I have found a growing disgust & innate animosity towards Libtards & Democrats that will far exceed this year... willing to torch the entire planet for political control puts one in the 'subspecies' category & I hope that those of us that have suffered needlessly will be replacing this bullshit mask with equally offensive 'wearables' when in public - reminding the community ( and ourselves ) what these bastards have put us through.


The Implosion of one of the Last Christian Nations in the World

BrotherNathanael explains in great detail why 'white christian' is the target.. it has always been the target... the supreme goal of a particular cabal that assumes (((they))) will inherit the earth when (((their))) messiah cometh. At some point, we'll need to break the programming to even have the balls to initiate the discussion, split the hairs on exactly who (((they))) are (as to not target the innocent), then with swift action dispatch the planetary virus. Fortunately, with Epstein & Maxwell we have the 800lb gorilla in the room & people are bound to sooner or later figure it out - even if the programming is too intense to take action.
One would hope that the raping, murder, & consumption of our young might rouse our resentment enough to break said programming.
Rockefeller Scenarios for the Future of Technology UnityAdmin Fri, 07/31/2020 - 12:37

2010 Rockkefeller-Scenarios


Now whudduthunk we'd be going through a 'pandemic' right when they said we would be....? I got the impression that these 4 scenarios were more like '4 Initiatives': Unclear if sequential or in tandem. If sequential, we've entered #LOCKSTEP: PHASE1 of the "Beast System" - literally.
Vaccines contain aborted fetus cells & I intuit a hint of cannibalism for good - unnecessary measure. Seems that Luciferians would see the humor in Christians injecting themselves with their own dead young. Like THE MASK - sure seems like there is a bit of morbid humor watching us humiliate ourselves on the way to slaughter.

And why would Nature be discussing the whole topic without ONE mention of where it came from?

What's Up With the COVID / KOBE Thing?

A lot can happen in a week.. one gets the feeling that some ritual work was undertaken around the impeachment & COVID19 PSYOP push...

One thing is for 100% certain: Regardless of its efficacy, Illuminati & Black Magick Operatives absolutely - and without doubt - encode messages pushed to out to the public through Mass Media. Some say it is encoded messaging, others imply number magick, others imply Predictive Programming ( of which Simpsons is notoriously famous for ), and others think sigil magick....

My vote to all of these is YES... if not consistently, then collectively.

COVID-19: Anatomy of A PsyOp posted a crap article today ( 4.19.2020 ) that was an apparent Propaganda Piece. The extremely superficial and short article was an obvious wrapper to 3 points:

  1. Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin is Not Tested & Dangerous
  2. Immune system provides a protective antibody response to COVID-19 that lasts - such that re-infection is not likely
  3. SO TAKE YOUR VACCINE because they will be effective.

It is so poorly written that the duplicity is inescapable:

Don't take Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin because it is "untested", but the FUTURE vaccine that is also not tested should be encouraged once available.



#1 Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin is Not Tested & Dangerous

Saag: We don't have a proven treatment and I think that's essential to understand. It points out how spoiled we've become in the world of medicine. We have so many treatments for so many disorders that we just assume that when something pops up, we can handle this.