James Martines on OmniCron & Operation Mind Control

James Martinez was on #MikeAdam's #HealthRangerReport on Brighteon yesterday to cover the 'OmniCron' MKUltra trigger word that is reportedly 'activating' unknown operatives for their programmed missions. He is currently wrapping up an Audio Book of Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control: Assuredly 'Operation Mockingbird' is a component for BOTH PROGRAMMING & ACTIVATING:

- Programming via fear-based propaganda & causing repetitive cycles of 'shock & awe' that are used to cause entrainment & injection of messaging. Sigil Magick & Chaos Magick are known to be used by all networks.

- Activating, by being the omnipresent conduit that broadcasts the triggerword(s) that recalls the programmed behavior.

Curiously, this latest 'round of programming' initially called it 'The Nu Variant', then suddenly started using the 'OmniCron' command word.

This is at the ROOT of Spiritual Warfare

This gets into the TransHumanism Agenda to get INSIDE YOUR BODY. Nanotech will be used to create a HOST from a HUMAN for installation of a 'demonic' entity ( for lack of a more adequate vocabulary ). 2 YEARS of freaking out children will produce a generation of VIABLE HOSTS




Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control:


Other Interview


Voter Fraud Footage from TCF Center

Link: https://youtu.be/6Jf9EQEWXJU


By Jim Hoft
Published February 6, 2021 at 7:45am

Grant Stinchfield: The Trump team collected hundreds of affidavits by election workers that claimed they witnessed fraud there. And TIME made no mention of those affidavits either. They made no mention of this released today by The Gateway Pundit. It’s a video obtained by The Gateway Pundit that it says through a freedom of information request. The TCF Center directly is where the request went to and a white van drives up, driving up at 3:30 in the morning while votes are still being counted inside. Workers can be seen unloading upwards of 50 boxes. What’s inside these boxes? We don’t know! There may be a reason for this van to mysteriously appear. But there may not be. My complaint has always been where is law enforcement to investigate?



Ruben A. Verastigui, 27 Republican RINO Cuck Arrested/Charged with Distributing CP

Source: https://mpdc.dc.gov/release/arrest-made-distribution-child-pornography-offense-1


Arrest Made in a Distribution of Child Pornography Offense

Friday, February 5, 2021

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Youth and Family Services Division, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, the Northern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Homeland Security Investigations announce an arrest has been made in a Distribution of Child Pornography offense that occurred in Washington, DC.


Between March 2020 and February 2021, an investigation revealed the suspect distributed, received and possessed images of child pornography.


On Friday, February 5, 2021, 27 year-old Ruben Verastigui, of Northeast, DC, was arrested and charged with Distribution of Child Pornography.

Email Spoofer: sharklasers.com


Found an email spoofer.. 
Has a few domains to select from.. Email is in the CLEAR if someone else knows the 'boxname', but if you don't want to use personal account. (I have no affiliation with the domain.)
If used, be sure to make a record of user/domain for the initial verification & for password reset validation.


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Larouche EIR Mathematical Economics: Jesuit Hijacking of World Economics UnityAdmin Fri, 01/29/2021 - 10:12

Larouche EIR Mathematical Economics: Jesuit Hijacking of World Economics

UK's undermining of US Autonomy & Monetary Policy

Explains John Quincy Adams & Shutting down the bank




https://archive.org/download/LaroucheEIRMathematicalEconomics/Larouche%20EIR%20Mathematical%20Economics.pdf (11M)

About the same time Leibniz was developing economic science, the Jesuit order and its trainees began first steps toward developing a counter-teaching. Jesuit-trained William Petty, head of the London Royal Society and head of Britain’s banking affairs during the late seventeenth century, was the starting-point for this in Britain. Earlier English economic thinking had been cameralist since Henry VII, in the same direction as the economic policies of Jean-Baptiste Colbert during the late seventeenth century in France. In France, the Jesuits directly produced what became known as the Physiocratic doctrine, explicitly modeling their work on the economy of China; Dr. Quesnay is the prototype of this development. The Jesuit schools of political economy in Britain, France, and elsewhere focused their attack against colbert.

Formal British political economy began with Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations 

x x x

The CIA and Satanism(Archive.org)

The CIA and Satanism

Ted Gunderson reveals the hidden truth, exposing forces intertwined with occultic egoism, embedded within our own government. The occultist Blavatsky luciferic religion is at the heart of United Nations "one world" religious manipulations. The "do what thou wilst" imperative embraced gives rise naturally to such things as pedophilia and sex slavery.

Also see this one on Archive: http://www.archive.org/details/ConspiracyOfSilence1994-LongVersion-TheFranklinScandal-2010

And below...


"While performing investigative journalism to expose the often hidden horrors of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, the sickening account of an elementary school being used as a CIA black op to expose children to satanism (rampant in the CIA and the upcoming "religion" of the NEW WORLD ORDER to be imposed on the world) was brought to my attention. I responded to the plea of one terrified parent, Diane Morgan, both of whose children were used/abused without parental knowledge or consent in the terrorizing of children in DEARBORN HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in the Sunman-Dearborn School District in southeastern Indiana.

Her children, Katie and Sean, were both students in this school before it was abruptly closed following an investigation. I spent much time in Diane's home, as she poured out her heart to me and displayed her evidence of what had happened to her children. She included the fact that the principle of the school, Chris Utter-Heller, was not only the local satanic high priestess of that region of Indiana, BUT her husband, Jan Utter, was active CIA.

Child Sex Slavery, PizzaGate, and the Clintons' Government Crime Ring - 2016 Pizzagate Documentaries Collection #B-1 (Archive.org)

Perhaps the most remarkable Open Source Investigation  to date, was recently sparked by the WikiLeaks release of emails from Clinton's foundation manager Podesta. 

It involves institutionalized pedophilia, torture,  and even cannibalism at the highest levels of U.S. government.  Such  practices have been known before in history - used to bribe and then  blackmail those occupying high government positions, in order to control them.  Now, it is being documented, that this has still been used in  the present day.