Ted Cruz' Father CIA from University of Texas

Austinites are largely totally unaware of the Deep State powerhouse called UTofA

Rafael Cruz is a product of UT and found himself in the CIA fighting Castro's communism in Cuba. Given there's a nuclear rector under Lyndon B Johnson library and at the J.J. Pickle Research Center not far away.... Waco to the North, San Antonio to the South, Killeen even closer in proximity to Austin... there is a power structure quietly laying beneath the city and it serves as a major hub in a greater nervous system.

This said Ted Cruz and/or his father, aren't necessarily nefarious actors, but facts are facts and they and political figures must be forward with their activities, affiliations, and allegiances when purporting to seek power 'to serve the people'. Failure to be an open book has horrible optics and leads one to question who they actually serve.