Rudolph Steiner confirms fears that ElectronicTech is inherently Evil - we need SpiritualTech

I am increasingly suspicious that Electronics are inherently evil & not only philisophically.

Whereas the cell phone is most probably replacing the Spiritual Technology of telepathy - electronics could very well be a Black Magick alternative to technology derived from Higher Forces one might deem holy.

It is no different than employing Black Magick to gain an outcome instead of praying and asking God The Father to help you manifest it. If one were to grow up in a Black Magick culture, they would not understand its evil nature.

While Rudolph Steiner holds this as fact, he takes the topic where I wouldn't have fathomed. From an evolutionary standpoint, the Earth too, must be destroyed to evolve into a Higher Spiritual state - as we assume this transformation occurs on us at death.

Other authors & researchers have talked about similar themes with respect to 'Greys' - they are part of an age old evolutionary wave that fell into their 'electronics', transhumanism - leaving their human estate to an advanced, but devolved creature. Their interaction with Earth & its inhabitants are said to be - in part - an attempt to re-integrate themselves into evolution in the form of hybrids. Thus stories by national, military and intelligence leaders to the effect that they 'traded DNA for Technology" might have some explanation that one could almost rationalize allowing. Encountering this theme by many sources I consider reputable in the end of 2019 -having no known close affiliation, with some separated by decades of time - give me an odd understanding that things are much stranger than we are able to recognize, and incapable of accepting.