Antibiotics Given to Chickens to FATTEN THEM

Chickens are routinely fed antibiotics merely to FATTEN THEM UP.

YOU consume the residual chemicals that the chicken retains.

These antibiotics also end up in the ground & wastewater... and thus into the water table and our water supplies.

Animals are just refinement machines: Consuming food, processing nutrients and toxins, producing new bodily material & expelling waste. Like boiling a pot of salty water, animals distill and concentrate toxins so these chemicals we're torturing these animals with are ultimately ending up inside us....

What else is a 'detox program' than a remedy for this widely known fact.

Children are also feeling the effects of injections & chemical regimens in their increased presence of fat.

Prescription for Trouble: Using Antibiotics to Fatten Livestock

Overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture has led to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that make treating illness more difficult


Nagalase - GcMAF Protocol


Rest In Peace Doctor Bradstreet. We Will Follow Your Path


Questions Surround Death of Controversial Autism Physician

Read the above link carefully folks you can find some truth in this establishment document.

Nagalase is a enzyme that can most negatively impact your immune system; this is immunosupression. GcMAF is a protein that can reverse the effects of Nagalase. Nagalase is or something that produces Nagalase is being put in "vaccinations" IMO. Since Nagalase is produced by your body as part of the digestion of sugar this gives us another reason to totally avoid the poison sugar.

The FDA will not approve GcMAF for ASD treatment. GcMAF is being produced and is being used widely in Japan and has been demonstrated as very safe as it is a protein endogenous (native) to the human body.


29 Dec 2017    Oh Joy

Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines all Found Murdered

Now, in just a few days, we have 2 more doctors missing. The first is Dr. Fitzpatrick MD of North Dakota who went missing in or around July 3rd. NBC is reporting on his disappearance. Little else is known at this time. Note: Initially it was reported he was a DO, but now we see that’s another Patrick Fitzpatrick in the area. This doctor specializes in Ophthalmology and is an MD. From all accounts it appears he practiced in North Dakota, but was found missing in neighboring Montana.

SSRIs Kill People Before They Kill Other People: 1% of SSRI Users Convicted Of Violent Crime(2015)

Here's the rough numbers(2015):

  • 0.03% of 320 million people commited violent crimes
  • 1.00% people taking SSRIs commited violent crimes
  • 33% more likely to commit violent crime if using SSRIs

Time to address root cause here... that is on 'Mass Murder'.. or just VIOLENCE in general


Follow the Money

  • Using an SSRI plays a greater role in VIOLENCE than owning a gun - or any weapon for that matter.
  • But you're not going to here this on CNN or MSNBC... and if you see their commercials you'll see why.
  • They take the Drug pushers' money with complete disregard for human life, yet feign concern for us 24/7.
  • BigPharma is about you buying product... Doctors get kickback... media gets ad revenue... tax payers fund the operation