Templars Seeking the Stones from Lucifer's Crown?

Incomplete Notes from Dark Journalist X-Series regarding Templars...

  • Lucifer's crown fell from heaven
  • Templars
  • Pope
  • otto ram - lam duck in 1930s
    • investigating sites
    • rahm
    • escheback parcifal
    • crusade about recovering the stones frmo Lucifer's crown
    • get the stone on the papal pr
  • Lucifer's crown
Demonic Possession of Electronics & AI UnityAdmin Sat, 12/01/2018 - 23:32


  • DWAVE -the heart of CERN ( reportedly largest consumer of internet bandwidth) is an obtuse anagram of DEMON(see their logo).
  • Geordie Rose of DWAVE is very clear about working with other beings when recruiting June2017 in Vancouver: 'code that you write maybe running in the brains of these things in 10 years....'

  • Even more interesting is the chain of events leading up to Trump - whose uncle 'happened upon' a substantial part of Tesla's estate - and like Cayce was open about chenneling ideas from other beings.
  • Dark Journalist X-Series
    • Theosophical Lodges > 1890 > Vannevar Bush > RAD Lab(Xprojects) > 'Hilarion' Channeling > MIT > Varian Bros > Created Halcyon, CA(SiliconValley) > Keely(etherial energy tech(X tech) >= Tesla > John Trump(uncle) > Donald Trump(pres)


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