Flat Earth

Intellectual Dishonesty & the Flat Earth Community

I consider any patriot a friend & teammate, so not about to go aggro over this topic I see as a PsyOp to distract & divide the 'truther community' that has taken to investigating "conspiracy theories".

That out of the way: I really get a extreme sense of intellectual dishonesty when dealing with Flat Earth Community(hereafter FEC) proponents; namely the rehashing of 3rd Party 'line of sight' anectdotal observations as a wholesale replacement for mathematics and [equal burden of proof] explanations/models that account for a gorillion phenomenon that what I assume [cognitive disonance] forces the quiet avoidance of.

Dishonest Anecdotal Obeservations

A staple of the FEC are diagrams depicting some mechanism proving Global Model wrong and in the rare instances math or formulae are present, they always are based on false premise or missing part of the mechanics. This is WITHOUT FAIL. I can't tell you the man-hours put into unraveling many of the brainteasers put forth that seem 'obvious' at first glance, but always conveniently leave out keystones that explain them.

  • The one about [day/night would be 12hrs off every 6 months if the earth orbited the sun] immediately comes to mind.

  • Here's another one depicting that airplanes - in support of the global psyop - fly the circumference of the flat earth instead of taking the obvious direct route
    • see below for the distances from Sydney Australia to London, Johannesburge, and Buenos Aires respectively
      • though London would appear to be the closest on a FE, it is actually the longest flight.


Flat Earth 1,2,3 UnityAdmin Mon, 12/11/2017 - 19:26
  • Three observations that seem to negate Flat Earth physics
  • Imagine the wonder if Flat Earth Community could actually meet THEIR OWN STANDARD
  • I'm down.. but whoa.... Satan is the ultimate deceiver....
  • NASA is your excuse to misunderstand your universe
  • Prove Flat Earth isn't a PsyOp
  • The world is getting wise... Astrology is Key
  • The mages knew the appointed time - by watching the stars.
    • What did they know & who taught them
  • Jesus exhibited knowledge at age 12 that amazed the Jewish Rabbis
    • Who taught him?
  • Milchilzedek was teaching the breaking of the bread & drinking of the wine well before Judaism
    • Priest of what?
  • Why would God convolute our small space while showing consistency elsewhere?
    • Perhaps the key to being 'in the know' is understanding our solar system.
    • Perhaps the bible is ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY & OCCULT KNOWLEDGE & FE IS THE SATANIC AGENDA in its last death throws to delay the inevitable.
  • Perhaps Flat Earth is nothing but a false opposition that has successfully set back the movement 3 generations.


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