Directed Energy Weapons Over California with Elana Freeland

Elana Freeland joins Kev and myself in the second hour laying out the case for scalar wave directed energy weaponry having been employed igniting the fires in Santa Rosa, and elsewhere in California.

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  • Trauma - especially sexual - fractures the human psyche...
    • if young enough, it will segregate the right/left brain hemispheres
  • Entities are either inserted or
  • Entities easily walk in & drown the indwelling spirit
  • Controlling the remaining shell
  • Rapists & abusers often act out their compulsions, but it isn't THEIRS
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  • Grow food locally
  • using solar power & grow lights
  • closed loop system
  • solar panel roofing materials
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  • Enki/Inlil
  • Baal Jupiter - possibly misrepresented goodguy?
    • not likely - definitely NOT God The Father
    • anything with an altar/sacrifice is NOT of God the Father
    • Christ rent the veil and rendered the Temple useless for building a relationship with Him
  • Saturn
    • Saturn / Jupiter had interactions that rendered Saturn dark when it was light
      • There could be confusion with Sirius( or other 24yr cycle start )
    • Where did the rings come from?
    • Why is Saturn 'tilted'? NOT natural/ordinary
  • jews/muslims
  • Ra = Enki?
  • Giants ate Humans
  • 1:48:30
    • Jewish Zohar - Cain seed of the Serpent, Enki
    • Enki Chronos El Saturn
    • Enlil elevated against his father & Worshipped Baal
    • Time of Jesus story
      • Jews went back to El/Enki