THE AWAKENING: IT'S ALL BLACK MAGICK IN THE END UnityAdmin Fri, 10/28/2022 - 00:03


Karen Kingston parses the actual patents addressing the ongoing program to the the human body as a host to incubate an AI species

Karen Kingston uncovers patents revealing "cognitive action" spike protein structures in vaccines

  • QuantumDot and sentient materials


Ivermectin Analytics

  • Ivermectin appears to have an 83% efficacy in preventing CV19 when taking pre-emptively.
  • More importantly, Ivermectin carries less hazards than any other listed protocol


Trump's Inexplicable Support of Vaccine Said To Be Incidental

Doug Billings shares message of HOPE and INSPIRATION for taking America back from the commusocialists

  • 32:35 - Trump was apparently not aware of the mass carnage of the vax - OR playing coy, but during a meeting he inquired why folks hiss at him when mentioning it. Once explained to him the situation, he stopped promoting it. 2nd hand story by Doug Billings

James Martines on OmniCron & Operation Mind Control

James Martinez was on #MikeAdam's #HealthRangerReport on Brighteon yesterday to cover the 'OmniCron' MKUltra trigger word that is reportedly 'activating' unknown operatives for their programmed missions. He is currently wrapping up an Audio Book of Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control: Assuredly 'Operation Mockingbird' is a component for BOTH PROGRAMMING & ACTIVATING:

- Programming via fear-based propaganda & causing repetitive cycles of 'shock & awe' that are used to cause entrainment & injection of messaging. Sigil Magick & Chaos Magick are known to be used by all networks.

- Activating, by being the omnipresent conduit that broadcasts the triggerword(s) that recalls the programmed behavior.

Curiously, this latest 'round of programming' initially called it 'The Nu Variant', then suddenly started using the 'OmniCron' command word.

This is at the ROOT of Spiritual Warfare

This gets into the TransHumanism Agenda to get INSIDE YOUR BODY. Nanotech will be used to create a HOST from a HUMAN for installation of a 'demonic' entity ( for lack of a more adequate vocabulary ). 2 YEARS of freaking out children will produce a generation of VIABLE HOSTS



Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control:

Other Interview

COVID PSYOP HOAX - NO INCREASE IN DEATHS UnityAdmin Tue, 12/01/2020 - 17:03
HydroCloroquine ( HCQ ) Shown To Act as COVID Vaccine for 50 CENTS UnityAdmin Fri, 07/31/2020 - 12:41

2005 Virology Journal Describes the efficacy of HCQ against the entire class of coronavirus strains.

This is published by the NIH National Institute of Health from where Dr. Anthony Fauci hails.

Strange how these findings are somehow incorrect  now that there are a volley of vaccines on the way costing many thousands of dollars per 'treatment'.