Israel has all our secrets.. & QAnon Q1 to PsyOp Q2 & 3

  • Q1 was IntelGroup riddle-based & incitement to the public to start getting involved in PERSONALLY investigating the world around them.
    • No Q-Clearance, no Trump side-man
    • Cryptology was embedded in the messages & end-user was to solve it on their own
    • Probably also seeking out fellowship with connecting dots using open source information
  • Q2 was CyberWarfare using data collected from Facebook to attempt a coup of a popular public movement.
    • Sites went down.. 8CH probably taken over by DeepState assets.
    • Messages were not cryptological & were simply attempts at keeping with the original Q demeanor and language styling.
    • DisInfo & baits injected
    • Q claims to be in Trump inner circle & is leaking classified info
    • Those following Q in earlier times bail as they knew what was now missing
    • Those remaining keep healthy skepticism but generally bailed before Q3 took over
    • As Q goes mainstream, 'alt-media' flocked to social media to take part in the gold rush
    • The movement is largely fractured, confused, distrustful & not effective
  • Q3 was pure debauchery
    • minimal (if any) intel was offered
    • commands given & MK manipulation used to control the public
    • Remaining followers expressing cult-like tendencies to defend Q while demanding investigations & scrutiny everywhere else
    • Emotion embodied the movement, more than logic & cooperation.
    • Followers joining at the Q2 waypoint,
    • YouTube media whores jumping for followers & monitization - not for supporting the movement into civil stewardship by the public
    • Those profiting most are the most aggressive at those evaluating the evidence