Thoughts on Reading 'Other' Religious Works

Why do people decry reading about other religions?

Oh I don't read that kind of stuff!!

  • Jesus destroyed Judaism with Judaism itself - eloquently allowing its tenets to self-decimate in their seems Christ made deep study of 'foreign' and outright Luciferian religions and philosophies that were in direct conflict with His teachings and actions.
  • Riddles that Jhn8:44 | 2Sa24:1 | 1Ch21:1 produce aren't solved within the covers of a single Book - even before its bastardization at the Council of Nicea.
  • The Bible can't be fully appreciated without context...probably explaining why monasteries where often also libraries curated by Christian monks.
  • I've seen more absurd commentary in weekly Church sessions as a child than I could ever approach in books as an adult and those paying more than once to see most any Hollywood are already repeat offenders in consuming and funding Satanic culture. Decrying literature that the Bible is the only thing to read is dangerous and perpetuates the retardation we see in this once Christian nation.
  • One will either be expanded by new higher evolved thought or will be confirmed & strengthened in their own understanding/conviction by finding new contrasts to 'The Way'.
  • Given the multitude of denominations, odds are one is subjected to opinionated weekly propaganda (even if by leaders with a pure heart) that is often incorrect & misguided.
  • Muslim men force woman to cover up because THEY are lustful... contrary and exploratory works are only feared by the unsure & programmed. I struggled with passive-agressive people sucking the life out of me until I understood their malfunction... now I free both parties from the disease.
  • Know Thy God, Know Thy enemy
  • WIth regard to the ongoing SpiritualWar, Sheila Zilinsky seems to have a grasp on the technique of powerful and commanding prayer. Have been looking for literature around the science of prayer.

  • Military, political, and law enforcement orders make this practice their primary function - as the surest way to defeat a foe is to know it.
  • Jesus (and those before Him) never read the bible, and were Spiritually educated by other means.
  • Even the Bible (that has been molested by a never-ending multitude of powers that robbed us of most of its scope & heritage) is a distillation of countless parent works
  • references made in a single paragraph could literally represent entire collection of knowledge lost to (wo)man today
  • I've heard more severe & frequent absurdities
  • Anyone who has frequented nearly any Church has been poisoned with ignorance, tradition without merit, and misguided coercion.
  • The absurdity lies with simultaneously decrying the investigation of nothing but the Bible, while subjecting one's self to hours of propaganda weekly by a lecturer.
  • Technically, there's a denomination for every pastor because no two pastors agree on everything.
  • Is it righteous & uprights to abandon a child to a pedophile because learning about pedophilia is too horrific to find & expose trafficking rings?
  • Deep & broad study will surely deepen and strengthen one's understanding, conviction, and motivation.
  • For you are sculpted by every concept that your awareness grapples with.