Word Is: Kavenaugh was Victimized As A Child ( thinking Kay Griggs Testimony ) UnityAdmin Sun, 10/28/2018 - 01:47
  • Was Kavenaugh abused as a child?
  • Kay Griggs testimony includes MKU ops at Princeton/Yale with the Bush, Clinton, and Saudi family youth.
  • Where already vulnerable youth were taken out to the woods for sexual abuse & games to form a bond
  • Using the guilt & shame against these 'rising stars', controllable assets were thrust onto the world stage
  • So story goes Trump has the blackmail goods on Kavenaugh & the man is said to be disgusted with those that victimized him and would otherwise make faithful decisions for the country
  • Kavenaugh's Bush ties are enough for one to find no favor in the man, let's only hope this sheep has returned to God's flock with righteous actions hereafter.



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