Listing the Listers

X22Report: Election Interference from Gdansk, Poland by GetResponse & ClickMeeting CEO, Courtesy Rob Bergin has NO Upfront Notification on their site warning paying clients they COLLUDE with CheckMyAds to silence political views.

Nandini Jammi

Co-founder, Check My Ads & ex-
 Quarantino | Brand Safety Advocate | Speaker



Rob Bergin

Father of 3 under 15. husband of an artist, driver of a Subaru, mower of lawn, drinker of IPAs, engineer-in-transition, amateur sales pro. My tweets are my own.

Simon Grabowski

Founder & CEO of GetResponse and ClickMeeting. Red heart: email, marketing, running, food, science. Face with symbols over mouth: pediatric cancer, quackery.
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Gdansk, Poland