QAnon QPosts WebSites Ran By Occultists?

If this doesn't make one weary, I'd say its a lost cause... 3 weeks of digging in the websites & where it took me was rediculous... Complete reproducible walkthrough I just released this AM.. ENJOY!! Updates here: https://godstruthwar.com/gtw/qanon-occult-updates [QPost WebSites Ran By Occultists?] You can't make this up! From 4CH to Necromancy... 100% Walkthrough YOU CAN DO TOO

GTW & DosMatrix On Monatomic Gold, Levites, Pineal Gland, AdrenoC, Kings, Magickal Weapons, Alchemy

GTW & DosMatrix Wander down a Monatomic Gold rabbit hole.

I'd like to introduce a most extraordinary brother I've was blessed to encounter a couple months back. DosMatrix possesses a wealth of knowledge and insight.. walking the same path as most of us that have an oppressive & all ingrossing need to figure out our times & a similar need to share this information on our lost heritage in hopes we can again regain our bearing & our compass.

Once faithless & now faithful.. owing allegiance to no religion, scholar, or ideal yet pledging all allegiance to God - whatever this may mean in his personal way. We share a knowing that we know essentially nothing & in this way we are motivated to shut up & listen to the world around us &, more importantly, the world within us. We also share an identical disposition where while we posses massive amounts of knowledge & insights, we aren't ready to commit to a cosmology or philosophy - rather we commit ourselves to merely storing the data & allowing each day to provide the interpretation appropriate for the time.

Accepting our fallability, we know our views are subject to change as God presents us with higher levels of insight & more input to consider. So with that said, I invite you to sit back and enjoy this humble, yet great, member of

We The [R]emnant


(Ha! Yes, I used a graphic with AdrenoC mispelled... not work the 4hr render time to fix)

Q: Defango Pastebin: Q 4chan-cicada3301 [11/6/2017]

Q Anon or Q Cicada 3301
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same as the NEW NESARA

10+ Years ago....


One predecessor to “The Storm” was a scam from the early days of widespread internet use, called NESARA—which has roots in an even earlier intel-driven scam called Omega.

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One predecessor to “The Storm” was a scam from the early days of widespread internet use, called NESARA—which has roots in an even earlier intel-driven scam called Omega.

NESARA was a set of monetary reforms proposed in a late 90’s book called “Draining the Swamp,” written by engineer Harvey Francis Barnard. He wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve, ban interest on loans, forgive all consumer debt, go back to the gold standard, and establish a national sales tax. It’s a libertarian fever dream.

After years of trying to get Congress to pass NESARA, Barnard published the text online in 2000, where it caught the eye of a Seattle-area New Age enthusiast named Shaini Goodwin.