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I don't know if Sorcha Faal is a real person, or David Booth - a CIA Op, or Russian disinfo agents, or some other group playing around. What I DO know is I find info & connections in their posts I find nowhere else.... OR at a minimum, I find it there first. WDIM was talking Manafort, Poppadopolous, Stephan Halper, Strzok, Gina Haspell & Beth Huth well before my other sources picked up on it. Do I endorse the work? No. Do I really care? No. Even if total B.S., I get wonderful links & ideas that produce potent and intriguing questions that shatter my preconceptions of events. As with any source, once must always verify things themselves before adding data to the repository & cosmology. With the content I've transformed thus far, I haven't found blatant errors or misdirection. If there are errors made, they certainly don't seem to fall short any more frequently than trusted conservative media outlets. I suspect that the political landscape is changing faster than can be predicted OR reported. So perhaps absurd assertions do exist in the WDIM posts - and possibly even frequently - but as I look back months later on some of these posts searching for a crack in the facade to heighten my scrutiny, they have stood up to the test of time. To that end, relax a bit & soak up the narrative... use these as springboards to your own inquiry. It's a fun ride.

WDIM: August 12, 2018

WDIM: July 16, 2018

WDIM: May 12, 2018

World In Shock After CIA-MI6 Operative Stefan Halper Confirmed As Mole FBI Director Comey Used To Destroy Trump

By: Sorcha Faal

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