Luciferianism in Computing

Starting to get the impression that 'Computing' in general is a Luciferian 'virtual reality' endeavor. Is it possible that everything we use computers & electronics for is accessible via Spiritual faculties - and that using this fraud technology, we are depriving ourselves of progress and inviting & drawing down the Darkness to our world & life?

Its been posited that CERN is the central nervous system of the Beast System. ALL internet data is consumed by CERN with a DWAVE Quantum Computer interfacing to demonic realms whereby humanity defers all answers to an AI that is sold as 'infallible' and slowly replaced by a Demonic Overload that 'embodies' the Internet and all devices and controls those humans that have opted to unify themselves with it. Transhumanism seeks to 'immortalize' humanity by destroying it... incrementally replacing body parts for components at birth, until souls are literally born into 'The Matrix' with their synthetic eyes, ears, taste, skin, and speech being completely serviced by a God-less virtual reality they completely control.

Satanic nomenclature is becoming more prevalent in the IT world, with most seeing it as a funny joke, but not realizing its no game. As we are free-will creatures, Darkness only needs to compel us to adopt its ways, as it is thought that if one willingly accepts what you do to them, there is no Karma or consequence it in.

  • Languages
    • Python
    • Argus
    • cobra
    • Drakon
    • draco
    • fantom
    • Genie
    • Hermes
    • Janus
    • serpent
  • Systems
  • Cern
    • 666
    • Internet
    • Shiva Statue
      • Ritual as the statue
    • Goddhard Tunner Ceremony
    • DWAVE QComputer
    • Largest consumer of internet bandwidth
    • Largest collector of data on everyone - under the cover of 'scientific discovery'
    • Provided software to 'help private individuals to process data' - more like invite them in to pull your data
  • Companies
    • Amazon - phallic logo
    • "Sun" Microsystems
    • Bell ( Ba'al ) Labs
    • Lucent ( Alcatel-Lucent )
  • Antivirus
    • how about AntiVirus is an aggregator of viruses for the purpose of creating more advanced versions for infiltration of ALL computing hardware/software
  • Operating Systems