Bush-Clinton-Obama DeepState Regime Gives Out Military Tech to Iran Before Planned US Collapse? UnityAdmin Fri, 08/17/2018 - 01:31

So here's a narrative that is starting to solidify - with American Intelligence Media & others lending credence with their geopolitical angles. As more comes out regarding the foreign/global allegiance of not only the Obama admin, but more accurately the Bush-Clinton-Obama-SES cabal in its entirety, our previous perceptions on world affairs become laughable - if not insane. World elite pull strings to enslave the world in debt & poverty through:

  • a fraud need of military sales
  • to fight wars no one really wants
  • over issues that are fabricated by MSM
  • where propaganda war funds are laundered
  • into advertisements for BigPharma Drugs Sales
  • to cure symptoms induced by poisoned water & food supplies, toxic consumable items, flouridation, chemical spraying, unneeded synthesizing of naturally occurring products, EM radiation poisoning, & war trauma
  • that funds the war machine at tax payers expense
  • to create planetary debt enslavement & poverty
  • to stifle spiritual growth & harmony
  • requisite to a Planet Living In Light & Life


So here's some interesting way points to traverse that prove the point that we're being played on a global scale WHILE paying for our own enslavement, death, & poverty.

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Looks like there's at least a few people not too stupid to consider the obvious..


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