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The most hauntingly beautiful song I've ever heard.... Shakira 'Pienso en Ti' - [I think of you]. . October 6, 1995 - BEFORE she sold her soul to the industry:

Then & Now... its almost like she was singing to her lost soul before she gave it up.


Jesus, 153, the Fish and the Cross

An interesting line of thought was encountered recently regarding Jesus and the number 153 in John 21:11.

According to esoteric circles, Jesus surpassed all those in Jerusalem in the knowledge of the mysteries by the age of 12.. astonishing the Jewish priests in the temple there. He then travelled to India to teach the Hindus - as they too were awaiting 'The Christ'. Like the Jews, many accepted Him as The Christ while others rejected Him. There are differing positions on Jesus' journey to India: some say to learn, but it is more likely He went to teach. Given Jesus' teachings are jam-packed with Astrology, Numerology, and the Mysteries, it seems much more likely He self-realized the Truth and the Mysteries - BEING THE CREATOR OF THEM - rather than having them imparted to Him by the various disciples of the Mystery Schools - whom each only had parts of the whole Truth. In any case.. the number 153 has some astounding things about it as we will explore below. The key to understanding 153 is the number 265 - in the ratio of 156:265... or the square root of 3...SQRT(3)...

Square Root of 3

it seems that the ratio 153:265 is the first set of integers that come close to the approximation of the square root of 3.

  • SQRT(3) = 1.732050808
  • 265/153 = 1.732026144

trying to find a lower common denominator is met with failure:

  • 153/9 = 17
  • 265/9= 29.44444444


John 21:11

John 21:11 mentions Simon Peter pulling 153 fish out of the sea after Jesus said to not cast your net on the left(material) side, but instead cast it on the right(spiritual).

When diving in to the mystery of 153 it was found that there is a sacred number:

  • Square Root of 3...
  • or its close approximation 153:265.

There is a mathematically absolute truth in this ratio - and might just explain the fish symbol AND the cross...

Democrats are Terrorists: It takes many groups to make an 'operation' a 'mystery'

Statistically, seems guns are NOT THE PROBLEM as much as Democrat-held cities.

These areas of Leftist Control breed two things simultaneously:

  1. Power-hungry sociopathic administrators
    1. Once a foothold is established in an area,
    2. the doors are flung wide open to the rest of the cabal
    3. which flock to the area and setup infrastructure to funnel in money in & out for operations against the public
    4. the poor are encouraged to take a hand out instead of empowerment for productivity - in exchange for votes
    5. the productive are taxed to fund it temporarily
    6. Once assets are in place & vertical integration occurs, these pipelines can be used for more powerful state and national events
      1. In order for law enforcement to go rogue, the judicial must be rogue to avoid the obvious resultant prosecution
      2. Rogue Mayors, City Councils and School Boards make for a near takeover of communities followed by the doors being flung open to State & National operatives and operations. From here, it ultimately goes national in a short amount of time.
  2. Soul-Destroying Environment
    1. Rules & Regulation squeeze out freedom and push out free market participants
    2. Families are targeted via Child Protective Services, Big Brother School Systems monitor and indoctrinate both parent/child
    3. SSRIs/anti-depressants are pushed to everyone
    4. Mindless and lost people are targeted with intense media blitzes about dire circumstances - OR physically programmed.

Hi Facebook, Meet DARPA's LifeLog [2004.0204 ]

This is cute and doesn't need much explaining... for those who need one:

DARPA created LifeLog to 'blog' each person's life into a unique profile.

On Feb 4th, 2004 ( 02.04.2004 ), DARPA retired LifeLog and the SAME DAY was brought online....

..the only difference is that WE would do the data entry FOR THEM





Ahrimani Religion Related to Ahriman? UnityAdmin Sat, 07/13/2019 - 01:34

Need to look into this:

The Divine Plan of the Ages and the Great Pyramid [ PDF ]

The Divine Plan of the Ages and the Great Pyramid

The Divine Plan of the Ages as Shown in the Great Pyramid by Charles Taze Russell. Published in 1913 by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (now known as Jehovah's Witnesses). Russell was also editor of the Watchtower magazine. This book was a combination of chapters from two volumes of Studies in the Scriptures.