Nukes Are a PsyOp ( in progress )

Several sources have mentioned this in the last 60 days. 

Derek Johnson: No such thing as a Nuclear Weapon

John Warner IV ( Senator Warner's Son )

  • JWIV asked 'biden' at his fathers funeral about the nuke situation & was told - in near scornful tone - large scale nukes will never happen.
  • 51:24: John Warner ( of the elite Mellon fam ) was on DarkJournalist this week and spoke with JoeBiden at his father's funeral last year: He asked about large nuclear exchange and Joe responded nearly sardonically that MADD by way of nuclear exchange will NEVER happen. 
  • Other 1/2 of this amazing interview



Notice anything strange lately?

See The Production for more relevant sources


doppelgänger (/ˈdɒpəlɡɛŋər, -ɡæŋər/)[a] or doppelgaenger or doppelganger is a biologically unrelated look-alike, or a double, of a living person.

In fiction and mythology, a doppelgänger is often portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal phenomenon and usually seen as a harbinger of bad luck. Other traditions and stories equate a doppelgänger with an evil twin. In modern times, the term twin stranger is occasionally used.[3] The word "doppelgänger" is often used in a more general and neutral sense, and in slang, to describe any person who physically resembles another person.


Col Douglass Macgregor comes out and says it midway through this interview


FossiFuel Psyop Strikes Again: TGP

  • Nylon rope=[fossil fuels]
  • Camera case=[fossil fuels]
  • Cotton shirt, the camera filming, the concrete that built the bridge the whackjob is standing on and the materials that built the road running under... all brought to their place by transportation running off [fossil fuels]
  • Perhaps once the world stops for a bit for the lack of [fossil fuels], a new appreciation for this PLANT-LOVING, HUMAN-LOVING resources that release CO2 plant food for plants that make O human food will replace this misplaced angst.


Know Them By Theirs Signs [ O ]

  • [O] is a symbol for 'hell' - or to the more educated - the #8thSphere. AlcatelLucent's logo is much the same.... as is the Debian logo. The 8thSphere is the 'phantom' planet currently manifesting AROUND & WITHIN the Earth, best thought of as 'The Lower Astral' where all manner of parasitic dark beings are drawing in whatever they can before the Planetary Bifurcation completes in preparation for Planetary Ascension.
  • Those with their consciousness firmly invested in VR Virtual Reality of video games, phone apps, and METAVERSE are being drawn into this false reality. Its hard to NOT NOTICE the Planetary Bifurcation, where a clear demarcation is manifesting between the ORGANICS & the INORGANICS ( Transhumanists ) and will not be bridged as time goes on.
  • This 8thSphere is Evolutionary Trash Collector - much like the moon in the previous LifeWave - where those who either can't Ascend - or choose not to - will be held back while the Earth Changes commence and then be Replanted back on the Planet to Repeat (in its entirety) the School of 3rd Dimensional Humanity.
  • 'The Greys' are the natural conclusion of where Transhumanism leads - explaining why they have traveled back to the point in time before Humanity diverged down that path so they could collect DNA & attempt to again 'cheat the system' by [doing through Science] what should be [ done through Spiritual Growth ].


MIT & the Club of Rome

Leo Zagami reports that MIT has its roots in Club of Rome / Illuminati factions:

  • Communism is a creation of the Illuminati
  • California must be healed of Communism before the US - as a nation - can be healed. Ignoring California's dysfunction will ultimately result in the fall of the nation.
  • CIA Europe moved its headquarters to Germany after the fall of the USSR & the Berlin Wall, but quickly fell under control of the Club of Rome.
  • Transhumanism is an Illuminati Master Goal - all things lead to "pursuit of immortality".
  • Cyber Satan is already here
  • Exorcist & 2001 Space Odyssee ( about Omega Point )
    • Has 1st Jesuit actor
  • Christians should not be WORRIED, yet need to be PREPARED
    • prophecy must come to be
    • The Kingdom of Christ: Christ NEVER spoke of elections... His Kingdom is a Monarchy & monarchies are a reflection of the Devine Kingdom, not a Republic...
      • this said the Constitution & the Republic it created was quick to enumerate UNDER GOD
      • Original monarchies - of which the current implementations are a sad bastardization - were headed by Devine beings 'with authority' and this authority was usurped. Original monarchs indeed had absolute power, but they were in absolute service to those over which they reigned.
      • this has matastisized into the current abominations we see today heading nations - including their kin: Presidents


NeuStar: An NSA Outfit?

Pete Santilli mentioned Neustar as an NSA Spy Outfit

Looks like this falls under the whole 'Certificate Authority' PsyOp where by generating private/public keys for a 'website cert' leads one to believe they are the ONLY ones with the private key, when in fact that private key is held by the the CA at time of generation - meaning the CA has ALL keys to decrypt such certs. See "Federal Bridge Authority".

From 2006-05-26

NSA Scandal (Pt. 2): Verint – NSA's Foreign Partner

This series on NSA contractor scandals details the activities of the private companies that have taken over domestic surveillance under the Bush Administration. One of the most important of these corporations is Vertint, an Israel-based electronic communications surveillance outfit, which in alliance with VeriSign, the operator of the .com, .net, and .edu registries, monitors most of the sites on the World Wide Web. If you're viewing this article on a .com, NETDISCOVERY -- the Internet surveillance system developed jointly by Verint and VeriSign -- is monitoring your on-line experience at this very moment.

In the last installment, we reported that the NSA similarly employs NeuStar, the top .us and .biz Internet domain registry as a conduit to monitor web-communications networks in the US and to monitor the cell phone traffic in as many as 210 countries worldwide. See, Pt. 1, NSA SCANDAL: NeuStar - Telcom Scapegoat or NSA Front Company?


Lieber Research Group at Harvard: Liquid Computing Is Here

  • Harvard's Lieber Research Group work on 'liquid computing' (aka WetWare), injectable mesh electronics is below.
  • Scrolling down about 5 images will present a SWF animation of injecting mesh electronics through the crown of the human head for remote control/monitoring.
  • This work is far from being in its infancy - its here already.
  •  was arrested around 2020 & was deeply colluding with CCP - His father was an RCA engineer with ( i think ) Nazi ties.


  • Office of Naval Research
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • NIH


RE: YouTube Censorship - How is Radio Less Pervasive?

Does not the need to produce "what arguably is the longest disclaimer intro ever for this show" denote the presence of a "N.Korea-level oppression" that hangs in the air on even the most mundane topics. This self-monitoring has gone from simply "vulgar language & threats by way of obscene jokes" to "maintaining a multi-volume library listing keywords that induce immediate removal of content". Constitution protects speech, (Common) Law has narrowed it down to sensible params, and where these fail, civil & criminal courts exist to temper excess. Odd that the FTC - often cited for overreach - has less restriction on content that literally permeates every square inch of a 15+ mile radius with zero controls to its access. I don't know of a single conversation this side of 2000 where the public-en-masse has decried radio & demanded channel controls on equipment accessible by anyone tall enough to reach it & enough $$$ to buy it. Every gate has a gatekeeper - those looking for 'best interest' do not gravitate to this role.

BTW.. ANYONE can get on radio to say anything - if only by simply calling in. A channel may sensor its content: In fact, they do impeccably well & for decades. Public access is required by law (at least was at one point in time) and while not as easy as pushing up a file, has minimal - if any - cost, without culture crashing down around it as a result.


Mad Scientists of Atlantis & Mars Connection

Planetry Bifurcation: organics vs inorganics

  1. Esoteric Backstory for those already far down the rabbit hole. Ties Cosmic AI, Ahriman, 's 8th Sphere ( Meta? ), origins of the DarkCabal, why their obsession with 'merging things' and seeking SpiritualFaculty via GeneticAlterations instead of earning it. With the end result being the disfigured and sociopath Greys that f'd up so bad they face annihilation - returning to 'now' to steal organic DNA in hopes of rejoining humanity. The 'merging' thing is prevalent in our sociopath scientists in CERN & Genetic pursuits that defy ROI.

  2. #1 Might be too far down for some. If so, then this is likely more accessible:
    Harvard's Lieber Research Group work on 'liquid computing' (aka WetWare), injectible mesh electronics - with the recent biopsy of the 'blood clots' below. Scrolling down about 5 images will present a SWF animation of injecting mesh electronics through the crown of the human head for remote control/monitoring.
    [ was arrested last year & was deeply colluding with CCP - His father was an RCA engineer with ( i think ) Nazi ties.