Intellectual Dishonesty & the Flat Earth Community

I consider any patriot a friend & teammate, so not about to go aggro over this topic I see as a PsyOp to distract & divide the 'truther community' that has taken to investigating "conspiracy theories".

That out of the way: I really get a extreme sense of intellectual dishonesty when dealing with Flat Earth Community(hereafter FEC) proponents; namely the rehashing of 3rd Party 'line of sight' anectdotal observations as a wholesale replacement for mathematics and [equal burden of proof] explanations/models that account for a gorillion phenomenon that what I assume [cognitive disonance] forces the quiet avoidance of.

Dishonest Anecdotal Obeservations

A staple of the FEC are diagrams depicting some mechanism proving Global Model wrong and in the rare instances math or formulae are present, they always are based on false premise or missing part of the mechanics. This is WITHOUT FAIL. I can't tell you the man-hours put into unraveling many of the brainteasers put forth that seem 'obvious' at first glance, but always conveniently leave out keystones that explain them.

  • The one about [day/night would be 12hrs off every 6 months if the earth orbited the sun] immediately comes to mind.

  • Here's another one depicting that airplanes - in support of the global psyop - fly the circumference of the flat earth instead of taking the obvious direct route
    • see below for the distances from Sydney Australia to London, Johannesburge, and Buenos Aires respectively
      • though London would appear to be the closest on a FE, it is actually the longest flight.


Why after nearly a decade of this has there not been a SINGLE 3D model produced by the FEC?

  • So when is the FE community going to get serious and move from the Anectdotal to the Mathematical anyway?
    • [Equal Burden of Proof Exists]
  • Sketchup is free & has WebUI so any FE expert may easily create a model showing the true nature of earth's shape.

Might take into consideration:

  1. 1. Anticrepuscular Rays ( require far-distant light source ) <-- 7+ years of bringing this up, 7+ years of no one addressing
    1. FE community salivates at Crepuscular Rays as [proof of super close sun], but the aforementioned intellectual dishonesty seems to reveal itself by ignoring their twin sibling: Anticrepscular Rays.
    2. This phenomenon is possibly observable TWICE a day and makes for seems 
  2. Annual Seasons & Inclination of the Sun
  3. Craters (how did foreign object pass through theoretical firmament?)
    1. ie: such as those Phoenix, Az sits in 
    2. ie: Chicxulub crater from which the KT boundary found planet-wide is sourced
  4. Foucault's Pendulum: ( Northern Hemisphere = rotates CLOCKWISE / Southern Hemisphere = rotaties COUNTER CLOCKWISE )
    1. ie: how does a flat plane cause a pendulum to rotate in opposite direction at some arbitrary circumference from the center?
  5. Foucault's Pendulum Experiment: Using Neutonian Physics to determine Earth Latitude
    1. ie: model how this easily repoducible phenomenon with respect to FE
  6. Foucault's Pendulum: Using Neutonian Physics to determine Earth Latitude:


Crepuscular & Anticrepuscular Rays

Sunlight reaching Earth is 'near parallel' due to the distance involved which is why BOTH Crepuscular and Anticrepuscular rays occur TWICE a day, EVERY day on Earth - and can be seen under favorable atmospheric conditions that render them visible like a smoke machine does for laser lights.

  • Both phenomena require:
    • distant sun
    • sun nearly at 0 degress from horizon and UNDER clouds
      • which is anathema to the FE model


  • HOLY CRAP! The Sun is right outside this church!

  • And RIGHT behind these clouds!

  • But really if one is going to use Crepuscular Rays as evidence, one must use AntiCrepuscular Rays as well, right?




  • Motion Video from moving car showing these Crepuscual Rays moving with the clouds, requiring "multiple suns" if the light sources were actually close






Foucault's Pendulum

  • FP can be used to measure rotation of the earth, which latitude a measurement is made
  • FP also can illustrate the annual orbit of earth around the sun... AND galaxy
  • FP readily shows rotation is opposite depending on which hemisphere measurement made
    • How does one explain FP rotating in an opposite direction once crossing an arbitrary circumference from the CENTER?

Cursory Notes on Foucault's Pendulum

  • Northern Hemisphere = rotates CLOCKWISE
  • Southern Hemisphere = rotates COUNTER CLOCKWISE
  • T = time it takes for pendulum to complete 360°
  • T = 24hours / sin(EarthLatitude)
  • Latitude = arcsin(24h/T)

Foucault's Pendulum Experiment: Determine Latitude with FP

  • URL:
  • Result
    • 7.89° in 0.688 hours
  • Thus:
    • T = 0.688h * 360/7.88° = 31.4h
    • Latitude = arcsin(24h/31.4h) = 49.8°
    • Actual Location: Victoria BC = 48.4°North ( Error = 1.4° )

Earth Latitude/Longitude

Flight Times: Math & Observation,+United+Kingdom/to/Sydney,+Australia

  • Flight Times @ 500mph Average:
    • Sydney to London = 12:37hrs (10,557mi / 16,989km) 
    • Sydney to Buenos Aires = 14:23hrs (7,333mi / 11,801km)
    • Sydney to Johannesburg, South Africa = 14:15hrs (6,873mi or 11,060km)
  • Check this against Airline Schedules
    • Think the airlines are [in on it?].. BOOK THE FLIGHT TO LONDON & TAKE A COMPASS on the flight
  • Check this against Gleason Map Calculations:

The Firmament

  • FEC asserts missiles explode when attempting to go to space and hitting a firmament instead.. that "quickly heals itself"
  • Craters (how did foreign object pass through theoretical firmament?)
    1. ie: such as those Phoenix, Az sits in 
    2. ie: Chicxulub crater from which the KT boundary found planet-wide is sourced


How did this get there?


Annual Seasons

  • FEC posits a close sun, so how are seasons manifested & why are they different based on hemisphere?

Lunar Phenomena & Tidal Action

  • FE can't account for tides
  • FE can't account for Lunar Phase, since Sun & Moon are above the FE plane
  • FE can't account for lateral centripetal force if the FE is rotating

Procession of the Zodiac & Galactic Sun

  • Stars move in opposite direction in N & S hemispheres


The Firmament & Meteors