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Ran into this collection... tried to leave as is & posting here in an effort to preserve & make available this critical information we need NOW. Kay gives us everything we're relearning about our government & corrupt world politics.


Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works

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CIA and Operation Phoenix in Vietnam
by Ralph McGehee, 1996-02-19

Archived from: http://www.serendipity.li/cia/operation_phoenix.htm


Until outlawed in mid 70s CIA directly involved in assassination attempts against Castro of Cuba, and Congolese leader Lumumba. CIA also encouraged plots that resulted in assassination of Dominican Republic President Trujillo, South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem in 63 and Chilean Rene Schneider in 73. Most extensive assassination op was Operation Phoenix conducted during latter part of VN war. Twentieth Century Fund. (1992). The Need to Know: Covert Action and American Democracy, 83.

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Took notes from video 1of4 for research & tying things together... YT was clamping down, so had to pull the derivative clips down. These notes will make for easy lookup on the full length interview videos