7-9-2018 Rothschild JonBenet Theater Club, Serco’s Patented Ultra Rage





  • JonBenet was reportedly the FIRST episode streamed over Starnet Snuff Service


Please accept Brief 312 from Field McConnell – United States Marine Corps whistle-blower and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – wherein he describes our proposal for the 'Rothschild JonBenet Theater Club' where AD will help injured communities to connect the plot point of the JonBenét Ramsey ransom letter signed 'S.B.T.C' with the funding of the MKUltra mind control program by Serco's (formerly RCA GB 1929) investment banker NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd. and the various patent-pool devices apparently used by Serco agents to elicit rage or hallucinations in the former Boulder detective Linda Arndt who attended the JonBenet crime scene and Con Air SWAT team actors embedded in a network launched in 1985 by McConnell's sister Kristine Marcy who allegedly paid Serco's SBA protégé company Base One Technologies to switch AWACS weapons directors from simulated to digital fires attacks and take out the Pentagon's U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11 with Lockheed Martin Corp's Rocket-boosted guided hard target penetrator Priority date 1999-04-22 .. 2001-08-21 US6276277B1 Grant and deliver a body count of 125 with a date and time stamp of Sep. 12, 2001 17:37:19 for death-pool bettors on the 47th Floor of WTC#1 and elite-hotel guest suites around the world.



Slain Girl's Dad Got Bonus Equal To Ransom Demand


January 22, 1997
The father of slain 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey received a $118,000 bonus last year from his computer company, the same amount demanded in a ransom note, according to media reports.

Ramsey, 53, founder and president of Access Graphics, a billion-dollar computer company, received the bonus for his 1995 performance, family spokesman Pat Korten said Tuesday in Boulder, Colo. He would not discuss the amount of the bonus or whether it matched the amount requested in the ransom note.

"I just see a point where they (the family) won't be considered suspects. We don't know what the police have. They are sharing no information with us now," Korten said.

Various media

have reported that Ramsey's 1995 bonus was $118,000.


Access Graphics vice president Laurie Wagner said "very few" people other than Ramsey would know the amount of his bonus.

"Those kinds of things are not known publicly," she said. "As in most companies, the employee knows, and the employee's boss knows; in John's case, someone at Lockheed Martin (knows), also a few payroll processing people. But these are people who deal with confidential records all the time."

JonBenet's body was found Dec. 26 in the basement of her family's expensive Tudor home about eight hours after her mother, Patricia Ramsey, 39, said she discovered the three-page ransom note in the house and summoned police. The note demanded $118,000 in exchange for JonBenet.




No suspects in slaying
Coroner reports Boulder girl was strangled
Camera Staff Writer
December 28, 1996

Police said Friday they had no suspects in the strangling death of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, whose body was found Thursday morning in the basement of her parents' University Hill home after a ransom note was left in the kitchen.

The Boulder County coroner, who reported the cause of death Friday, refused to say what time the daughter of Access Graphics president John Ramsey and former Miss West Virginia Patsy Ramsey died or how she was strangled. Police had not ruled out anyone as a suspect in the slaying - including family members. "It's still a very delicate and sensitive issue," said John Eller, the commander in charge of the Boulder police detective division.

Kidnapping wasn't ruled out by police, but they wouldn't confirm a kidnapping occurred, either.

Police worked through the night Thursday and Friday searching for evidence at the Ramsey house at 755 15th St. They shared few new details about the murder at a Friday morning news conference. Shortly before dawn Thursday, a woman identifying herself as Patsy Ramsey called police, reporting that JonBenet had been kidnapped. The kidnapper, she said, left a ransom note.

Police, along with the FBI, arrived in the upper-class neighborhood near the University of Colorado early Thursday morning. They entered the Ramsey house, a three-story brick mansion, the yard decorated with giant candy canes and a stuffed Santa, to investigate.

They did not immediately search the house because "we had no reason to believe the child was there at the time," Eller said.

Investigators examined the ransom note and began to help the Ramseys comply with its conditions. "The ransom note was a typical - if there is such a thing - kidnapping ransom note, the kind you'd find in any movie," Eller said.

It demanded an undisclosed amount of money in exchange for JonBenet, Eller said. He would not comment further on the note's content, but Denver broadcast media reported that the ransom amount was $118,000.

Between 1:30 and 2 p.m., the girl's body was discovered in the basement by a family member whom police refused to name.

Eller would not say what JonBenet was wearing, whether her body had been hidden or left in the open, or in what condition the body was found.

However, it was clear JonBenet, the 1995 Little Miss Colorado, had been murdered. "The death was obviously the result of a criminal act," Eller said.

Late Thursday, police secured a warrant to search the family home and grounds.

Throughout the day Friday, investigators continued to photograph items at the scene - including footprints in the yard - and gather evidence.



Kay: You know, selling weapons to whatever country. I know the country, but in other words, they were doing work for "The Joint" under the table all these years.

Eric: Okay, and directly under whose instructions to sell these weapons? Do you know that?

Kay: Yeah.

Eric: Okay, who would that be?

Kay: Well, it's an Israeli Zionist group in New York.

Eric: Mossad?

Kay: Well, yeah, but everybody thinks Mossad like they think CIA. CIA is just sort of a bogus kind of thing. It's really Army Intelligence that does just about everything. They run a lot of the psychological profiling which is done at Quantico with the FBI. It's all a very small group. Harvard professors connected with Tavistock, Darisalom (sp?), and there's a sexual perversion group in Vienna, and one in Colorado. I think that little girl was part of that experiment, you know who ...

Eric: Jon Benet?

Kay: Yeah.

Eric: Well, that raises an interesting point because here is a high profile murder that goes nowhere. No investigation. Nobody's pinned. It just goes on and on and on.

Kay: The parents are involved in that program.

Eric: But someone higher up is protecting them.

Kay: Absolutely.

Eric: And it's the same thing that you're describing about the military.

Kay: Sure.

Eric: If you're in the clique, you can get away with murder.

Kay: Yeah, absolutely. Murder. Literally murder.