Biden Inauguration: 21 Gun Salute..NOT

I did some more digging on the 21 gun salute. The ONLY gun salute that Biden got is specifically for a visit by a FOREIGN DIGNITARY to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington.


I did some more digging on the 21 gun salute. The ONLY one Biden got was for his visit to Arlington as a FOREIGN DIGNITARY.


Here is an article saying the 21 gun salute at Arlington was to mark Biden's inauguration.


He did not get one before this or after this. It was with 3 guns at 10 second intervals which, at Arlington, is SPECIFICALLY for a foreign dignitary visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


The number of cannon used in a battery depends upon the intervals between each round fired. This includes, for example, a three-gun battery firing two of its guns with five-second intervals between rounds and one gun remaining at the ready in case of a misfire; such a battery would be used at an Armed Forces Full Honors Funeral, or for State Arrival Ceremony of a foreign dignitary at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery.


The wiki is wrong about the interval with 3 guns. It is 10 seconds, not 5 seconds.


Here’s the same 21 gun salute with 3 guns at 10 second intervals given when the Defense Secretary of Jordan visited Arlington.



From wiki:


Today, a 21-gun salute is rendered on the arrival and departure of the President of the United States.


The one earlier on inauguration day is for Trump's departure that morning, NOT for Biden who was not President yet.

Jon McNaughton Painting: From Dark To Light

Jon McNaughton Painting: From Dark To Light


The light is shining on those photos, which I presume are his parents.. 

- Mary Anne "There can be only one" MacLeod Trump
- FredTrump - Father of Physicist John Trump ( reviewer of Tesla's Papers & close companion of Don )

- Elizabeth Christ Trump(grandmother): well referenced peeps have alluded to Trump's bloodline... explaining the capitulation of 'heads of state' often seen.
-as in 'Trump is rightful' heir to lead..
-as in Bloodlines have spiritual authority 'for a time' 
- explaining why "God has allowed...."
- explaining the exchange with demons Christ had when casting them out
- explaining the 'national exorcism' that ensured 4 years ago & exceeding hatred for Trump that is exhibited by 'lower freq' beings such as Godless Leftists.

Where do we go from here? ( says patriot )

Evaluating the Theater of Conflict

  • Too many incongruities with the 'shitshow' for final assessment to be made. Communist Moral on 20th & after is wayyyyy too muted for official narrative. No theory even begins to pass a sniff test.
  • If a mafia can swipe a national election ( in 'the world's most powerful nation' ) right in front of the world's gaze with no repercussions
    • ( and forgetting for the moment the dogpile at DOJ with ClintonEmails, WeinerLaptop, SethRich, HunterLaptop ),
    • the social contract has been broken with no real "bloodless remedy".
  • Looked back at history of voting & found it is a 'stand in' for armed conflict - in that it is no less than a war-games simulation evaluating:


we have 80million fighting age adults...

against your 65million fighting age adults....

so instead of the wholesale slaughter of people at every election, we'll agree to go by the numbers.


  • That simulation doesn't exist now... so if we project time forward
    • freeman options: succession or civil war
    • non-freeman options: slavery or death

Fastest Track to Constitutional Existence: States Rights

Leftists made a fairly good case that Federal Government has ZERO enforcement capabilities with respect to States:

Biden Stuffs

Source: Joe Biden 2021 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony


Entrance to Mall:

Harris & Incel Stair Confusion

  • Did they rehearse this at all? Taking it seriously?
  • - 3:28:28

Salute the Marines?

  • JoeB: "Salute the Marines"
  • - 3:30:01


  • Handler: "don't say nothin'"
  • NP: "Okay"
  • - 3:30:21

Handler talking: - 3:30:44


Lady Gaga Anthem




Swearing in of JoeB: 4:47:49


no 21 gun salute?


Jill's Shoes:

On Mall Stairs: Pink - 3:29:28

In Mall: Pink - 3:30:09

In Mall: Blue - 4:15:08


Bill Clinton CGI Head? WTF? - 3:46:37


Nancy Demeanor NOT GOOD - 5:41:24

Welcome to the SHOW!!! UnityAdmin Fri, 01/08/2021 - 17:46

Wuddya say that Pence is playing his part..(largely irrelevant at this point).? I'd hold up on his judgement for a bit.. Was not it said recently that he is part of a MilOp? Are not laptops missing? Was not that 'shooting' a bit suspicious for those willing to see? Would not that 'victim', their backpack, and the stretcher they were wheeled out on provide wonderful cover to the awaiting ambulance? And would not this ALL been impossible without Patriots showing up, being infiltrated by Antifa - complete with WhiteHat trojan horse - and allowed in by the very enemy seeking to destroy us? And wouldn't it be funny if the pipebomb threats were simply to clear building of perps and conduct pre-mission recon... even MORE funny if DS called it in to build their narrative, only to be used against them?

Note: Ivanka pushed out a tweet to Meatloaf that relates to FightClub scene where 'he as Robert Paulson' gets shot in the head.

Note: Mnuchin has produced many a film...

ENJOY THE SHOW!!!! Can't make this sh*t up!!



Mnuchin: Actor & Producer

The Trojan Horse of Jan7,2021: Did you see it? UnityAdmin Thu, 01/07/2021 - 20:28

Overall Analysis:

Trump & Co. needed a mass showing as a display to the DeepState & World where this is all going with our support. DeepState planned Antifa infiltration to RIOT, but was infiltrated themselves to conduct SpecOps for access to Congressional Offices that would NEVER be accessible OTHERWISE. Laptops & Intel collected & removed under the guise of a 'dying patriot' with everything going inside that ambulance.

It is surmised that Alex Jones & Crew ( love him or hate him ) has been running a surveillance feed for several days now of the Capitol Building under COVER of conducting his show. I imagine this was/is being used for 'higher purposes'.

Egypt/Jerusalem PsyOP

There's compelling evidence that Jesus & the mystery schools he hailed from were in EGYPT, where higher culture existed... not in the Jerusalem shithole. Once Christian Fundamentalists are done ravaging the Bible with their utter nonsense, we'll regain the sacred knowledge therein relating to Astrotheology & our Chakra Systems. Until then, Christianity has been relegated to be a sequel to Judaism, complete with worshiping (((their))) god Saggitarius/Zeus/Jehova & his laws that Jesus did NOT follow - with its fundamentalists dying off via all manner of physical ailments due to the adoption of Pharmacopoeia Sorcery in lieu of the Arts of Therapeutae Healers.

If not from Egypt, sure is odd that so many characters ended up SO CLOSE to royalty.

Man Myth Magic on Internet Archive UnityAdmin Mon, 12/21/2020 - 01:32

19 Volumes of mayhem, would be nice to own it, but InternetArchive provides free hour-long checkouts so its almost like owning.

Man, myth & magic : the illustrated encyclopedia of mythology, religion, and the unknown

Cavendish, RichardBurland, C. A. (Cottie Arthur), 1905-1983Innes, Brian