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19 Volumes of mayhem, would be nice to own it, but InternetArchive provides free hour-long checkouts so its almost like owning.

Man, myth & magic : the illustrated encyclopedia of mythology, religion, and the unknown

Cavendish, RichardBurland, C. A. (Cottie Arthur), 1905-1983Innes, Brian


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A Dark Occult maxim is that karma is alleviated if one tells you what they are going to do to you before they do it. Much like the vampire may not enter without an invitation.

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Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key

Interview with Marion Knox by Elana Freeland

           The doctors of the law, too, who had come down from Jerusalem, said, ‘He is possessed by Beelzebub’ and ‘He drives out devils by the prince of devils.’ So he called them to come forward, and spoke to them in parables: ‘How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand; if a household is divided against itself, that house will never stand; and if Satan is in rebellion against himself, he is divided and cannot stand; and that is the end of him.

          ‘On the other hand, no one can break into a strong man’s house and make off with his goods unless he has first tied the strong man up; then he can ransack the house.’ (Mark 3:22-27, NE)

           Marion Knox is a farmer in Lebanon, Oregon who more and more is called upon to do the work of deliverance, not deprogramming. For more information about how he works, feel free to contact him at 36185 Bohlken Drive, Lebanon OR 97355, (541)259-1839. Therapists of all persuasions may be interested in sending $5 to mkzine for xeroxing and mailing to read Marion’s 19-page “Biblical Perspective of Ritual Abuse” that lays out how Illuminati programming is structured and how Marion delivers -- and reintegrates -- DIDs through Jesus Christ.


 E:       Marion, where I want to start is with your statement that the presence of Elohim spirits usually indicate Freemasonic programming that is installed by sodomy. Does that ring a bell?