ChemTrails: Satellite Imagery for showing chemtrail activity in the U.S.


  1. Zoom in by selecting a 'Sector Category'
  2. Select an ABI Band
  3. Grab the slider at the bottom of the map and scrub FWD & BWD to see trail formation.


  • Sometimes, under clear conditions they are easily seen, but can be elusive with much cloud cover.
  • They are highlighted at dawn & dusk when the sun is low in the horizon and creates more contrast.
  • Definitely hard to see at night


Select a Sector Category(Zoom):

[ Global, Continental, Regional, Sub-Regional, Localised, Mesoscale Floater ]

ABI Bands:

These are the different wavelengths collected by satellites. Even though colors are mentioned, the map will be greyscale: it is showing images from a color band wavelength, but NOT IN THAT COLOR.

  • Visible ( blue )

RGB Color Products:

  • NT Micro:¬†