Intellectual Dishonesty & the Flat Earth Community

I consider any patriot a friend & teammate, so not about to go aggro over this topic I see as a PsyOp to distract & divide the 'truther community' that has taken to investigating "conspiracy theories".

That out of the way: I really get a extreme sense of intellectual dishonesty when dealing with Flat Earth Community(hereafter FEC) proponents; namely the rehashing of 3rd Party 'line of sight' anectdotal observations as a wholesale replacement for mathematics and [equal burden of proof] explanations/models that account for a gorillion phenomenon that what I assume [cognitive disonance] forces the quiet avoidance of.

Dishonest Anecdotal Obeservations

A staple of the FEC are diagrams depicting some mechanism proving Global Model wrong and in the rare instances math or formulae are present, they always are based on false premise or missing part of the mechanics. This is WITHOUT FAIL. I can't tell you the man-hours put into unraveling many of the brainteasers put forth that seem 'obvious' at first glance, but always conveniently leave out keystones that explain them.

  • The one about [day/night would be 12hrs off every 6 months if the earth orbited the sun] immediately comes to mind.

  • Here's another one depicting that airplanes - in support of the global psyop - fly the circumference of the flat earth instead of taking the obvious direct route
    • see below for the distances from Sydney Australia to London, Johannesburge, and Buenos Aires respectively
      • though London would appear to be the closest on a FE, it is actually the longest flight.


Welcome to the SHOW!!! UnityAdmin Fri, 01/08/2021 - 17:46

Wuddya say that Pence is playing his part..(largely irrelevant at this point).? I'd hold up on his judgement for a bit.. Was not it said recently that he is part of a MilOp? Are not laptops missing? Was not that 'shooting' a bit suspicious for those willing to see? Would not that 'victim', their backpack, and the stretcher they were wheeled out on provide wonderful cover to the awaiting ambulance? And would not this ALL been impossible without Patriots showing up, being infiltrated by Antifa - complete with WhiteHat trojan horse - and allowed in by the very enemy seeking to destroy us? And wouldn't it be funny if the pipebomb threats were simply to clear building of perps and conduct pre-mission recon... even MORE funny if DS called it in to build their narrative, only to be used against them?

Note: Ivanka pushed out a tweet to Meatloaf that relates to FightClub scene where 'he as Robert Paulson' gets shot in the head.

Note: Mnuchin has produced many a film...

ENJOY THE SHOW!!!! Can't make this sh*t up!!



Mnuchin: Actor & Producer

The Trojan Horse of Jan7,2021: Did you see it? UnityAdmin Thu, 01/07/2021 - 20:28

Overall Analysis:

Trump & Co. needed a mass showing as a display to the DeepState & World where this is all going with our support. DeepState planned Antifa infiltration to RIOT, but was infiltrated themselves to conduct SpecOps for access to Congressional Offices that would NEVER be accessible OTHERWISE. Laptops & Intel collected & removed under the guise of a 'dying patriot' with everything going inside that ambulance.

It is surmised that Alex Jones & Crew ( love him or hate him ) has been running a surveillance feed for several days now of the Capitol Building under COVER of conducting his show. I imagine this was/is being used for 'higher purposes'.

The Implosion of one of the Last Christian Nations in the World

BrotherNathanael explains in great detail why 'white christian' is the target.. it has always been the target... the supreme goal of a particular cabal that assumes (((they))) will inherit the earth when (((their))) messiah cometh. At some point, we'll need to break the programming to even have the balls to initiate the discussion, split the hairs on exactly who (((they))) are (as to not target the innocent), then with swift action dispatch the planetary virus. Fortunately, with Epstein & Maxwell we have the 800lb gorilla in the room & people are bound to sooner or later figure it out - even if the programming is too intense to take action.
One would hope that the raping, murder, & consumption of our young might rouse our resentment enough to break said programming.

Project Azorian - 1974 $500M: More CIA 'MK' PsyOps

Another CIA PsyOp that American Taxpayers funded at $500 million, where under the front of 'deep sea mining' they were deep diving to recover a Russian K-129 submarine that sank in hopes of procuring nuclear tech, secrets & codes.

So the CIA hatched an audacious plan, Project Azorian, to retrieve the submarine. That would have been hard enough. But there was another challenge as well - it had to be done without the Russians knowing.

The spies needed to create a smokescreen so they pretended to be exploring the possibility of deep sea mining.

A PR campaign conveyed a determined effort to find manganese nodules. These potato-sized rocks lie scattered in the abyss, the great plains of the deep ocean.

There had to be a frontman - someone rich and eccentric enough to be plausible. The reclusive billionaire inventor Howard Hughes was perfect for the role.

Howard Hughes, pictured in 1952 - by the 1970s the billionaire was living a reclusive existence



But, covertly, the Hughes Glomar Explorer was also built with ingenious devices straight from a Bond film. The ship’s hull had enormous doors that could swing apart to create a “moon pool”, an underwater opening large enough to accommodate the Soviet sub and keep it hidden.