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What is the Senior Executive Service?

An unelected group of Federally employed people that exist in the Federal Government across multiple administrations that maintain 'continuity of government'. They cannot be removed by elected officials and are not elected themselves. The term "Deep State" largely refers to "Global SES" members and affiliates that have hijacked governments around the world and use them as a weapon against the world population for power, control and wealth. Those aware of the dark spiritual forces on Earth and beyond, one might conclude that the problem goes beyond politics and given the abuse, rape and murder of children as the central sacrament & method of blackmail - it isn't far fetched to associate this group with fallen angels and gods referenced in spiritual texts around the world.

Touche Ross

  • Touche Ross & Co orchestrated the creation of the Senior Executive Service. Its roots lead back to London's financial players - notably accountants.
  • Deloitte seems to also have its roots lead - if only in part - back to Touche Ross. Deloitte reportedly has a habit of hiring outgoing CIA assets for purposes of corporate espionage. It is presumed that this also involves infiltration & control.
  • So we have London accountants working hand in glove with Jimmy Carter's


Field McConnell on Caravan To Midnight ( CTM#712 ) UnityAdmin Mon, 08/20/2018 - 17:31

CTM #712 with Field McConnel: Covering SES, Serco, Hawaii CIA Ops with Barry Satero, JohnMcCain, and more.

  • East-West Center UofHawaii CIA Operation
    • Bary Satero, passpord 1994
    • Sister went to school - christine
  • punoho
    • grad 1967 - Field
    • obama grad 1979
  • John McCain -
  • madeline dunham - obie mom
    • grandma is madeline
    • 1st woman to rise to head of banking industry in Honolulu
    • Someone at e/w center & found she's lesbian
    • brought into satan's network
    • entrap her into social setting,
    • if not willing, then drugged & taped
    • since 1966/7 
  • George Washington, 1776 Adm Howe told GW to pipe down, GW told AH to sail off
    • We are corporation, cemented in 1871 by Organic Act of 1871 signed in D.C.
    • Est as corp by elements in U.K. - "City of London" 1mi square area
    • D.C. Rome on the Potomac
  • Punho    
    • Obie graduated from
    • Psalm - 94:16... God wants to attack to evil,
    • Isia 54:17 no weapon raised will be effective

AVID ISIS, Diane Feinstein & Richard Blum

Notes on the matter

Bush-Clinton-Obama DeepState Regime Gives Out Military Tech to Iran Before Planned US Collapse?

So here's a narrative that is starting to solidify - with American Intelligence Media & others lending credence with their geopolitical angles. As more comes out regarding the foreign/global allegiance of not only the Obama admin, but more accurately the Bush-Clinton-Obama-SES cabal in its entirety, our previous perceptions on world affairs become laughable - if not insane. World elite pull strings to enslave the world in debt & poverty through:

  • a fraud need of military sales
  • to fight wars no one really wants
  • over issues that are fabricated by MSM
  • where propaganda war funds are laundered
  • into advertisements for BigPharma Drugs Sales
  • to cure symptoms induced by poisoned water & food supplies, toxic consumable items, flouridation, chemical spraying, unneeded synthesizing of naturally occurring products, EM radiation poisoning, & war trauma
  • that funds the war machine at tax payers expense
  • to create planetary debt enslavement & poverty
  • to stifle spiritual growth & harmony
  • requisite to a Planet Living In Light & Life


So here's some interesting way points to traverse that prove the point that we're being played on a global scale WHILE paying for our own enslavement, death, & poverty.

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