Where do we go from here? ( says patriot )

Evaluating the Theater of Conflict

  • Too many incongruities with the 'shitshow' for final assessment to be made. Communist Moral on 20th & after is wayyyyy too muted for official narrative. No theory even begins to pass a sniff test.
  • If a mafia can swipe a national election ( in 'the world's most powerful nation' ) right in front of the world's gaze with no repercussions
    • ( and forgetting for the moment the dogpile at DOJ with ClintonEmails, WeinerLaptop, SethRich, HunterLaptop ),
    • the social contract has been broken with no real "bloodless remedy".
  • Looked back at history of voting & found it is a 'stand in' for armed conflict - in that it is no less than a war-games simulation evaluating:


we have 80million fighting age adults...

against your 65million fighting age adults....

so instead of the wholesale slaughter of people at every election, we'll agree to go by the numbers.


  • That simulation doesn't exist now... so if we project time forward
    • freeman options: succession or civil war
    • non-freeman options: slavery or death

Fastest Track to Constitutional Existence: States Rights

Leftists made a fairly good case that Federal Government has ZERO enforcement capabilities with respect to States:

  • sanctuary cities
  • COVID19 violation of civil rights
  • Insurrection & rioting ongoing since 2016 with Fed Govt powerless to compel states to comply

Governors are Key

  • Fastest way forward would be to go for securing Governorships & using that as firewall.
  • Reject most/all federal funding that would eliminate 'Federal Standing' in key civil liberty areas
  • States were able to ignore constitution to establish Sanctuary Cities,
    • so natural conclusion is States are able to ignore tyrannical EOs to FOLLOW the Constitution
  • Issues of borders & voting are clearly state's rights


  • Its been said that

"National-level corruption is microscopic compared to LOCAL-level corruption"

Taking back these public positions will allow for elections to be managed in a legal & open way.

  • High value targets LOCALLY are:
    • County Sheriff & Marshals 
    • County Judges
    • District Attorneys
    • Tax-Collector Assessor
    • School Board / Superintendent
    • Fire Marshal & Health Inspector


  • paper ballots
  • hand-counting
  • ink'ing thumb
  • public broadcast of ALL voting & counting activities
    • where every ballot is recorded as it is processed
    • real-time online tabulating
  • election fraud offenses should be capitol offenses,
    • carrying death penalty if outcome of an election is affected
    • this sounds heavy-handed, but consider the amount of suffering & damage caused even by local election fraud.
    • corrupt LEOS and judges can result in imprisonment of innocent people - some of which are violent beaten & murdered during incarceration


Military Protocol Technicalities

from boards

  • Funeral guns for PEDOtus
  • 21 gun salute for Potus 
  • 2 footballs
  • troops turning backs on PEDOtus  (confirmed?)
  • No marines opening door at White House for Creepy Joe
  • PEDOtus taking private plane to DC
  • Potus leaves on AF1 but flight not marked as such per planefags 
  • 25,000+ troops in DC

what else we got?

  • pic related also doesn't show the 10 second intervals at Arlington
  • vs 3 second intervals at Joint Base Andrews
  • The Old Guard (3rd Infantry) performs the Presidential Battery Salute at the Capitol during the Inauguration. Except they didn't.
  • What you will see is the Battery Salute in Arlington when the Bidens bring the wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  • The Presidential Salute is 4 guns and 21 shots in rapid succession. Biden got 3 guns and a 10 second pause between firings. This is the Salute reserved for funerals and