Judaism is Satanism

After discovering the origin of California's Los Angeles, it is now no surprise that it has become a centerpiece - a hub of ungodly force that emanates darkness over America & the world.

Wilshire Boulevard Temple 1873

Congregation B'nai B'rith Synagogue (first Wilshire Boulevard Temple). Completed in 1873, it was located on Fort Street (now Broadway) between 2nd and 3rd street. It was also called the Fort Street Synagogue (see David Edelman Bar Mitzvah invitation.) It was torn down in 1896. when the new Synagogue was built.


Always were there 2 priesthoods Higher/Lower.

  • Higher = God the Father = all = ol/sol/saul = Spirit
  • Lower = Yahweh = carnal = law



  • Able = 1st born & martyred
  • Cain = Even raped by Yahweh
  • Seth = Adam & Eve
  • There were other children



Beezlebul vs Beezelbub

  • Lord of the House vs Lord of Flies
  • intentionally mistranslated
  • Jewish Priests worshiped Yahweh, the Devil
  • Essenes lived in the Dessert & had the higher priesthood


Zues is Yahweh

  • Zues = Capricorn at the bottom of the astological wheel
  • black sun