aj:Manson Synopsis: CIA MKUltra & Satanism

  • Manson was CIA operative that really dove into the persona they were trying to create.
  • He murdered Hollywood's leading Satanist out of jealousy for not being accepted by the top tier elite.
  • This was not a random act, and while there was intent to start a race war the murders were retribution for being kicked out of the high cult by Sharon Tate  - the "high priestess".
  • Manson was just a used operative by the CIA
  • Manson had higher aspirations of being a cult leader himself
  • The PsyOp continues today: "It's time for a new definition of masculinity"
  • 25% of population on psycho-pharma

Las Vegas Shooting: P5-Getty Images Show Another Dead Black Man!

  • Charleston Hartfield identified as the ONLY deceased African American in the USATody & NYT Obits from the Las Vegas Shooting
  • Yet Getty tells us another one died... Calling FRAUD!!
  • Full sleeve tatoo on Getty image Crisis Actor.. Charleston has NONE









JFK Files Bulk Download Links ( x11 )

For those who didn't see ALL posts...11 files!! Get them ALL



Email: bulkdownload@nara.gov with Subject "JFK Bulk Download"

Thank you for your request to download the 2017 release of JFK assassination files. Completely download all 11 files to the same directory then open jfk.zip to unzip all.

Aim4Truth: Las Vegas False Flag Article

Please visit aim4truth for a well prepared analysis that mirros GTW's current philosophy on the Las Vegas ( and other False Flag Ops ) while we are preparing our own. Our YT video was 'flagged' by the paid grieving families & or people who 'have friends shot & wounded/killed' yet none of the wounded are posting any content of their injuries. So we have kittens and turtle videos showing up left & right and no one present at the LV incident can switch their phone's Facebook app to the Camera app and take a 30s shot & post it - forcing those like us to go through the sparse evidence the MSM and other controlled outlets spew forth unconvincingly.



If you are new to our site, you may not have seen the article above which the Anonymous Patriots posted in January 2016 after watching the false flag shootings in San Bernardino in December 2015. This article will give you the tools you need to identify possible false flag events, including 12 identifiers of a false flag operation.  We have posted these characteristics below. As you review the articles and videos from the Las Vegas shootings, see if you can see a pattern or evidence of false flag activities.