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Children of disobedience Part 1 of 2

Children of disobedience Part 2 of 2

Decoding The Beast system

Black Cube mystery REVEALED

8kun: Do you think that Donald Trump just happened?

Do you think that Donald Trump just happened?

Someone chose Donald Trump. Donald Trump was activated when Barack Obama humiliated him in public as Obama was an egotistical ass who was a bastard and never was illegitimate and Trump triggered Obama in the factual Birther challenge, which made Obama react by design.


I have told you that everyone in this deep state has been obsessed in who it was who was running this operation, which moved Donald Trump to the forefront, beat Jeb Bush and all the Rhino operatives, this missing link, who set loose democrats like Seth Rich, Edward Snowden Chuck Manning, leftists like Julian Assange, all to stop Hillary Clinton from the White House.


What you are still missing is what the hell is Joe Biden?


Why did Barack Hussein Obama choose Joe Biden, who by all accounts is fucktard pervert? He ran the Delaware syndicate, but Obama chose Biden to silence Lawrence Sinclair in the homosexuality that Birther Hussein was indulging in.

What kind of connections did buffoon Biden have to turn the entire government against Lawrence Sinclair? Biden was a fellow traveler of this British asset group. They all are going the same direction.


The Lame Cherry is going to give you a "what if" now, a what if that this blog has posted on since June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord.


What if there is another group, which there is which backs Donald Trump. A group led by the protege of Dwight Eisenhower in Bob Dole. A group which is the DIA and NSA, and with Birther Obama having two elections stolen for him, and the word being out that this group was going to be obliterated, that they began striking back with information leaks in Wikileaks.


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Extracts from “Manishya – on Being Human”  by Jane Adams and Paul Taylor, published in 2010 privately.  This includes some thoughts on Kundalini Shakti.