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Financial Collapse & New System is Coming


Marjory Wildcraft interviews Bix Weir Nov-8-2022

Caught wind of Bix Weir this week and immediately ran into this interview by Marjory Wildcraft from Nov8.

My initial contact with Bix was by way of an interview where Bix is explaining Gold will be a component of the NEXT financial system & the interviewer totally misses the import of that statement and presses on about stocks & such. Again Bix throws out there his doubts about the 'Biden Admin' being an actual 'admin' & that Gold/Silver will be pegged 1:1 - each time the oblivious 'markets guy' interviewing him misses all of it.
So naturally, I needed to dig on who Bix was & it seems he is one of the worlds leading financial minds and has mind-blowing information that is publicly available, but the sleeping public just can't see what is right before them.

Marjory has a business background, so don't let her current pursuits fool you. Even those of us who have been 'seeking' for years have many false premises around the Fed & 'WhiteHats' therin.

One case in point: The Fed has repeatedly tried to crash the fiat dollar, yet EACH TIME Congress responded with bail outs - keeping us enslaved in this debt system & delaying the enevitable. The current orgy of money printing is the latest attempt to force the issue so we can finally go through the pain of collapse and enjoy the benefits of a new system of government and finance.

FED went so far as to release 'Road to Roota' to teach children about scarcity so future generations would NOT fall back into a fiat currency.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o811G2Ps2rM



Seceding States... Who's caught holding National Debt?

One thing to consider is the Debt owed to the Fed is null & void for any State that secedes or if the Govt is 'reset'. This has been seriously considered by California & other 'bankrupt' States. Catherine Austin Fitts has thorough commentary on this, 'the missing trillions', & underground/outer space infrastructure it funded. As undersecretary of HUD - and as a very savvy 'numbers person' - she noticed Elevator companies consistently scoring the BUCKS regardless of the state of the economy... With ElonMusk standing up his 'Boring Company' ( making him an above sky & below ground magnate ) one must question WTF is all this subsurface action about?

Whatever is going on, guaranteed the stakes are so high[planetary], we have little chance of figuring it out while it matters to do so. We've either been led on a 'hopium' binge right to a martial law slaughter ( at our own behest ) where despots will let loose their DeathStar DEW weapons melting entire metropolitan areas whilst cackling over our coveted 2A... ORRRR... a strategy & gameplan so