Will the Rothschilds be In Debt to THEMSELVES?

#WordIs that a multi-thronged effort is under way where several countries are:
1 - nationalizing their 'central banks'
2 - dumping bad/toxic debt assets on these 'central banks'
3 - standing up alternative currencies while
4 - pushing 0% and negative rates and
5 - creating obnoxious amounts of debt
6 - only to default on the Rothschild system, leaving them literally in debt to themselves.

This is easier than trying to kill off the entire group ( given they are largely untouchable ) - though I feel some creative thinking would allow for bounties to be place on each... where an annual hunting season would commemorate the day the default was executed (pun intended) - with pointing systems employed in the spirit of History Channel's "Swamp People".

Then portions of the Planetary Wealth that soon ensues, is used  for a Space Force Recon Mission to the Moon & Mars to Cleanse the Universe of all traces of Rothschild DNA - severing the multi-generational curse and demonic conduit it provides.