The Production


Jim Willie (Golden Jackass) unleashes PREDICTIONS about the great reset, white hats, financial survival and more

Great golden-jackass interview... (take everything with plenty-o-salt!)
Fed/WallStreet war against BlackRock(pedo-trafficking-drugs) & AngloCartels.
This aligns with the 'chemotherapy' analogy I get from other sources where we're going through a war of attrition... ye who dies last, lives.

He alludes to Q-type narratives where we're living through a theatrical production ( albeit it VERY VERY REAL - particularly for those juicing up on vax ).
Insurance Cabal is going after BigPharma Cabal ( though BidenCabal working to assume ALL liability of $100+ trillion in potential damages ) and this could be that which ends its reign.

My affinity for this interview is due to it drawing some unique lines while connecting things that seemed awfully plausible.


Derek Johnson: Devolution & the Production