Trump's Inexplicable Support of Vaccine Said To Be Incidental

Doug Billings shares message of HOPE and INSPIRATION for taking America back from the commusocialists

  • 32:35 - Trump was apparently not aware of the mass carnage of the vax - OR playing coy, but during a meeting he inquired why folks hiss at him when mentioning it. Once explained to him the situation, he stopped promoting it. 2nd hand story by Doug Billings

Welcome to the SHOW!!! UnityAdmin Fri, 01/08/2021 - 17:46

Wuddya say that Pence is playing his part..(largely irrelevant at this point).? I'd hold up on his judgement for a bit.. Was not it said recently that he is part of a MilOp? Are not laptops missing? Was not that 'shooting' a bit suspicious for those willing to see? Would not that 'victim', their backpack, and the stretcher they were wheeled out on provide wonderful cover to the awaiting ambulance? And would not this ALL been impossible without Patriots showing up, being infiltrated by Antifa - complete with WhiteHat trojan horse - and allowed in by the very enemy seeking to destroy us? And wouldn't it be funny if the pipebomb threats were simply to clear building of perps and conduct pre-mission recon... even MORE funny if DS called it in to build their narrative, only to be used against them?

Note: Ivanka pushed out a tweet to Meatloaf that relates to FightClub scene where 'he as Robert Paulson' gets shot in the head.

Note: Mnuchin has produced many a film...

ENJOY THE SHOW!!!! Can't make this sh*t up!!



Mnuchin: Actor & Producer

The Trojan Horse of Jan7,2021: Did you see it? UnityAdmin Thu, 01/07/2021 - 20:28

Overall Analysis:

Trump & Co. needed a mass showing as a display to the DeepState & World where this is all going with our support. DeepState planned Antifa infiltration to RIOT, but was infiltrated themselves to conduct SpecOps for access to Congressional Offices that would NEVER be accessible OTHERWISE. Laptops & Intel collected & removed under the guise of a 'dying patriot' with everything going inside that ambulance.

It is surmised that Alex Jones & Crew ( love him or hate him ) has been running a surveillance feed for several days now of the Capitol Building under COVER of conducting his show. I imagine this was/is being used for 'higher purposes'.

Where does Succession Leave the Fed, it's Bogus Debt & Henchmen, and the World in General? UnityAdmin Sat, 12/12/2020 - 13:52

One thing to consider is:

The Debt owed to the Fed is null & void for any State that secedes or if the Govt is 'reset'. This has been seriously considered by California & other 'bankrupt' States. Catherine Austin Fitts has thorough commentary on this, 'the missing trillions', & underground/outer space infrastructure it funded. As undersecretary of HUD - and as a very savvy 'numbers person' - she noticed Elevator companies consistently scoring the BUCKS regardless of the state of the economy... With ElonMusk standing up his 'Boring Company' ( making him an above sky & below ground magnate ) one must question WTF is all this subsurface action about?

Whatever is going on, guaranteed the stakes are so high[planetary], we have little chance of figuring it out while it matters to do so. We've either been led on a 'hopium' binge right to a martial law slaughter ( at our own behest ) where despots will let loose their Death Star DEW weapons melting entire metropolitan areas whilst cackling over our coveted 2A...


...a multi-decade(generational?) strategy & game-plan so complex & brilliant is playing out before us that simultaneously:

And what about Bill Barr: Why are we Placing Hopes on a Stereotypical Spook?

Increasing un-ease is all that can be said right now.

Bill's father, Donald Barr, appears to be an unabashed Marxist hailing from the OSS & Bill was inducted into the CIA right out of highschool in 1971.

Perhaps most worrying is the advocating for the pardon of Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger - of Kay Griggs' infamy - where he is placed at the center of global criminal networks & human trafficking.

Just seems like more of the same & 90 days will seal our fates as either ignorant sheep being eagerly led to slaughter or faithful patriots trusting "The Plan". With hardly a high-level arrest to be encouraged by and a planetary shutdown over the most ridiculous of hoaxes suffering from horrible execution being allowed to persist for nearly half a year, I'm still waiting for tangible evidence of 7D chess our President is supposedly playing.

If this is winning, hard to imagine what losing is like.

Joe & Hunter Biden Go Down for Ukrain? And take the rest with them? UnityAdmin Fri, 10/11/2019 - 01:54


Joe & Hunter Biden Go Down for Ukrain?

Obama quiet



  • Trump preemptively seeding story on Ukrain corruption
  • Ready to release transcripts at right time
  • Schiff colludes with deepstate operative 'whistle-blower' with plans to threaten release of transcripts & makes false claims from 'hidden' evidence
  • Whistleblower identity hidden, evidence hidden, Republicans barred from proceedure
  • Trump TRANSPARENTLY releases transcripts, deflating scheme
  • Pence TRANSPARENTLY releases transcripts, deflating scheme
  • NOW Schiff & DeepState & Dems HIDING evidence & identity
  • NOW Obama & Biden HIDING something
    • dealing with Ukraine
    • election meddling
    • Ukraine has HRC emails
    • spying during campaign
    • treason, etc
  • Tables are now turning



  • Nancy Pelosi changed House rules immediately after election
    • now 2nd hand info acceptable
  • Schiff holds secret meetings with whistleblower & hides transcripts & evidence against Trump
  • Dems hold vote to inquiry, without Republican participation - thus not the required full house vote to create judicial authority
  • Congress must create judicial body to subpeona
    • once judicial body created, Executive has appeal rights in Federal Courts, up to Supreme Court
    • Deep State trying to discredit SC since 2016
  • Impeachment not possible with Senate & SC loyal to Trump, law & order
    • Trump can cross-examine witnesses
    • Trump can appeal
  • Impeachment going no where


Word Is: Kavenaugh was Victimized As A Child ( thinking Kay Griggs Testimony ) UnityAdmin Sun, 10/28/2018 - 01:47
  • Was Kavenaugh abused as a child?
  • Kay Griggs testimony includes MKU ops at Princeton/Yale with the Bush, Clinton, and Saudi family youth.
  • Where already vulnerable youth were taken out to the woods for sexual abuse & games to form a bond
  • Using the guilt & shame against these 'rising stars', controllable assets were thrust onto the world stage
  • So story goes Trump has the blackmail goods on Kavenaugh & the man is said to be disgusted with those that victimized him and would otherwise make faithful decisions for the country
  • Kavenaugh's Bush ties are enough for one to find no favor in the man, let's only hope this sheep has returned to God's flock with righteous actions hereafter.



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