Joe & Hunter Biden Go Down for Ukrain? And take the rest with them?


Joe & Hunter Biden Go Down for Ukrain?

Obama quiet



  • Trump preemptively seeding story on Ukrain corruption
  • Ready to release transcripts at right time
  • Schiff colludes with deepstate operative 'whistle-blower' with plans to threaten release of transcripts & makes false claims from 'hidden' evidence
  • Whistleblower identity hidden, evidence hidden, Republicans barred from proceedure
  • Trump TRANSPARENTLY releases transcripts, deflating scheme
  • Pence TRANSPARENTLY releases transcripts, deflating scheme
  • NOW Schiff & DeepState & Dems HIDING evidence & identity
  • NOW Obama & Biden HIDING something
    • dealing with Ukraine
    • election meddling
    • Ukraine has HRC emails
    • spying during campaign
    • treason, etc
  • Tables are now turning



  • Nancy Pelosi changed House rules immediately after election
    • now 2nd hand info acceptable
  • Schiff holds secret meetings with whistleblower & hides transcripts & evidence against Trump
  • Dems hold vote to inquiry, without Republican participation - thus not the required full house vote to create judicial authority
  • Congress must create judicial body to subpeona
    • once judicial body created, Executive has appeal rights in Federal Courts, up to Supreme Court
    • Deep State trying to discredit SC since 2016
  • Impeachment not possible with Senate & SC loyal to Trump, law & order
    • Trump can cross-examine witnesses
    • Trump can appeal
  • Impeachment going no where


Spotlight on Hillary

  • Trump wants HRC to run to put her on the spotlight
  • As Deep State falls & their crimes revealed, expect a Nationwide Awakening & Reckoning - an Exorcism
  • HRC will be the WORLD spotlight as everything leads to her.
  • Will her Rodham bloodline & family be exposed?
  • How far will the Rabbit Hole go?
  • Will the Seed of Evil in the World be exposed?
  • Will this go Spiritual with a Demonic Mafia being exposed?

If the Bidens actually DO fall, looks like the World is in for one crazy show. Remember Joe Biden was a Vice President - not a CEO of some company, but VP. And that VP was under Obama as President & HRC as Sec. of State. If THEY experience a reckoning... the sleeping masses are going to have to rethink their level of wisdom, knowledge, & discernment: about zero.