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Leftist Satanic Agenda Continues Normalization of Pedophilia

Leftist Satanic Agenda becoming much clearer - especially with targeting children with normalization of pedophilia.


It’s “completely normal” and “generally harmless” for children as young as four to touch each others’ genitals, and parents should allow children to watch pornography, according to a University of California website.

Operated by UC-Santa Barbara students specializing in human sexuality, SexInfo Online bills itself as an authority on a wide variety of sex-related topics, from health issues to pregnancy to sexual habits.

On Wednesday, The College Fix called attention to the website’s alarming advice on “Childhood Sexuality,” which covers how parents should react to their children engaging in masturbation and “sexual play.” Neither the school nor the sociology department, which maintains the website, responded to the Fix’s requests for comment.

“Masturbation and sex play in children” prior to puberty “are not cause for panic; many children engage in these behaviors,” the site says. It advises parents to teach their kids to keep such activities private and consensual, but otherwise says both should be permitted.





Kabbalah: Qabalah, Qliphoth & Goetic Magic

This explains what the 'powers' are up to & there is NO REFORMING THEM from this pursuit of godhood through vile action: The tree of life was disrupted in 'the Fall' and where one sephiroth was unmade(Daath), another was made(Malkuth) Upon this occurring, an inverted Tree of Life was in the making with the Qliphoth becoming the demonic sephiroth counterpart's to the original tree Left Hand Path practicioners are seeking godhood by breaking all of God's laws in pursuit of being expelled, in anticipation of finding liberation at the end & having the power to create their own world in the abyss. Recalling the 'red string' bracelets worn by the likes of Britany Spears, the Kabbalists of Hollywood most certainly are involved in this inverted/perverted tree of life & their pursuit of godhead. This also could account for the practice of taking on a new 'occult' name to embody the artist as separate from their Godly and originally endowed Spirit. Obviously, taking on an artist 'brand name' is generally practiced by all artists - and virtually all business enterprises - it would seem natural that those practicing in Dark Arts would cast off birthrights for a demonically-inspired persona, possibly one that describes or honors a demonic host that has been invited in as described by Rihanna, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry & Beyonce by their personal testimony.

Kabbalah: Tree of Life | Tree of Death


Here is the world, empty and round,
it goes up and down, glitters and bounces,
it dances around the sun,trembles and roars, gives and destroys;
now barren, now fertile,
this is the world.
On its huge old back there is a race
both profligate and mad, haughty, cowardly,subtle and wicked,
whose members devour one another ceaselessly
from the topmost peak to the bottom-most depths
of the wicked world.
An empty fable is Satan to them,
Hell is a matter for mockery and derision,
Paradise for derision and mockery.
Oh by God!
Let me have a good laugh now
thinking of what I'm hiding from them!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
There goes the world!