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Often i see that messianic s are using the tetragrammaton yhwh what is
supposed to be derived from Yeshua Hanozri Wemelech Hajehudim.
But is this really correct and how do we handle this ?
I have problems with it and would never use it.

Here is why.

Its heavy involved with freemasonry, king solomon, the antichrist system the kabbalah and the occult.
It represents the name of the judeo-christian g_d who is not our God.
Its pentagram is a symbol for occultism used by eliphas levi, aleister crowley,blavatsky and other scourers..

(By the way only judaism is using the spelling g_d. All other religions are using GOD!)

Minds.org: Carl Killough on JRR Tolkien


A man who lived through WWI and understood the power of the state by his wartime experience: J. R. R. Tolkien. His works show a great spectrum of political power structures which span from pure and free to evil and controlling. Tolkien was an anarchist. Think about the journey from the Shire to Mordor: The hobbits live in the freedom of the Shire. They have no formal government and live in anarchy. As they travel east, they witness varying levels of increasing control and corruption. Rivendell is the perfect platonic republic under the care of the 'wise rulers'. But it is rigid and constrained by Elrond. Its success depends upon the longevity and nearly incorruptible nature of the elves. Yet Rivendell is a step down in freedom from the Shire. In spite of the strong will and high character of the elves, it is still Frodo, a hobbit from the completely free Shire who is selected to carry the ring. Even an elf would succumb to its power. If the Ring is state power, then only the most free can hope to survive it’s influence. Orthanc and Saruman himself show the danger of trusting in a wise leader. When danger threatened from Mordor, Saruman took the easy path of bending to evil. His power was flipped from serving good to spreading corruption and death.

JHVH = Satan? 2Sa24:1=1Ch21:1 & John8:44

There are a good number of Wicca devotees that are exceedingly gentle and peaceful - possibly in greater proportion to Christian adherents. I know of no Wiccan Wars, but this does not dismiss they are worshiping false dieities that collect & use their spiritual power to frustrate the Plan of God the Father as executed by Christ. With Satan at the helm, the end result will necessarily be one of disaster & self destruction. As such, there are some concerns that arise when scrutinizing scripture in the context of the OT 'God of Wrath' & NT 'God the Father'.

Astrology: Reference: Summary Table of Chakra Association Compiled from Various Sources


Summary Table of Chakra Association Compiled from Various Sources


Main Chakras
(Sanskrit Name)
-Seat of

Astrological Sign


Associated Emotions

Spiritual Life Lesson

Psychological Function

Physical Association

Endocrine Gland

Crown Chakra

White or Gold




Emotional imbalance


Lessons related to spirituality

Integration of total personality with life, and the spiritual aspects of mankind

Astrology: Reference: Chakra system chart by astrology

Chakra system chart by astrology

Chakra: http://www.astrologyweekly.com/astrology-articles/chakra-system-charts.php

Planetary influences on chakra system

Introduction to the chakra system

chakra system

The human energetic system is mainly composed of a vertical energetic axis which runs through our spine from the perineum (the region between the genitals and the anus), up to the top of our head. This is our main energetic channel and it is called in India the Sushumna Nadi. On this channel, at different levels there are seven energetic centers (named chakras) that represent our link to the "reality" and the universe(s). They are located as shown in the image on the right.

Chakra system chart by astrology

One can identify the nodal axis with Sushumna Nadi, the energetic central channel that runs through our spine. On this channel, the six chakras are projected at different levels as shown in the image on the left. The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, called Sahasrara chakra is not shown in the natal chart, it couldn't be, as it doesn't relate with the material level, only with the higher spiritual worlds. It is transcendental and represents our link to the Divinity.

chakra chart

The other six chakras will be projected on the nodes' axis as follows:

1. Muladhara chakra or the root chakra will be projected at a distance of 30 degrees from the South Node (SN) on both sides.

2. Swadisthana chakra or the sexual chakra will be projected from 30 degrees to 60 degrees from the SN on both sides.

Astrology Investigation


Biblical Considerations

  • Revelations all about astrology
    • As Above, So Below
    • Virgin Mary => Virgo
    • Leo CONCEIVED/Jesus born of Virgin/Virgo
  • Astrological Correspondence & story acted out by Jesus & His Priesthood
    • Christ cam to FULFILL Jehova's Contract, not destroy or negate it
      • Now the LAW IS FULFILLED
      • Still present, but has NO POWER OR AUTHORITY
      • YET many still follow the old LAW on their own free will
      • Notice Jehova is no longer massacring his people despite even worse behavior since times of Christ's Resurrection
    • Notice Jesus died on cross, went into the underworld for 3 days
      • Astological correspondence is December 21 to March 21




WHAT is going on? Rumsfeld supports Trump: 2017.1212

  • Flynn reportedly compiles pedogate list
    • Pence forces his resignation when a close friend ends up on "the list"
    • 2/2017 California: 474 arrested in Child Sex Ring
    • Weeks later Flynn out
  • Mueller oversaw FBI coverup of 911, Anthrax, WacoMassacre, OKC Bombing, Collins-Rector/Disney Pedogate Coverup
    • Mueller reportedly working for Trump
    • Mueller brings Clinton Ops right under his investigation
    • Pedogate coming out fully
  • LV False Flag attack breaks out
    • Trump plays along & says nothing
    • later find helicopters running counter-ops on multiple targets - firing INTO hotel room at Mandalay Bay
    • Seems a massacre WAS AVOIDED despite numerous casualties
    • FBI knee deep in action & cover up
    • Saudi Agents involved
    • 'Suspect' dead & with ties to FBI
    • Reporters dying left & right
    • Crisis Actors employed & photographed by Getty
    • Hooters has 12-20 ambulances show up & leave in about an hour with Venue 2 blocks away
  • SanAntonio Church Massacre
    • Democrat Operative
  • SaudiArabia government corroption sweep
  • CIA headquarters at Langley swarmed by MEU Marines - multiple sources confirm variations
    • #HalTurner
    • #wdim
    • #StephenPieczenik
    • #LizCrokin
    • #HagmannReport
  • Pentagon Audit
    • Rumsfeld oversaw BigPharma & Bush Admin ravage the country & cover up 911
    • Rumsfeld supports Trump
    • Rumsfeld calls for Pentagon Audit for Mission Trillions days before 911 attack
    • Trump calls for Pentagon Audit for missing trillions
    • Rumsfeld comes out of nohwere to support Israel Embassy move

Flat Earth 1,2,3

  • Three observations that seem to negate Flat Earth physics
  • Imagine the wonder if Flat Earth Community could actually meet THEIR OWN STANDARD
  • I'm down.. but whoa.... Satan is the ultimate deceiver....
  • NASA is your excuse to misunderstand your universe
  • Prove Flat Earth isn't a PsyOp
  • The world is getting wise... Astrology is Key
  • The mages knew the appointed time - by watching the stars.
    • What did they know & who taught them
  • Jesus exhibited knowledge at age 12 that amazed the Jewish Rabbis
    • Who taught him?
  • Milchilzedek was teaching the breaking of the bread & drinking of the wine well before Judaism
    • Priest of what?
  • Why would God convolute our small space while showing consistency elsewhere?
    • Perhaps the key to being 'in the know' is understanding our solar system.
    • Perhaps the bible is ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY & OCCULT KNOWLEDGE & FE IS THE SATANIC AGENDA in its last death throws to delay the inevitable.
  • Perhaps Flat Earth is nothing but a false opposition that has successfully set back the movement 3 generations.


Crepuscular Rays From Behind Clouds to Shine Under Clouds






1. Foucault's Pendulum to Find Lattitude

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Elite: Forward UnityAdmin Wed, 11/22/2017 - 02:02

Source: http://empireexposed.blogspot.com/2017/07/book-forward-to-pedophilia-empire-satan.html

Q PROMOTES PreyingMedic & SerialBrain PROFITEERING, yet calls out others?
.... & Why is a Christian working with an Occultist?

Time to reiterate the in-congruence with Posting a billboard advertising DoUKnowQ.com that is profiteering off Q in absurd fashion, while Q has time to target infowars & corsi(regardless of their innocence). Not forgetting that CBTS stated they wanted to replace infowars and Justin Wallis of WeAreTheNewMedia is a disgruntled ex-employee that is knee deep into dark occult.


Q has time to call out Corsi for selling a $20 book, yet POSTS a billboard linking to a site that is nothing but a profiteering front.
Why are Preying Medic & SerialBrain teaming up with Q when PreyingMedic is die-hard 'Christian' and SerialBrain is a Dark Occultist?

QAnon has taken out time, more than twice now, to call out InfoWars while remaining SILENT on the QPost WebRing making $$$ on donations & QTubeTraffick.

DoUKnowQ.com domain was started on 4/28/2018 and on May 14th, Q posts a billboard with the domain name... they MERELY sells Media Contacts, domain names & web design for 300-$500 - PLUS SELLING Q LEADS. Funny how the LARGEST GROUP profiting from the QAnon phenomenon, is NEVER called out....

MaltegoCE shows 5000+ BTC Transactions for: 16v8cw9DnmF5x37nx8ucPimVtK3eBjp9m7

GTW & DosMatrix fall off into a rabbit hole & mull over the connections between Monatomic Gold, the Pineal Gland, Adrenochrome, Levite Priesthood & the ark, and some possible XTech connections.

QAnon WebRing ran by Occultists? Lets get past the Q discussion & look at the 'Q Media Outlet'.