Brian Scott

Thoughts: Fourth Dimension Plus By E.V. Ingraham [ Brian Scott Reading ]


Think it was in the [New Nuctemeron] reading where it explained the Earth's etheric body extends considerably more far than the atmosphere.... I enjoyed the thought experiment taking ice to water to gas to elemental and into more subtle states. Taking this mental experiment to infinity, one is then left with only the principal, not the form it wears.

Rosicrucian doctrine places great import in 'walking things back' from effect to cause - especially as a daily regimen of recounting the day in reverse - develops inner sight, intuition and understanding of cause & effect.

When eating, imagine:

  • the corn on the plate being put on the plate
  • removed from the oven
  • put in the oven
  • put on the tray
  • taken out of the package
  • taken out of the fridge
  • put in the fridge
  • removed from the grocery bag
  • removed from the trunch
  • put in the trunk
  • put in the bag
  • put in the cart
  • put in the produce bin
  • put on a pallet
  • taken out of a harvesting combine
  • taken out of the ground
  • growing under sunlight
  • sprouting from seed
  • planted in the ground
  • placed in a seeder
  • placed in a bag of seeds
  • pulled from an ear of corn and dried