NeuStar: An NSA Outfit?

Pete Santilli mentioned Neustar as an NSA Spy Outfit

Looks like this falls under the whole 'Certificate Authority' PsyOp where by generating private/public keys for a 'website cert' leads one to believe they are the ONLY ones with the private key, when in fact that private key is held by the the CA at time of generation - meaning the CA has ALL keys to decrypt such certs. See "Federal Bridge Authority".

From 2006-05-26

NSA Scandal (Pt. 2): Verint – NSA's Foreign Partner

This series on NSA contractor scandals details the activities of the private companies that have taken over domestic surveillance under the Bush Administration. One of the most important of these corporations is Vertint, an Israel-based electronic communications surveillance outfit, which in alliance with VeriSign, the operator of the .com, .net, and .edu registries, monitors most of the sites on the World Wide Web. If you're viewing this article on a .com, NETDISCOVERY -- the Internet surveillance system developed jointly by Verint and VeriSign -- is monitoring your on-line experience at this very moment.

In the last installment, we reported that the NSA similarly employs NeuStar, the top .us and .biz Internet domain registry as a conduit to monitor web-communications networks in the US and to monitor the cell phone traffic in as many as 210 countries worldwide. See, Pt. 1, NSA SCANDAL: NeuStar - Telcom Scapegoat or NSA Front Company?