered the land into his hand. - Judges: 1:2

And the children of Israel arose, and went up to the house of Jehovah Elohim, and asked counsel of Jehovah Elohim, and said, Which of us shall go up first to the battle against the children of Benjamin? And Jehovah Elohim said, Judah (the energy of the Sexual Organs) shall go up first. - Judges: 20:18

Howbeit Jehovah God of Israel chose me before all the house of my father to be king over Israel for ever: for he hath chosen Judah to be the ruler; and of the house of Judah, the house of my father; and among the sons of my father he liked me to make me king over all Israel. - Chronicles-1: 28:4

In Judah (the Sexual Organs) is God known: his name is great in Israel. - Psalms: 76:1

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, (Samael) the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed (through scientific Chastity) to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. - Revelations: 5:5

And he (Samael) hath on his vesture and on his thigh (sex) a name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. - Revelations: 19:16

And he (Samael) smote his enemies in the hinder parts: he put them to a perpetual reproach. Moreover he refused the tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of Ephraim: But chose the tribe of Judah (the heart, that has its foundation on), the mount Zion (the Sexual Organs) which he loved. - Psalms: 78: 66- 68
So, the solar light from the constellation of Leo is deposited in Judah, in the heart whose treasury is in the sexual organs. And that is why you see that Judas is always holding the money, which represents the capital, the values of the soul, which are always in the sexual glands. That is why Judas is always related with the physical world, is always in contact with the physical aspect of the initiate, with the social life of the initiate. Judas is always there.

Of course, the initiate in this case, which is the Human Soul, united with the Lord the Christ, that soul that is following the path, is represented by Jesus of Nazareth. And Judas in this case represents the terrestrial man with his desires, but who is in the path. This is why on the Path of Self-realization Judas exchange the (Gold) evolving solar light for the devolving lunar light (30 silver coins).

Paul the apostle, speaks in his letters, or Epistles, about two men that we have to bring into our mind, the image of two men - the heavenly man, and the terrestrial or earthly man. The Heavenly man is Tiphereth, the Son of Man, the Human Soul, and Judas Iscariot, who represents the body of desires (the Protoplasmic Bodies), is the earthly man.
For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin.

For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.

If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good.

Now then it is no more I that do it, but (the Protoplasmic Bodies, the) sin that dwelleth in me.

For I know that in me that is, in my flesh, dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but (the Protoplasmic Bodies, the) sin that dwelleth in me.

I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil (the Protoplasmic Bodies) is present within me.

For I delight in the law of God after the inward man (Tiphereth, the Son of Man, the Human Soul): but I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of (the Protoplasmic Bodies, the) sin which is in my members.

O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body (from the Protoplasmic Bodies) of this death?

I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin. - Romans: 7:14 - 24
This is how we have to see that we are divided into two; the soul that is following the path and Judas that through the doctrine of Samael we must transform into Will Power.

We say that desire in the beginning must be transmuted into willpower, and willpower is related with the Causal body where we find the Human Soul.

So the whole force that we have in the sexual glands must be transmuted into willpower in order to succeed in the path of Self-realization.

ImageHere we also see the symbolism of the good thief who is crucified next to Jesus. The good thief is that part of us that steals the fire, or the solar light, which is situated in the sex.

Of course, whether we like it or not, in the beginning we need Judas. Because in the beginning we start practicing with desire, but with the help of the forces of Neptune, which are the forces of our own particular Monad, we transmute this desire into willpower. This willpower is precisely the Kundalini which rises in the spinal column. Unfortunately we have to realise that sooner or later Judas will betray us. In the path of the Self-realisation we have to reach the point of transmuting the sexual energy without desire if we want to advance more in the path, and if Judas is alive in each one of us then it is not possible, because Judas is the demon of desire, or that part of us that likes to perform the sexual act, that enjoys the sexual act. But without the sexual act it is not possible to take advantage of the sexual energy because we have to transmute the sexual energy in Chastity, in the Sahaja Maithuna we have to control the Mysteries of the Lance and the Holy Grail.

ImageDante Alighieri also tells us that in the beginning of the Ninth Sphere we have the spear of Achilles that is the representation of the masculine sexual organs, the phallus. But also Master Samael Aun Weor talks about the Holy Grail, because this Holy Cup is the representation of the feminine sexual organs. The Lance and the Holy Grail, these two holy relics are representations of the sexual organs.

Wagner in Parsifal talks of these mysteries, the struggle of the initiate in the Ninth Sphere to work with these two forces to achieve the Resurrection.

Judas is that traitor, because in the beginning the sexual desire helps us, and we transmute that sexual desire into willpower, but when we reach certain levels when we don't need any more this sexual desire, when we need to perform the sexual act under the directions of Kether, or under the directions of the Father of all the Lights, following the precepts of Neptune, we find that Judas betrays us.

Judas always wants materialistic positions in this physical world, he wants to succeed physically speaking, because Judas is the root of desire. Related to pride Judas wants to succeed, to show himself, and if you read the Bible you see how Judas is always advising Jesus to become a King, or to show himself as the Messiah, the leader who is going to free Israel physically speaking, and Jesus says "My kingdom is not from this world" - but Judas doesn't understand that; because Judas is only related with the seven capital sins, with that which we call ego. But we have to understand that a part of the soul; part of our psyche is disgracefully bottled up within Judas.

That's why we have to have the resolution to annihilate desire.

When you enter this path and understand that the only way is through the transmutation of the sexual energy, and then you realise that you have a great enemy within, and that enemy is Judas. But you realise that you need Judas in the beginning. But in the path when you are transmuting desire into willpower, you are comprehending, meditating in all your lust, in all of those sexual desires within, and annihilating them little by little, until you annihilate completely all the demon of desire who is Judas, in other words until that demon is completely annihilated.
That is why Judas hanged himself from a tree - when he sees that he has betrayed the Lord. And that is what we have to do, through the analysis, the comprehension of our own particular Self realisation, we have to realise that we are traitors, that we have within the demon of desire, even though we love the Lord, because we love the path. But even that we know that we love the Lord we know that something within wants to satisfy desire. Therefore we have to have the resolution to die. This death is not physical but psychological death. And we have to follow the path; that's why Judas Iscariot, the great master that came 2000 years ago showed us the way in which we have to annihilate ourselves in order to give place to our Internal Jesus Christ. And the way is easy to see, after he betrayed the Lord, he hanged himself on a tree. We have to analyse this tree - there are two trees that we work with. The first tree is the Tree of Life that is related to all the parts of the Being. The second tree is the Tree of Good and Evil; this is sex. The sexual force is the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Good and Evil. So this is the tree from which Judas hanged himself in order to kill himself, and of course we have to do the same.

We have to hang ourselves from that Tree of Good and Evil by utilising the sexual force in a positive way in order to annihilate Judas the Traitor, the protoplasmic body that everybody has within, and which is now in our level serving the devolving forces of nature, which are just related with Fornication, Adultery, and many other sexual desires that everybody has within. So, this is how we have to understand that in the beginning Judas is serving the Lord and in the end he has to die, because he is inside of us. So this way of Judas is a sexual way.

If we left Judas to command, control us, then we will be weak in the sexual transmutation. We always have to command Judas, which is the sexual desire, and in the end we have to annihilate him.

Desire is devolution, is going down. And even though he has the money, the capital in his hand, we have to take advantage of him.

At the end we have to have the resolution to die completely in the Lord, as Saint Francis of Assisi teaches us - we have to die completely.

ImageBut as well as Judas there is Brutus, the demon that betrays us in the mind. This is Pilate in Christianity, who always washes his hands and says, "I am innocent of the blood of this martyr." This is how the mind always justifies itself in order to condemn the Lord. Brutus, who assassinated Julius Caesar, was justifying himself saying that it was for the necessity of Rome, in order for Rome to triumph, justifying with his mind.

The mind always justifies in order to fulfil desires. Always we have justifications for our defects, vices and errors.

Master Samael Aun Weor speaks of Brutus, and says that he is the initiate that awakens in the evil and for the evil. This one is preaching the knowledge, and is adulterating the doctrine. This is the initiate who does not accept that the Avatar of Aquarius is Samael Aun Weor. We have to accept that the messenger of the superior worlds is Samael. We have to comprehend that the Cosmic Christ is working through this great Avatar Samael in these times in order to help humanity. The Cosmic Christ through Samael Aun Weor wrote many books that we have to study in order to teach the knowledge, the doctrine of the New Era. If we take from the doctrine of Samael Aun Weor what we don't like, then we are adulterating. The mind is the one that is going to do it will justify its actions, its Adultery in many ways.

There are many groups in many parts of the world that only take what they like from the doctrine of Samael Aun Weor. This is a way of treason; they betray the work of the Great Avatar. Peter is the one that teaches in the Ninth Sphere the mysteries of the transubstantiation, of the transmutation, and anyone that pronounces himself against this is a traitor. Everything that Samael brought is necessary for the soul, for the spirit of humanity, and to adulterate that doctrine, to reject anything that he brought is to be a traitor.

We have to put the doctrine in the Consciousness, and to annihilate Brutus, the mind. If we do not do that then our own mind will cause us to awaken in the evil and for the evil. This is how the Master Samael stated that the cause of any initiate falling is always the mind.

Brutus awoke the Kundabuffer organ, and awoke his Consciousness, but devolving, because he is under the control of the demon of the mind. We have to control the mind.

ImageWe also have Caiphas, Cassius, the demon of the evil will. This demon represents concentrated desire that we have and that want to fulfil or satisfy in many ways. This desire or evil will is always mistaken with willpower.

When we act with that kind of desire we think that it is willpower, but it is not, it is evil will, or desire.

Of course it is always acting through the heart. We always have will for many things, but not for our work that we have to perform. That's why in Christianity, this concentrated desire is represented by a High Priest Caiphas.

Caiphas is the chief of all the priests and Pharisees, the followers who are worshipping the Lord, always putting their hearts in the Lord. This concentrated desire takes advantage even of this knowledge in order to feel like a great master or to feel like a great initiate, this feeling in your heart to satisfy your pride, your vanity, your lust, greed.

This is how many priests of religions take advantage of the ignorance or innocence and naivety of their followers in order to exploit them, as many priests seduce their followers, children, and women. He is the one that hates the Lord, because the Lord is not following his commands. This evil will never satisfies the will of the Lord, but only their own desires and the desires of others. Caiphas is always giving positions to the Pharisees. They want to appear in the world like great leaders, in order to satisfy their pride; they want to command like tyrants. And they forget that the Lord is compassion. Of course Caiphas hates the will of the Lord, because the Lord is against pride and vanity, and Caiphas is worshipping that.

Among the three traitors the Demon of Evil Will is the worst. He hates the Lord. Whosoever hates, sins against the Lord. Caiphas is concentrated desire, the will to fulfil things only for the ego. Whosoever lies, justifying himself with the mind, sins against the Father. Brutus is always lying, sinning against the Father who is the Truth.

Caiphas sins against the Son, who is Love.

Judas sins against the Holy Spirit by fornicating.

These are the negative aspects of the three primary forces - Truth, Love and Chastity.

These three traitors have to be annihilated if previously the initiate has not annihilated the whole ego.

The ego is three, seven and legion.

Three is desire in the sex, desire in the heart, desire in the mind - Judas, Pilate and Caiphas.

But from these three foundations sprouts the seven capital sins: lust, anger, greed, envy, pride, gluttony and laziness.

And from these seven sprout many legions.

So we have to annihilate the ego and then we have to annihilate the three traitors, or we have to annihilate the protoplasmic bodies, Judas, Pilate and Caiphas.

So this annihilation is the complete cleansing of our soul and we have eliminated the ego and the protoplasmic bodies. When we reach that level and then we unite ourselves with the Monad, Our Father, our own particular Being.

When this happen within the abyss, when the protoplasmic bodies are disintegrated in the Ninth Infernal Sphere, then the soul finalizes one cycle and is united again to her Monad and afterwards the soul reinitiates another cycle in her evolving ascension, thus nature creates or builds for that soul new protoplasmic bodies.

The Absolute grants 3,000 cycles to every Monad so that it can achieve its Self-realization.
Without death there is no Resurrection and without Resurrection there is no Ascension.

The End.