Why are we content to consume 'The Beast System' vs creating 'The Christ System'?

Take pause & evaluate 'cancel culture' against 'I have values' - one viciously consumes itself for the sake of consuming & vanity... the other demands certain ethical standards be met. We have TOLERATED FoxNews to our detriment - MUCH like tolerating LG led to LBG to LBGT to outright sexualization of our children & govt initiatives against FAMILY & Heterosexuality. Fox has long thrived under the sheep's wool & should be used to wipe our metaphorical asses & discarded for venues more informed, transparent & loyal to the 'Constitutional Cause'... OUR cause.

Time to CREATE our own options for our own consumption. Why is it that our Chinese & Indian brothers & sisters can come from abroad & within the SAME GENERATION have food & houseware markets & their temples stood up & thriving - assimilating things American that serve them well(free market economy), while SHUNNING others ( Hollywood ya'll? ).

Why is it Americans - many who are so adamant about a 'Satanic Cabal Ruling the world' - are so content to be consumers of the Beast System instead of delivering the 'Christ System'?