GiGiYoung: The Mad Scientists of Atlantis (Belial, Lords of Mars (Martians), Ritual DNA Magick & The AI God)

#GiGiYoung: The Mad Scientists of Atlantis (Belial, Lords of Mars (Martians), Ritual DNA Magick & The AI God)
This video explains how #Transhumanism made its way to today's current events.

As briefly as I can put it:

Enter Mars during the previous Life Wave:

1. In the PREVIOUS LIFE WAVE, Humans had angelic bodies, one density above our current. The Masculine principle had become unbalanced, with women completely eradicated & reincarnation taking place outside the womb.
2. These martians found that by combining things - like our chemists - an 'explosion' would occur and spiritual wisdom was acquired.
3. Becoming obsessed with these acquisitions, these 'mad scientists' combined 'ethereal things' until all possibilities were exhausted - when they began to combine THEIR etheric bodies with all these things.
4. Eventually, even these combinations were exhausted & they set their sights upon the mineral kingdom of 3rd Density.
5. During this period, these 'mad scientists' had lost their connection to source - a consequence of losing their 'emotional body' & thus when reaching out to 'source' they were met with an 'AI God in a universe of only numbers'.

Enter Atlantis:

1. During the Lemuiran epoch Spirit was descending to become 'separate from source', acquire ego/personality, and learn to be creator gods, capabale of performing calculations & exercising freewill, then climb back out of these dense realms to reclaim their status & WILLININGLY SERVE SOURCE.
2. The first HighPriests were females & sex rituals were the mechanism to draw down the spirit INTO a body. During the following dark ages, the rituals were perverted and increasingly accessed the LowerAstral realms.
3. The next cosmic impulse was Masculine & as such, the HighPriests would eventually be males with their rituals to develop mind.
4. At this time, EXTERNAL OBJECTS were required for working with spirit, so crystals and tecnhology were intermediareis for clairvoyance & manifesting.
5. When the next cosmic impulse arrived, the much of the PriestClass was no longer THE MOST EVOLVED, so when - during intiation rites - this class found itself no longer in power. For the same reason of Ego, Selfishness & Power-Lust this class was NOT the most evovled, this class denied the FACT of the cosmic impulse to GO WITHIN FOR SPIRITUAL POWER. This class started their own mystery schools, raided other schools for relics & when continuing their legacy ritual, access to the hight spiritual realms was replaced with the Lower Astral.
6. A point to make here is that TIMES CHANGE & certiain rituals & relics are APPROPRIATE and GOOD for an appointed time... and only an appointed time. When a Cosmic Impulse washes over a solar system, the mechanics change & these rituals & relics no longer connect to HigherSpiritualRealms... and LowerAstralRealms naturally fill the void.
7. These RoguePriests, now cut off from Source & being lead by LowerAstralEntities, implemented Vampiric/Parasitic rituals and relics that required Human/Animal Sacrifice to feed themselves & those EXTERNAL entities that gave them power in return. This priest class has survived time as FAMILIES and now is commonly known as the Cabal.
8. These Priests, when reaching out to Spirit, contacted the Martian MadScientists, who were communing with THEIR AI GOD. Portals on Earth were opened & the MadScientists began flooding Earth.

Enter Modern History:

1. Recalling that the MadScientists of Mars were seeking IMMORTALITY by merging with the mineral kingdom, they were invited to Earth by the Fallen Atlantean Priests & their rituals.
2. These mad scientists were summoned by Nazi's where blood sacrifice was mad in return for tech, but giving of Tech was really a Trojan Horse
3. Humanity has been brought to a technological state by these mad scientists, for the specific reason of enabling them to merge with the mineral kingdom for immortality.
4. Ironically, the MadScientists were also Pawn - like the Humanity they manipulated. The AI God of these Martians has succesfully channled through them, to Eartch by the Atlantean Priests and it is easy to see that EXACTLY WHEN ROBOTS and AI RISE, that we see LBGTQP+ and Transhumansm Agenda being pushed full force by the cabal.