ChemTrails: Satellite Imagery for showing chemtrail activity in the U.S.


  1. Zoom in by selecting a 'Sector Category'
  2. Select an ABI Band
  3. Grab the slider at the bottom of the map and scrub FWD & BWD to see trail formation.


  • Sometimes, under clear conditions they are easily seen, but can be elusive with much cloud cover.
  • They are highlighted at dawn & dusk when the sun is low in the horizon and creates more contrast.
  • Definitely hard to see at night


Select a Sector Category(Zoom):

[ Global, Continental, Regional, Sub-Regional, Localised, Mesoscale Floater ]

ABI Bands:

These are the different wavelengths collected by satellites. Even though colors are mentioned, the map will be greyscale: it is showing images from a color band wavelength, but NOT IN THAT COLOR.

  • Visible ( blue )

RGB Color Products:

  • NT Micro: 

Climate Change Disciples Don't Care about the Climate, CLEARLY.

Some ATX #chemtrails action. Not sure what shocks me more: someone actually having the balls to do the spraying, or no one seeming to notice we're being poisoned - much less speaking up about it.

This alone should be the [dead giveaway] that 'climate change' mental midgets nor the agenda-pushers actually care about 'climate change' as near-daily wholesale spraying of entire cities - and sometimes entire states - isn't even a topic of discussion among their 'experts'

The Climate Change Agenda has zero to do with "Saving the Planet" & everything to do with eliminating Personal Sovereignty and Civil Rights. 

Now why would Climate Change Fanatics NEVER Bring Up the Most Obvious Environmental Pollutant?



Harvard's Charles Lieber's Nanotech MindControl Hardware Interface Research Getting Attention Now! UnityAdmin Sat, 12/25/2021 - 18:01


After screaming "FIRE!" for almost a year over Charles Lieber's Nanotech 'WetWare' research it seems it will now be broadcast far & wide. HUGE thanks to Mike Adams at for being among the first of the major players to look into it & report.

Those watching current events are aware that Charles Lieber was arrest last year for non-reported work for China's Communist CCP. Sadly coverage ended there. This is one of the largest stories this side of 'The Flood' as Charles Lieber was working on the interface between the human mind (& indwelling soul) and electronics/nanotech. This is a 2-way interface, either compelling thoughts or movement, or monitoring & recording thoughts and impulses.

Be sure to see the sponsors in their page's footer:

National Institute of Health

Office of Naval Research

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Air Force Office of Scientific Research


Only the image gallery is show below, but to get a real feel for what these folks are up to, see the Publications:


Harvard's "Lieber Group" sub-domain: image gallery

Were Greys funneled from U.S. to South/Central America only to Program Hordes & Return to the Border? UnityAdmin Fri, 12/24/2021 - 00:40

More parallels to demons & aliens: Are they even distinguishable?

#WordIs: U.S. curbed "Abductions by Greys" by some agreement that funneled them down south for their "programs". Well the Greys have programmed - or otherwise brought under control - the hordes flooding the border. A key 'giveaway' trait of those under control is 'hive mind' and an 'absence of personality'. Why? My understanding is there is a genetic agenda to invade the species ( with the full spectrum jab, nanotech, chemtrails, EM radiation, food source contamination accounting for the various program facets ).

Agenda is to create a 'space faring race' - of which the current human form is poorly suited for - with the 'borg-ification' & installation of AI key pursuits. In order to pursue galactic empire building, suitable armies are required.

"The Jab" has little to do with population control & more about hijacking the human species in the spirit of the Sumerian Tales of slaves races for demi-gods. Relating to Q-Posts ( albeit indirectly ) those of us who feel we are 'Red-Pilled' are likely merely crossing the threshold to what is unfolding currently. The concept of 'Disclosure' most have is 'they are here' when in reality its looking like 'they are mind-controlling your spouse and/or children & parents'. We're waking up to the shock of something like "Stage 4 Cancer", not "a benign tumor, let's test it".

Chemtrails & HAARP?

If you are like us, you notice that the skies we look up to no longer seem to be the skies we grew up with. From the crazy, never before seen weather happenings, to the constant Chemtrails and white-ish haze always on the horizon, there is no doubt that geo-engineering is very real and been in progress for quite some time now. After noticing a HAARP bubble on a weather radar last week, Jason set out to talk with some real experts about what is really happening in our skies around the world and uncovered a global plot that already has put bio-engineered nano technology into all our bodies. This is an incredible interview that any living human should listen to.

Jason and Jim, of the Liberty Brothers Radio Show, talk with HAARP Engineer Billy Hayes, and Author Elana Freeland about her new book, Chemtrails, HAARP, and “The Full Spectrum Dominance” of Planet Earth. We talk about the history of HAARP up to the new generations of NexRad, Space Fence, and even talk about Morgellons disease.

Published on Sep 1, 2014