The Implosion of one of the Last Christian Nations in the World

BrotherNathanael explains in great detail why 'white christian' is the target.. it has always been the target... the supreme goal of a particular cabal that assumes (((they))) will inherit the earth when (((their))) messiah cometh. At some point, we'll need to break the programming to even have the balls to initiate the discussion, split the hairs on exactly who (((they))) are (as to not target the innocent), then with swift action dispatch the planetary virus. Fortunately, with Epstein & Maxwell we have the 800lb gorilla in the room & people are bound to sooner or later figure it out - even if the programming is too intense to take action.
One would hope that the raping, murder, & consumption of our young might rouse our resentment enough to break said programming. Until then, we'll continue playing along & wondering why things are NOT getting better, but worse.
Just like you can't talk about COVID, Just like you can't talk about racisim against whites, you can't talk about ((())). COVID is PsyOp. White Racism is a PsyOp. Interesting there is a unified front presented & protected on these topics.... ie: Global. Now who in the world would be terrified of 'White Christians' and a Christian Nation?
Shall we ask Christ himself? John 8:44 > 2Sa 24:1 > 1Ch 21:1
Brother Nathanael: Talk about policing your own!