Could the Body of Astrological Knowledge be COMPLETELY INVERTED?

Excerpt from: The esoteric ephemeris for solar biology 1900. Calculated for mean noon at Washington



  • In the arrangement of the following Ephemeris, it has been our desire to bring into order the nomenclature of Astrology and Astronomy, which is confusing to nearly all students of the mechanism of the Solar System. For instance, it is said that on March 21 the sun enters the sign Aries, thus implying that, the earth being stationary, the sun is traveling around the earth, and that on March 21 it reaches the sign called Aries; while every astronomer knows that the sun does not change its position relative to the constellations, that it does not revolve around the earth, as his language implies, but that it is the earth that revolves around the sun.
  • If, then, the earth is revolving around the sun, where, we ask, would the earth be when the sun appears in the sign Aries? We readily see that it would be in the sign Libra; that is, if the earth be in Libra, a man standing upon it and looking at the sun, would be looking across the zodiac into the sign Aries. If, following the order of astronomical terminology, we should say that on March 21 the earth enters Libra, there would be gen- eral confusion as to the position of planets and constellations, and, in reading what has been written by old astrologers rela- tive to the signs of the zodiac, we must constantly understand the term "Aries" to refer to the qualities of Libra, and vice versa. Evidently it is much less embarrassing to transpose the terminology; that is, when referring to the position of the plan- ets, to call that sign "Aries" which is now known to astrono- mers and astrologers as Libra, recognizing as Libra the sign now known as Aries.