Ivermectin Analytics

  • Ivermectin appears to have an 83% efficacy in preventing CV19 when taking pre-emptively.
  • More importantly, Ivermectin carries less hazards than any other listed protocol


Senior Executive Service Investigation Notes UnityAdmin Wed, 08/01/2018 - 09:07

What is the Senior Executive Service?

An unelected group of Federally employed people that exist in the Federal Government across multiple administrations that maintain 'continuity of government'. They cannot be removed by elected officials and are not elected themselves. The term "Deep State" largely refers to "Global SES" members and affiliates that have hijacked governments around the world and use them as a weapon against the world population for power, control and wealth. Those aware of the dark spiritual forces on Earth and beyond, one might conclude that the problem goes beyond politics and given the abuse, rape and murder of children as the central sacrament & method of blackmail - it isn't far fetched to associate this group with fallen angels and gods referenced in spiritual texts around the world.


Touche Ross

  • Touche Ross & Co orchestrated the creation of the Senior Executive Service. Its roots lead back to London's financial players - notably accountants.
  • Deloitte seems to also have its roots lead - if only in part - back to Touche Ross. Deloitte reportedly has a habit of hiring outgoing CIA assets for purposes of corporate espionage. It is presumed that this also involves infiltration & control.
  • So we have London accountants working hand in glove with Jimmy Carter's


NeuStar: An NSA Outfit?

Pete Santilli mentioned Neustar as an NSA Spy Outfit

Looks like this falls under the whole 'Certificate Authority' PsyOp where by generating private/public keys for a 'website cert' leads one to believe they are the ONLY ones with the private key, when in fact that private key is held by the the CA at time of generation - meaning the CA has ALL keys to decrypt such certs. See "Federal Bridge Authority".


From 2006-05-26

NSA Scandal (Pt. 2): Verint – NSA's Foreign Partner

This series on NSA contractor scandals details the activities of the private companies that have taken over domestic surveillance under the Bush Administration. One of the most important of these corporations is Vertint, an Israel-based electronic communications surveillance outfit, which in alliance with VeriSign, the operator of the .com, .net, and .edu registries, monitors most of the sites on the World Wide Web. If you're viewing this article on a .com, NETDISCOVERY -- the Internet surveillance system developed jointly by Verint and VeriSign -- is monitoring your on-line experience at this very moment.

In the last installment, we reported that the NSA similarly employs NeuStar, the top .us and .biz Internet domain registry as a conduit to monitor web-communications networks in the US and to monitor the cell phone traffic in as many as 210 countries worldwide. See, Pt. 1, NSA SCANDAL: NeuStar - Telcom Scapegoat or NSA Front Company? http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/5/20/16437/4670


Lieber Research Group at Harvard: Liquid Computing Is Here

  • Harvard's Lieber Research Group work on 'liquid computing' (aka WetWare), injectable mesh electronics is below.
  • Scrolling down about 5 images will present a SWF animation of injecting mesh electronics through the crown of the human head for remote control/monitoring.
  • This work is far from being in its infancy - its here already.
  •  was arrested around 2020 & was deeply colluding with CCP - His father was an RCA engineer with ( i think ) Nazi ties.


  • Office of Naval Research
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • NIH

Source: https://cml.harvard.edu/research/image-gallery/

RE: YouTube Censorship - How is Radio Less Pervasive?

Does not the need to produce "what arguably is the longest disclaimer intro ever for this show" denote the presence of a "N.Korea-level oppression" that hangs in the air on even the most mundane topics. This self-monitoring has gone from simply "vulgar language & threats by way of obscene jokes" to "maintaining a multi-volume library listing keywords that induce immediate removal of content". Constitution protects speech, (Common) Law has narrowed it down to sensible params, and where these fail, civil & criminal courts exist to temper excess. Odd that the FTC - often cited for overreach - has less restriction on content that literally permeates every square inch of a 15+ mile radius with zero controls to its access. I don't know of a single conversation this side of 2000 where the public-en-masse has decried radio & demanded channel controls on equipment accessible by anyone tall enough to reach it & enough $$$ to buy it. Every gate has a gatekeeper - those looking for 'best interest' do not gravitate to this role.

BTW.. ANYONE can get on radio to say anything - if only by simply calling in. A channel may sensor its content: In fact, they do impeccably well & for decades. Public access is required by law (at least was at one point in time) and while not as easy as pushing up a file, has minimal - if any - cost, without culture crashing down around it as a result.


Mad Scientists of Atlantis & Mars Connection

Planetry Bifurcation: organics vs inorganics

  1. Esoteric Backstory for those already far down the rabbit hole. Ties Cosmic AI, Ahriman, 's 8th Sphere ( Meta? ), origins of the DarkCabal, why their obsession with 'merging things' and seeking SpiritualFaculty via GeneticAlterations instead of earning it. With the end result being the disfigured and sociopath Greys that f'd up so bad they face annihilation - returning to 'now' to steal organic DNA in hopes of rejoining humanity. The 'merging' thing is prevalent in our sociopath scientists in CERN & Genetic pursuits that defy ROI.

  2. #1 Might be too far down for some. If so, then this is likely more accessible:
    Harvard's Lieber Research Group work on 'liquid computing' (aka WetWare), injectible mesh electronics - with the recent biopsy of the 'blood clots' below. Scrolling down about 5 images will present a SWF animation of injecting mesh electronics through the crown of the human head for remote control/monitoring.
    [ was arrested last year & was deeply colluding with CCP - His father was an RCA engineer with ( i think ) Nazi ties.

CFP: FBI Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago UnityAdmin Wed, 08/10/2022 - 17:07

lol… okayyyyyy. So some spook – whose explicit job is to lie to people in their face – infiltrated the residence ( in hopes of finding a crime ), then magically finds a crime & knows EXACTLY where the evidence is…

Of course, this begs the question: Wouldn’t the owner of the most prestigious hotels & properties know how to implement surveillance requisite to maintain security – even methods exceeding that of despotic agencies seeking their demise in a multitude of nations. I mean Mr.T likely has the most massive library of compromising material on the planet.

Wonder if the entire operation was captured to tape?



Thoughts: Fourth Dimension Plus By E.V. Ingraham [ Brian Scott Reading ]

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ_uDpysq2Q

Think it was in the [New Nuctemeron] reading where it explained the Earth's etheric body extends considerably more far than the atmosphere.... I enjoyed the thought experiment taking ice to water to gas to elemental and into more subtle states. Taking this mental experiment to infinity, one is then left with only the principal, not the form it wears.

Rosicrucian doctrine places great import in 'walking things back' from effect to cause - especially as a daily regimen of recounting the day in reverse - develops inner sight, intuition and understanding of cause & effect.

When eating, imagine:

  • the corn on the plate being put on the plate
  • removed from the oven
  • put in the oven
  • put on the tray
  • taken out of the package
  • taken out of the fridge
  • put in the fridge
  • removed from the grocery bag
  • removed from the trunch
  • put in the trunk
  • put in the bag
  • put in the cart
  • put in the produce bin
  • put on a pallet
  • taken out of a harvesting combine
  • taken out of the ground
  • growing under sunlight
  • sprouting from seed
  • planted in the ground
  • placed in a seeder
  • placed in a bag of seeds
  • pulled from an ear of corn and dried



Nazi followers should reconsider their idols UnityAdmin Sat, 05/14/2022 - 13:52


Nazism springs from the same well as Transhumanism, Transgenderism and COVID. So long as one ignores the occult aspect, they're ignoring the true substance of Nazism. Its antihuman in nature, gave rise to the destruction of Mars & Atlantis sure looks like its latest moonchilds - the WEF, WHO, UN, NASA, and BioTech - are again inducing planetary chaos & implosion. They hate the Christian more than the negro, but both are seen as subhuman as they believe they came from Mars, are superior to Earthlings, and are seeking to implement a New World Religion, that places them as Ruling Gods by genetic decree. Browse Project Mars by vonBraun, who mentions Elon by name almost a century ago. Look up [Jack Parsons].

I might suggest to you that CultureWar is more productive than RaceWar. And the cultures we're at war with hail from the heart of Nazi Ops... FFS NASA is a complete Nazi PsyOp - having everyone dumping ludicrous amounts of cash for 'Space Exploration' and looking up & away, while all that $$$ is going into underground infrastructure and 'Space Fence' satellites. There's good reason that BLM,LBGTQ+,COVIDIOTS identify with the same Leftist Progressives that are fawning over Nazi Ukraine.... they're from the same team.

Nuctemeron: the twelve hours of Apollonius of Tyana

first hour
In the unity, de daimons sing the praise of God, they loose their malignity and their wrath.

second hour
By the binary, the fishes of the Zodiac sing the praise of God, the snakes of fire intertwine around Hermes’ staff and the thunder becomes harmonious.

third hour
The snakes of Hermes’ staff intertwine trice, Cerberus opens his triple mouth and fire sings the praise of God by the three tongs of the lightning.

fourth hour
At the fourth hour the soul returns for a visit to the sepulcher. It is the time to light the magical lamps at the four corners of the circles. It is the time for incantations and illusions.

fifth hour
The voice of the great waters sing the God of the heavenly spheres.

sixth hour
The spirit remains motionless. He sees the infernal monsters work against him and he is without fear.

seventh hour
A fire, giving life to all animated beings, is directed by the will of the pure men. The initiate raises his hand and the suffering disappears.

eighth hour
The stars speak to each another, the soul of the suns communicate with the breath of the flowers, the chains of harmony make all the beings of nature correspond with one another.

ninth hour
The number that is not to be reveled.

tenth hour
It is the key of the astronomical cycle and of the circular movement of human’s life.

eleventh hour
The wings of the geniuses move with a mysterious humming, they fly from one sphere to another and carry the message of God from one world to another.

twelfth hour
Here are accomplished the deeds of the eternal light.