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Boston University

Charles Lieber Arrested For Chinese Connections, but it gets worse?

==PATHS-UP - Creating a new generation of debauched doctors==

Led by Gerard Coté at Texas A&M University in partnership with the University of California at Los Angeles, Rice University, and Florida International University, PATHS-UP brings outstanding expertise to overcome four barriers endemic to POC devices, the need to: be field deployable, have high accuracy, have low complexity, and be affordable. The mission of PATHS-UP is defined by two overarching goals: (1) to engineer transformative, robust, and affordable technologies to improve healthcare access, enhance the quality of service and life, and reduce healthcare costs and (2) to recruit and educate a diverse group of scientists and engineers who will lead the future in developing enabling technologies to improve health in underserved communities.


PATHS-UP will develop two transformative engineered systems to monitor key biomarkers (biochemical, biophysical, and behavioral) of chronic disease: a Lab-in-your-Palm (LiyP) and a Lab-on-a-Wrist (LoaW). The LiyP will be enabled by novel amplification biochips based on nano-engineered single-molecule chain reactions combined with innovative handheld computational imaging and modular spectroscopic instruments. The LoaW will be enabled by unique, "bar-code like" biochemical marker implants (grain of rice in size) coupled with a novel wrist-worn spectral imager to visualize the implant through tissue and innovative sensors to monitor biophysical markers (cuffless blood pressure, heart rate).


The team has a passion to promote meaningful, lasting, engagement with K-College students, especially under-represented minorities and K-12 teachers in our partner underserved communities.


Rudolph Steiner confirms fears that ElectronicTech is inherently Evil - we need SpiritualTech UnityAdmin Thu, 01/23/2020 - 23:25

I am increasingly suspicious that Electronics are inherently evil & not only philisophically.

Whereas the cell phone is most probably replacing the Spiritual Technology of telepathy - electronics could very well be a Black Magick alternative to technology derived from Higher Forces one might deem holy.

It is no different than employing Black Magick to gain an outcome instead of praying and asking God The Father to help you manifest it. If one were to grow up in a Black Magick culture, they would not understand its evil nature.

While Rudolph Steiner holds this as fact, he takes the topic where I wouldn't have fathomed. From an evolutionary standpoint, the Earth too, must be destroyed to evolve into a Higher Spiritual state - as we assume this transformation occurs on us at death.

HUGE National Geographic Milky Way Map

Just found this HUGE map of the milky way galaxy.. the best I've seen so far.

Curious it is divided into 12 sections..

It is remarkable that Sirius is essentially in the same place as the sun and - in kind - how massive our galaxy is.

Urantia Book says that the Milky Way at the center of the 7th Super Universe Orvonton, but serves only as the nucleus of an unfathomably large body of rotating matter that makes up this Super Universe. Perhaps confusing the matter, is that it is likely that the other smaller galaxies - both formed and currently forming - are also a part of the Super Universe, in that while the Milky Way forms the nucleus, it is not the only galaxy in the Super Universe.


Joe & Hunter Biden Go Down for Ukrain? And take the rest with them? UnityAdmin Fri, 10/11/2019 - 01:54


Joe & Hunter Biden Go Down for Ukrain?

Obama quiet



  • Trump preemptively seeding story on Ukrain corruption
  • Ready to release transcripts at right time
  • Schiff colludes with deepstate operative 'whistle-blower' with plans to threaten release of transcripts & makes false claims from 'hidden' evidence
  • Whistleblower identity hidden, evidence hidden, Republicans barred from proceedure
  • Trump TRANSPARENTLY releases transcripts, deflating scheme
  • Pence TRANSPARENTLY releases transcripts, deflating scheme
  • NOW Schiff & DeepState & Dems HIDING evidence & identity
  • NOW Obama & Biden HIDING something
    • dealing with Ukraine
    • election meddling
    • Ukraine has HRC emails
    • spying during campaign
    • treason, etc
  • Tables are now turning



  • Nancy Pelosi changed House rules immediately after election
    • now 2nd hand info acceptable
  • Schiff holds secret meetings with whistleblower & hides transcripts & evidence against Trump
  • Dems hold vote to inquiry, without Republican participation - thus not the required full house vote to create judicial authority
  • Congress must create judicial body to subpeona
    • once judicial body created, Executive has appeal rights in Federal Courts, up to Supreme Court
    • Deep State trying to discredit SC since 2016
  • Impeachment not possible with Senate & SC loyal to Trump, law & order
    • Trump can cross-examine witnesses
    • Trump can appeal
  • Impeachment going no where