Democrats are Terrorists: It takes many groups to make an 'operation' a 'mystery'

Statistically, seems guns are NOT THE PROBLEM as much as Democrat-held cities.

These areas of Leftist Control breed two things simultaneously:

  1. Power-hungry sociopathic administrators
    1. Once a foothold is established in an area,
    2. the doors are flung wide open to the rest of the cabal
    3. which flock to the area and setup infrastructure to funnel in money in & out for operations against the public
    4. the poor are encouraged to take a hand out instead of empowerment for productivity - in exchange for votes
    5. the productive are taxed to fund it temporarily
    6. Once assets are in place & vertical integration occurs, these pipelines can be used for more powerful state and national events
      1. In order for law enforcement to go rogue, the judicial must be rogue to avoid the obvious resultant prosecution
      2. Rogue Mayors, City Councils and School Boards make for a near takeover of communities followed by the doors being flung open to State & National operatives and operations. From here, it ultimately goes national in a short amount of time.
  2. Soul-Destroying Environment
    1. Rules & Regulation squeeze out freedom and push out free market participants
    2. Families are targeted via Child Protective Services, Big Brother School Systems monitor and indoctrinate both parent/child
    3. SSRIs/anti-depressants are pushed to everyone
    4. Mindless and lost people are targeted with intense media blitzes about dire circumstances - OR physically programmed.