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Haven't reviewed, but the author has made some great analysis of Trump tweets and has largely been spot on when I vet information covered. Always use your own Divine Discernment when researching, but equally important is the need to open your heart & mind to new concepts and cosmologies or you are merely a slave to your previous programming.

Templars Seeking the Stones from Lucifer's Crown?

Incomplete Notes from Dark Journalist X-Series regarding Templars...

  • Lucifer's crown fell from heaven
  • Templars
  • Pope
  • otto ram - lam duck in 1930s
    • investigating sites
    • rahm
    • escheback parcifal
    • crusade about recovering the stones frmo Lucifer's crown
    • get the stone on the papal pr
  • Lucifer's crown

MKU & EM Impressions for SubConscious Programming

Perhaps it isn't so much what talking heads are saying on cable TV that presents a clear & present danger to humanity. Dr. Farrell posits that of the many branches of the MKUltra project is of creating electroencephalograms of the mental impression of words, THEN using THESE SIGNALS to impress ideas on the mind without the use of words. He goes on to attribute the 'Mendela Effect' to experiments where people are bombarded with alternate realities (Cable TV, Radio, Cell Network Radiation, HARRP, modulation of AC home wiring, modulations of computer & TV screen signals ).

Huawei's CFO arrested in Canada - with Classified Data & Hack Tools

Huawei's CFO arrested in Canada

Reportedly she is in possession of computer hardware with stolen & classified U.S. data. Opting to perform transfers in person to avoid the Internet, Meng Wanzhou was capture with tools in hand. This hardware assuredly will be seized & analyzed to confirm much of what we already know about the Clinton-Obama-Chinese connection that has resulted in untold loss of Intellectual Property & security breaches.

Also it seems she was using an OPM hack ( Office of Personnel ) provided by Obama & has other all codes & hacks imaginable.
As to why Meng is in Canada, it was suggested she is working to set up military ops against America right next door.
Warfare has been digital & financial, not to mention the phentynol shipments that would kill with one pill.

It should be noted that Meng is the daughter of one of the most powerful men in China, possibly more powerful than their dictator.

Huawei is the 2nd biggest cell phone in the world - & pushing 5G deployment with Obama.

Arnold Schwarzenegger & GHW Bush love affair started quite early...?

Notes to track down:


Q PROMOTES PreyingMedic & SerialBrain PROFITEERING, yet calls out others?
.... & Why is a Christian working with an Occultist?

Time to reiterate the in-congruence with Posting a billboard advertising that is profiteering off Q in absurd fashion, while Q has time to target infowars & corsi(regardless of their innocence). Not forgetting that CBTS stated they wanted to replace infowars and Justin Wallis of WeAreTheNewMedia is a disgruntled ex-employee that is knee deep into dark occult.


Q has time to call out Corsi for selling a $20 book, yet POSTS a billboard linking to a site that is nothing but a profiteering front.
Why are Preying Medic & SerialBrain teaming up with Q when PreyingMedic is die-hard 'Christian' and SerialBrain is a Dark Occultist?

QAnon has taken out time, more than twice now, to call out InfoWars while remaining SILENT on the QPost WebRing making $$$ on donations & QTubeTraffick. domain was started on 4/28/2018 and on May 14th, Q posts a billboard with the domain name... they MERELY sells Media Contacts, domain names & web design for 300-$500 - PLUS SELLING Q LEADS. Funny how the LARGEST GROUP profiting from the QAnon phenomenon, is NEVER called out....

MaltegoCE shows 5000+ BTC Transactions for: 16v8cw9DnmF5x37nx8ucPimVtK3eBjp9m7

GTW & DosMatrix fall off into a rabbit hole & mull over the connections between Monatomic Gold, the Pineal Gland, Adrenochrome, Levite Priesthood & the ark, and some possible XTech connections.

QAnon WebRing ran by Occultists? Lets get past the Q discussion & look at the 'Q Media Outlet'.